Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 9 years!

Amazing husband! 9 years. I can't believe it has been 9 years, and then I drop off a kindergartner, love on a 15 month old, and miss my 3 year old who is at BSF with MIL. He has been asking me what I would like to do for our anniversary, and I told him I did NOT want to make any plans. For the past 3 years, 3 YEARS people, things haven't gone as planned on our anniversary. I am not kidding when I say we end up in Urgent Care every year! I am watching the kids closely, and would be happy with Taco Bueno, like I have had in the past years. My man did get me the most amazing gift! AMAZING and thoughtful! I have wanted to get our family photographed, by a certain photographer in Dallas, and Stacey made the dream come true! He got me a gift certificate to that photographer! I am so excited! I just have to pick the right outfits, find the right time, get the right hair cut....the stresses I put my clients through.....

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ronald McDonald House

I will be going to Ronald McDonald House on Friday! If anyone has been saving TABS or would like to send a new book or toy, please get them to me before Friday! Thanks faithful readers!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My man doing some talking

Ignore my ironing, you capture when you can...

Saturday, September 19, 2009


For the past few months I have been carrying around Stacey's point and shoot, the photos taken during iceskating were taken from that camera, and I have found MANY MANY more! So beware of a few random photos!

The below photos are from Bowden's surgery day months ago when had tubes put in and his adnoids removed. I love this photo! If only he knew what was coming! Don't pay attention to the date on the photos. We didn't go to 2037!
I am not sure when the above photo was taken....but it was attempt to photography the grandkids are Nana's house.
Cupcake heaven! Before Bowden's birthday party we went to order his cake from a bakery in Arlington. This lady had some RAVE reviews from many of our Keller friends, and let me say it was worth the drive to her bakery! AND because we didn't just call in our order, she made us some extra special cupcakes, or should I say the KIDS made us some cupcakes. She let the kids help decorate these, or atleast pick out the design, but they thought they made it! The CROWN was actually MINE! Emaline picked it out for me since I am a queen! I love her. This must have been on a good day. She wanted flowers on her cupcake. Parker picked out the boys cake design. She whipped these out in nothing flat. You can refer back to the beach ball cake for the cake she made for Bowden. I held her back on that cake. I just wanted simple, but her website has some amazing stuff!

A girl's day!

A few weeks ago, me and Ms. E went ice skating at the Galleria while the boys were at the Ranch, and little boy went to Nana's. We needed to do something just the 2 of us, and I think we picked the perfect thing. Since Parker went to school (and before) we haven't been the best of friends, not that we are suppose to be friends, I know, I am the mom, but I things haven't been smooth for us. Some friends of ours from preschool are actually taking ice skating lessons, so before we signed up for that, we needed to see if Ms. E liked it.
This sweet girl skated for over an hour straight before getting a bit whiny. We had an amazing time and she was so daring. I, however, was a total sweat box since I wore 3 layers to keep warm. Who knew holding up a 3 year old on skates would be such a work out!

Towards the end, during her whiny stage, she finally complained that her bottom was wet!

She hung to that wall a lot, but then she would hold my hand and glide... whatever!

A great day! We got some cookies from a store and had a snack together and discussed our fun. I'm holding out on lessons, unless she brings it up, but we will go again FOR SURE! I love you Ms. E!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Bara Church

Over the past months we have been part of a church planting group. It has been hard. Not easy. Satan has made himself aware. This past Sunday was our very first Sunday Service. We have been meeting, praying, serving, and practicing for a while now, so it was great to see the fruits on Sunday. Our goal is to reach Trophy Club, to make God known. You can read more at, I will link it as well so you just have to click.

My kids have been troopers through this time of searching. If you are a frequent blog reader of mine, you know some of the struggles we have had. Leaving a place that we felt so connected, kind of thrown out to search...all orchestrated by the Lord himself, I believe. As we visited other churches, we also knew some great friends of ours were going to plant a church. We prayed for our direction...and felt led to join Bara's foundation, to get uncomfortable, try something new, but scripture based. Leaving COC was a hard step for me, it is how I was raised. It has been a journey. I recently heard that the churches actually reaching the unchurched were mega churches, and church plants. That is interesting. Truly our goal isn't to take member from other churches, but to reach those who are not going to church, unbelievers, or those who 'don't like those people" you know, the ones who have been hurt by the churched and left, or is repelled by it. We can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different result....we need to get creative, maybe look at some traditions, as what they are: traditions, or preferences, and stay in the word. That is what our searching did for me. As we visited, I got to worship at many different churches, experience worship in ways I have never done before, and wouldn't have if I wanted to stay comfortable. I still have a bit of preference inside of me, actually, quite a bit, but I know that I am being led to some new styles, some new ways, all aren't going to send me to hell. Just had to say it! :)!

I erased most of what I was saying, because it was a rant. Not to hurt anyone, or to cause controversy, but because it was where I felt I was led. I have loved to watch my kids through this journey. They miss their 'known', but Parker especially knows he has a big job, greeting new kids to class and make them feel welcome. To be Jesus in his classroom, at school, and at church. We talk about it, sure we talked about it where we were, but they are challenged (see, being stretched) just as their parents are.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Our washer stopped working about a week ago today! Things around here were really backing up! I had to sort the clothes in the living room today so I had room. My mother in law did a load for us over last weekend.
This was right before the delivery!
I called Cousin Mark last Monday and asked him the 411 on front loaders, and he was a wealth of knowledge! We are now the proud owners of front loaders! Notice our stands don't match, well that is because we got a great deal, and if you ask me, they look very nice with our white models. One thing I really like about the set/pedestals, is how easy it is to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer! So easy.

First Day of Preschool

Well, the fist day of preschool was yesterday, and I was too whipped to post anything last night! I am so out of shape, and I have no endurance! The kids had a great day!

Did I say the kids had a great day? This was drop off, he recovered nicely and had a wonderful day! He ate lunch at the table, AND took a nap on his nap mat. 2 things I didn't think he could/would do!
Before we left for school, the attempt of a photo with his cute backpack! By the time I got back to take the photo, he was almost to the street. I love him! He is an elephant in school, so when I saw the elephant backpack, I was sold! It is a bit heavy with the trunk, but it's cuteness wins!
My sweet girl is a frog this year! She did wonderful at school as well. Her teachers kept saying how sweet she was.....hmmm.

I put Bowden's backpack on him and again tried to get back for the photo, and he dropped that sucker like a sack of potatoes and was on his way!
This picture should have been first, but oh well. This is one of the ways I get Bowden in a photos, restraint! I love it though!

Daddy came home after bible study and took Parker to school then came back home (as a surprise) to get the little kids for donuts. They loved it!

Ms. Amy and I have a wonderful class. It is going to be a great year!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Soccer Boy

First, I was going through some old boxes and found an old MUM. Emaline LOVED it. Then it went into the trash.
Another E story. Last night we had some friends over for her birthday, and we noticed that our 2 young girls were in the bathroom together. I opened the door to see Emaline and friend standing on stools, each at a sink filled with water, with those little capsules that turn into stuff floating in each. E looked right at me and said: You can just go do what you need to go do. I am not sure if she told me to shut the door or not, but I am pretty sure I hid behind the door LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF. She got in big trouble later, but come on! That is a pretty funny one.

These are out of order.
End of game.
Some peeps who came to watch the game.

Our friend Carson who we played against.
Another Peep.
This is one of Parker's new friends who also goes to school with him. They play at recess every day together. Another interesting fact about this photo. I was standing back behind the bench and asked Parker to ask his friend for a photo. He walked over to friend and said, my mom wants to take our picture, then moved closer to him and kind of staged this photo for me. Thanks Parker, I have trained you well.

Carson's brother Landon, Emaline's sweet friend. We love this family. SO sweet.
I am proud of you little man.

Calling the window treatment guys...

When we moved in, one of the things I wanted to change was the window treatments/coverings. In our first 4 days of living here, we broke 4 of the current coverings. YIKES! 5 of the current coverings are hung by thumb tacks. I have had the window guy come and measure and give me quotes, but I do like the coverings in one of the front rooms. I like how it allows the light in, but in another room we need a bit more privacy. ANYWAY, I haven't made up my mind until now. The thumb tacks didn't bother me, until Bowden decided to redecorate today.

I ran to get my camera when all was going crazy. I didn't check settings, just started shooting. OOPS. My whitebalance was set SO wrong and my ISO was very wrong, SOOOO these are SOOC WRONG! But hey, I am also a mom, not always a perfect photographer.