Friday, February 27, 2009


Can you tell how happy I am that blogger likes me now? I am officially a soccer mom. He did great! I love his little team. They have welcomed us with open arms. This team has been together for a few seasons, but had one not return. We filled that spot. Parker on a VERY COLD first game.
Doesn't this look great...? WELL, not to embarrass my guy in later years, but he didn't score! The ball hit the post then stopped on the white line. STOPPED ON THE WHITE LINE! WE were all yelling to kick it again, but I think everyone thought it went in. The other team is currently being recruited for the Preschool Professional Soccer Players of America, so they knew to kick it back out and probably went down to score another goal!

Parker has now asked me to write something on this picture:
P: I love playing soccer at my field. My mommy took beautiful pictures of me. Love, Parker.

I DID NOT BRIBE HIM! He told me word for word and I wrote it! I promise!

You did great babe! I can't wait until tomorrow when we will freeze again to cheer you on!

Great WOlf Lodge

Great wolf LODGE so out of order, but at least it us up! WE had a blast. Last year for Parker's birthday my mom gifted us a night at the GWL. I was prego then, and wanted to wait post baby before we went. Then I temporarily lost the gift card. I FOUND IT just in time for P's birthday this year. SO after school on the 17th we took Bowden to my aunt and me the big kids headed to the lodge. Stacey met us there after work. A PERFECT TIME TO GO is mid week in February! NO ONE WAS THERE! We parked on the first row, space 4! They even upgraded our room to the den! It is so hard when you are checking in, you can see the whole water park from the lobby. My kids were going crazy! I thought Emaline was going to undress right there in the lobby! Be patient since my photos are out of order. THe top photo is when we went for icecream!
Stacey in the top bunk with the kids in their den.
Awaiting the park!

Having fun in their den!When we got there. Look at Poor E's hair. she did have pig tails, but removed them in the car on the way there. Her hair looks so red in this photo to me.

Stacey and Parker enjoying the mushroom.
Emaline coming down the slide. Yes, we had her wear a jacket while we were there. It has been a while since she practiced her swimming moves.

Waiting for the bucket
Touring the hotel.
Family photo after 2 big days at the GWL!

They above photo is my favorite. My big boy on his actual birthday having the best time ever at the place he has wanted to go to and can sing every jingle to. I LOVE YOU!

Please don't call CPS

the weather changes, I thought I would get outside and clean up my car. Parker stuck a sticker to one of the back windows MONTHS ago, so I grabbed my scrapper and went out to tackle the mess a la car. Well, I put Bowden in his bouncy seat in the garage, it was not as cool in there (my car is parked outside currently). I cleaned out my car, the dash, Parker vacuumed. BOWDEN STARTED SCREAMING. I mean mad. My hands were covered with chemicals from the windows and dash, so I came inside to wash my hands and when I walked outside I had a neighbor standing out checking on B. I FELT AWFUL! I tried to explain my hands were messy so I ran inside to wash them...yada yada....She just kind of smiled and said she just had to come check on him since he was so loud. I apologized over and me looking like a train wreck didn't help! I mean...I did have on clothes not pajamas even if they didn't match, but hair not combed...make up NOT on (which probably scared the girl). SO, hopefull I will still have custody of my children after today!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stinking blogger

SO, you may remember that Blogger wanted me to pay to post photos...I obliged...paid my money...and they still haven't credited me my space! SO NO PHOTOS! Sorry. Don't worry, I am sad too!

Great Wolf Lodge
Impromptu shoot
Ranch Party

and I am sure many many more that I need to post about. I am tired. It is late. I have school tomorrow. I should get to bed, and here I am on the stinkin computer.

Parker has a loose tooth! I can't believe this is happening. He is getting older.
Bowden is making some great faces, loving to hold onto our fingers and stand up. Still doesn't want to roll over. AND that is okay with me.
Emaline is just hilarious! She wants bandaids for everything. She dresses first thing in the morning. She dresses for bed, from nightgown, with sleep pants under AND socks. Every night.

Stacey amazes me at all he does. The foundation, work, my photography stuff, dad, husband, servant...that is my man.

HOpefully I can post photos soooooooon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Parker

Today is Parker's 5th birthday! We went yesterday after preschool and checked into the Great Wolf Lodge. Stacey met us there after work. We had a blast. It was our first time to go, a present from my mom from LAST year! I was prego then, so we waited, then I lost the gift card...found the gift card and booked it! When we checked in, we found out they had upgraded our room! WHOOHOO! I love upgrades. The kids loved the bunk bed room, I think Emaline calls is bunkbuk beds. WE were on the first floor, the floor where the waterpark is! We had a balcony right onto the grass! We had high ceilings. I am too tired to post pictures tonight, but look for them in the next few days.

Parker, you are such a great son. I love your laugh (so does Bowden), and your ability to bring God into any conversation. You have a sensitive heart, and STOMACH! You wake up every morning so early so you can see daddy before he goes to work then crawl into my bed and go back to sleep. You love your chocolate milk, fruit, peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches, and oreos. You love to be in charge of the TV. You remember all the commercials and drop their sales lines through out the day. Your favorite toys are horses. horses. horses. You love to answer the phone and you use nice manners MOST of the time. I love you sweet boy!!!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Emaline singing

Google isn't my friend now. Up until 2 days ago it said that I was only using 12% of my picture space, AND NOW it says that I have used 145% of my space! MEANING I have to pay again. STINK! So for now, enjoy Emaline singing! And the scream is because she saw a plastic fly in the corner that she and Parker are scared of. HA! ANd the quality...we accidently had our camera on ECONOMY setting and ALL of our videos look like this! STINK again! Now we have it fixed!

Friday, February 06, 2009

MY kids crack me up!

Yesterday I was sitting inside folding clothes with Bowden, and the kids were playing in the backyard. In runs Emaline:

E: Mommy, Parker is crying and he needs you.
P: Why does he need me?
E: Well, Parker was teaching me KUNG-FU, but I just punched him in the stomach! He needs you!

Last night at dinner:
Mommy: Can you guys help me set the table?
P&E: (silence)
Mommy: HELLO! I need your help around here. If we are going to put our house on the market, you guys need to help..blah...blah...blah....forks, toys, napkins...blah blah blah.... (I'm sure I was giving a great sermon!)
P: Mommy, I don't know why you need our help, YOU ARE HUGE! You can do it all by yourself!

I have mentioned a couple of times that we are thinking about putting our house on the market. We have outgrown our cute little home and are looking for something a bit bigger and closer to Stacey's work. He commutes over an hour each way during traffic times! I love our home, and some days I convince myself we all can live in this house, and other days I pack 4 boxes! SO, if you know anyone wanting to move to North Fort Worth/Keller, give me a holler!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

So, Today I am one year older...

Yes, I am. TOday was a great day. My husband surprised me at preschool with cookie cake for my class and a caramel apple cider from Starbucks. YUM! My coteacher got me Sonic, and I also received a Heath bar AND a Bueno gift card! SO FUN! I feel old. I was going to make a list of all that has happened that past year...but I thought you would rather see pictures of the here goes!

Parker with part of the herd. We are trying to declutter the house toget it ready to put on the market....and rounded up all the horses. Here is a shot, but I KNOW we are missing some.
For Parker's birthday we went to the PBR. SO FUN!

Bowden enjoying his neglecto saucer! LOVE HIS SMILE!