Monday, March 30, 2009

My poor car!

December 2007 I was hit by a drunk driver in my 11 day old car. I didn't have my car until March of 2008. Just wait until tomorrow to see the photos of my car! POOR CAR! All that garage sale stuff....DONATING IT TOMORROW! I want to park in the garage again!!!

I am sure this is the one that cracked my windshield!!!
Parker's hand. He just cried and cried.

This week, we as a family, are blessing others. I have to say, I don't feel very blessed right now. I feel blessed to have a home to shield us form these hail stones, so I guess that is a blessing. If only I had the energy to tell you everything going on in our lives right now. From surgeries, to sickness, to church, to now 2 cars beat up.... If you think about it, will you bless us with a prayer. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Old Navy,

Dear Old Navy,

I love your new Town Gowns! They look so comfy and casual. I was very excited to try them on and pick out a few for the spring and summer. I left empty handed. I have a suggestion for you and your design team...please make cute Town Gowns for women who have b**bs.

Thank you,
A curvy customer

Monday, March 23, 2009

My sweet

little petunia! Just pulled up on the neglectosaucer! PULLED UP! He is even pretending to crawl. He will get up on all 4's and ROCK! NOT READY. FOR. BABY. TO. GROW. UP!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I just had to change the post...

I know you all were tired of the poop! Here are some different photos...
After watching the smurfs, Emaline informed me that that mean guy did this with his brow. SHE SAID BROW! I didn't know she knew brow...
This is a sweet photo of B. Not a poop one, although that is why he isn't wearing clothes. Bowden STILL has the left ear infection. COME ON! We were on our 3rd round of antibiotics when they switched us to the shots. We go back today for our second one. He was a trooper. Although last of the toughest we have had. I actually drove him around the neighborhood late last night in my pj's to get him to sleep. WE NEVER did that with the other 2.
And last, we took some tabs to the Ronald McDonald House and got a tour on Monday. Honey got the kids shirts. Don't forget to save your soda tabs!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

He isn't as perfect as you all may think...

This is how it ended. but you just scroll on down.... just do it!

Yep, This cute little man gave me a HUGE surprise. HUGE! I had to survey the damage. Get 2 towels, and there is no telling how many wipes it took. The ENTIRE bottom of the saucer had smeared poop ALL over it. Everything has been sanitized, but I don't think the socks will ever be the same. The neglectosaucer seat is now in the washer. Hopefully, it will come out clean and poop free. I may have to wash it twice!

I love you POOPER!

Another one

Bowden and I are having a blast watching these! I hope you watch a few!

LOVE this!

Monday, March 09, 2009


Well, my recap is pretty unexciting! Don't get me wrong. I am very excited about the new season, but it really didn't capture my attention. I think it was all the JACK#%$ talk at the beginning. COME ONE! 7:00 family show!!! Let's see how many times we can say that word on TV in 10 minutes!!! I truly disliked that part. AND let's talk about costumes! Can we please be a bit more discreet! I know they push the limits each season, but come on Cheryl! To flat out say that she wanted it to be uncomfortable to watch...well, you got it.

NOW, as it is lighting up Facebook....the ACU sweatshirt worn by Chelsie Hightower who is Ty Murray's partner was an eye catcher! I would love to know how she got it. She did not attend ACU, or atleast it isn't in her bio. Ty lives in Stephenville, so maybe there is a connection with someone from there. They are my vote!


when Emaline woke up from her SHORT nap, the trash truck was outside making all kinds of noise. I asked Emaline if she thought it was aliens. She kind of shook her head....and I asked what we should do... what she said.....



Thursday, March 05, 2009

The things kids say part 2

Last night at church...

to friend:
P: your teeth are yellow.
Mommy: PARKER!
P: well they are!
Friend: thanks P!
P: your teeth are real yellow!
Mommy: STOP IT!

P: God's going to be so mad at me..
M: Why sweet?
P: Well, I broke God's one true book!
M: What?
P: I broke the one true God's good true book!
M: please show me.
P:See mommy, my God's true one good book is broken!
(Bind was broken on Parker's children's bible. Good sign the book is being read! Ready for a new one!)

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Just saying you can scroll to bottom to actually start at the beginning of post!
Top photo is Isaiah playing in his present box.
Uncle Wyatt and Daddy
I love this one. Wish I was more in focus.
Lauren being very brave.

I love this one.
I like how I got the camera taking a photo.

We are just seeing Uncle Wyatt since Christmas, so we gave him one of his presents...
4 Generations!

Lauren and Birthday boy
Love you baby!

The things kids say

Do you ever want to run away from your kids in public...or pretend they aren't yours!? Okay, maybe it is just me.

checking out at Big Lots:
E: mommy, that lady only has 2 teeth.
M: Yes she does honey.
E: Why?

in Kroger
M: guys, move over here by my cart so this lady can get by.
E: mommy, is that a guy or a gurl?
M: shhhhh! honey.
E: mommy, is that a guy or a gurl?
M: I'm not sure....shhhhh!
(and unfortunately this happened from this aisle to EVERY aisle since we kept criscrossing each other! AND I still don't know).

p: mommy, that guys fingernails are painted. Boys don't paint their fingers!
M: well, honey, sometimes they do....
P: no they don't
M: well sometimes....
P: and they don't have long hair.
M: sometimes they do
P: NO they don't!

In Target
M: Parker quit dancing like that here.
P: MOMMY, but boys can dance with their HIPS!
M: Honey, NOT HERE!

I wish that some of these don't call me MOMMY right off! Totally give away that they belong to me! AND I LOVE them!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Ranch Party

The ranch birthday party of 09! Of course there are more...just wanted to put these up.