Friday, June 29, 2012

Are we teaching respect and consideration?

Warning, a SOAPBOX is coming!!!

We attend a local movie theater during the summer each week where the movies are about .50 each, CHEAP! We have gone for years, even when I was carrying a certain 4 year old in the belly. We went to see some box office titles from the year before, or even 2 years. All the same, we loved going and I would refill my souvenior cup for $1 and buy a small popcorn and divide it up into 2 other brown lunch bags that I would bring from home so we can all have some.

I used to LOVE our movie dates. Such a fun cheap way to provide entertainment for my family.

Over the years, I have noticed a change. (please don't tell me it is because I am getting older, I just might smack you).

It has gotten SO LOUD in the movies! I mean LOUD! I remember when Bowden was an infant, I would try to get to the movies early, and wheel my stroller up to the front row, where there was space for a handicap person for a couple of reasons. I wanted to be able to get out quickly if he woke up and was not happy or if he needed to be walked I could just walk up and down the hallway and still see my 2 other jewels enjoying the movie. When Bowden got older, and was mobile, but not ready to be entertained for the whole 1.5 hours, same thing. I would either sit on the first row of stadium seating, or with friends but be on the end of a row or on the lower level so if he needed to run, we wouldn't distract others. If he got loud I could exit the theater for a few minutes and return, again to spot my jewels. My older kids knew this as well. I even remember once when I took all of us and left the movie because I couldn't get Bowden to obey, but I wasn't going to ruin the entire movie theater experience for the other families.

Do I think others should sit where I sat, and do as I do? NO.

What I do think.... is where has the consideration and respect gone?

I am doing a bible study right now about disciplining your children, and one of the lessons is on interrupting. We are all guilty. I even did it to a friend last night! I quickly realized what I did stopped talking. The bible study tells us that if we continue to allow our children to interrupt, we are teaching them that what they have to say is more important than my conversation, or their sisters, or their teachers.... Yes, I know that IT MIGHT BE if someone is bleeding, or vomiting, and or needs to be rushed to the ER or 911 needs to be called.  ANYWHO.... back to the movies.

I do not enjoy my movie days as much any more. I do love hearing my kids and other kids laugh out loud at the movies! I love it! I love to hear them develop their own sense of  humor and enjoy the story lines. I do not enjoy hearing children scream for minutes upon minutes in the movie theater. Over and over. I do not enjoy hearing babies cry for minutes upon minutes. I do not enjoy hearing toddlers throw tantrums over and over and over, same kid, for going on 5 minutes scream at their mother yelling NO. I have even prayed for that mom, and the stress they may be under or in dealing with a strong willed child. I got one. I get it. BUT GET OUT OF THE MOVIE THEATER! Get your kid under control, and then come back and enjoy. I've even watched in the area of the screaming to see if the mom is headed out of the theater and guess what... NOPE! She is sitting there, probably threatening, bribing, trying to shove a passy in the mouth....which I HAVE DONE! I'm not really trying to say these women are not great parents, we have ALL been there. But when these quick soothers do not work.... I hope you understand what I am saying.

Please be respectful of my time with my kids as well. Yep, I also get that you don't want to miss the movie. I may or may not have almost made my kid wet her pants because I didn't want to miss a part in a movie we had not seen. Guilty, but you know, I remembered, we could rent it, borrow from a friend, and I got over it and panties were dry. 

THAT brings me to story time today at the local library. We were late, actually we had never been before, and happened to be in the library when story time began, so we quietly snuck in about 5 minutes late. Bowden really enjoyed it, and I think he would have liked it better if WE COULD HAVE HEARD IT! COME ON PEOPLE! Today, it wasn't the kids talking, IT WAS THE PARENTS! For real! ONE WAS ON HER CELLPHONE TALKING DURING STORY TIME AT THE LIBRARY!  If it is that important, REMOVE yourself from the floor and the children and take it AWAY from the kids so the kids and YOURS can enjoy the story! And you know what..... I wasn't going to say anything about this to my boys, or ask if they were able to hear it... but our conversation on the way to the car went like this:

Me: Parker, did you enjoy story time?
Parker:Yes, but I couldn't hear it very well, and you know what, IT WAS THE MOMMIES TALKING! That was very rude to the story teller!

Come on WOMEN! Be considerate! Be respectful! Teach that when someone is talking, you listen! Now, I'm off to study "How to keep your 4 year old from throwing the plastic tomato that he is holding to make button soup during story time, then diving to catch it." At least he wasn't talking!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just a fishing....

 Man, we have been fishing fanatics! Any chance we get we have been going. Last week, on Father's day we went to my grandfather's farm in Krum, Texas and hit the jack pot! As soon as we handed Parker a pole, his first cast, he caught a fish!

 Bowden even held the fish!

 I caught one!

 We caught a few catfish, but they flipped and flopped right off the hooks so no good pictures of the catfish!

 Lauren, Isaiah, and Nana went with us!

 Zayah caught a catfish.
 I caught a catfish!
 Lauren caught a great fish!

 There was also grasshopper catching.
 And a beautiful sunset. By the way, I feel I need to say, these are ALL SOOC- which basically means.... NO PHOTOSHOP! That was seriously the beautiful sunset all by itself!
 We filled this cow bucket with water and collected our fish.

The kids were exhausted! We caught somewhere in the area of 40 fish!!! I would say we had a great time!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Splash Pad Fun

The last week of school me and Bowden picked up all 3 kids from school and headed to the splash pad, changing clothes in the car! We had so much fun!!I love these kids!

I love the joy in Parker's face, and it looks like Camille is vomiting water!

I still smile looking at each photo!

Bowden was tucked nicely out of dodge, can you see him?

I see FUN WET days in our future!

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

High School Reunion - sort of- Memorial Day

Well, has it been....18 years.... oh, that hurt. It has. I look forward to this mini-reunion every year! Our kids look forward to it- it is just a grand ol' time. Mindy had it at her house this year and did a great job of hosting. I was standing beside Brian at one point watching the kids swim when he says one of his one liners---- Man, we can reproduce! The pool was full of our offspring! It looked like a city pool! No one had to be rescued either, shocker.

 These boys hit it off right away when we get together! Dawson and Parker- good friends.

Stacey and the boys spent the night out at my cousins land for an Outdoor Challenge. I don't have many pictures of that, if any, but me and Emaline went out to see Gay and the girl cousins and friends.

 Wait, how did Nolan miss out on the outdoor challenge!?

 My little guy actually fell asleep during skeet shooting at the outdoor challenge! Does that tell you he is a third child and just falls asleep when he needs to!????

 Still chilling!

 Sadly, that is all I took out at Gays. I know the other girls took some.

We stayed the weekend at my Dad's. When we got ready to leave, he dished out some gifts!

Bowden received a very large red B. This B is from one of my dad's stores call the HUB in Clarksville, Texas. It was a very large department store that my dad came back after college to run with my Great Aunt, Ms. Buddy. You may have seen a post about her on here a few times. HE WAS THRILLED to have another B!

 My Dad and Sid have jumped on the APPLE wagon and got iphones and ipads. They gave their old NOOKS to Parker and Emaline. Parker actually wrote a persuasive letter asking for it!

 Happy Memorial day! Just late!