Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bath Time and other random thoughts

Here is a picture we took tonight of Parker's bath. (COULDN'T GET PICTURES TO UPLOAD...SORRY!) He loves his bath with his MELMO bubbles. He really loves to help, and right now he likes to help wash his hair and rub in lotion. I love some of his new words as he approaches 21 months. I love how he says "SHERRIOOOOS" translation Cherrios. Milk is still MULK. I love how he tells everything BYE BYE. Even the moon is, bye bye moon, bye bye choo choo, bye bye car, bye bye church, bye bye! He loves to tell me bye bye and hide in the closet, which I thought would be frightening for him since it is in the dark, but he seems to be fine with it. He loves to knock on doors and say KNOCK KNOCK as he knocks. When I put stuff in my hair, like mousse, he wants some too. Daddy doesn't like it so much that I give him some, but it can't hurt! I love how he holds my hand when we cross the street or when we are watching Barney. Parker doesn't feel great right now. His allergies have been eating him up since we returned from Waxahachie. His little nose is raw. I turned the picture into black and white so you can't tell how bad it is.

Baby girl is getting uncomfortable in her home. She is moving so much it hurts. I am out of breath walking to the kitchen, and wake up about every night around 2:00 with HEART BURN! I am not sure what she is trying to tell me, except that she is going to be different from her brother. Parker was such an easy pregnancy. Delivery, different story.

Saturday night we went to the Jeremy Camp concert with some friends. We had a great time, although not all of his music is up my alley. Stacey loved it and joined in with David and JENNY in the mosh pit, however Scott and Kelli were pretty calm. The entire church became the mosh pit during the next to last song and the entire room began to shake. I became alarmed for my safety! Jenny is suffering this morning from all of her yelling and head banging. I was very surprised by my friend's energy. She seems like such a nice girl! All kidding aside, her love for the LORD was definitely expressed through her jumping up and down. Another highlight of the evening was seeing 2 of my former students from Coppell.


Kelli said...

Ethan loves the bye bye game too. He amazes me daily also with his new words. Yesterday I could not stop starting at him and wondering how I got such a beautiful, smart cute baby. (Along with is older big brother) Anyway, you didn't like your organs vibrating in your body? Although I do love concerts, that is the one feeling I do not enjoy! It's so weird feeling your heart shake in rhythm with the bass/drums. :)

Kelli said...

By the way, I learned a while back that the key to not having the concert headache hangover is to take two advil (or your drug of choice) before it starts!

jenny biz said...

Sure wish I knew the advil thing BEFORE the concert:) I had a great time with you guys!! The concert was amazing!! I was trying not to jump to hard for Baby Girl's sake:)
Love you guys!