Friday, October 21, 2005

Mam...we have a suspicious package...!!!!

Today Albertson's started their Triple coupon sale, so of course Parker and I were there. As we drove up, we noticed a fire truck and a police car. I thought maybe there had been a fire, heart attack or even shoplifting. We got in our cart and shimmied our way through stocking up on things that ended up being free or almost free. As we were checking out, one checker asked another checker what was up with all of the police. I looked outside where the police and fire presence had been multiplied by many. The other checker said that they have a suspicious package outside and are waiting on a bomb squad! BOMB SQUAD! All I wanted was my free Spray and Wash. After saving over $35.00 we went to leave. Only we couldn't leave out the door closest to our car, it was blocked. So I headed out the other door where we were met by a really nice officer and an Albertson's employee. They nicely told me that the Albertson's employee would help me to my car. I was directed out of the way, in fact, away from my car. I nicely told the man that my car was over there by the fire men parked by itself, obviously in the wrong area. He nicely took me the long way to my car. I told him that I heard there had been a "package." He said yes, but probably somebody left some trash or something, but to be safe they had called in the authorities. He loaded all of my groceries to my car and then a fire man came over and told me that I could not reverse. I would need to pull forward and exit straight out of the shopping center. Can you believe that!? What fun we have had and it isn't even noon! I never even saw the package, but had great service out to my car by a friendly employee. I sure know how to find the excitement! Who knows, the story might even make the news.


jenny biz said...

What an eventful morning!! I wonder what the package turned up to be??

Kelli said...

You should let Albertson's know how great the service was that day! I can't believe they didn't close the store.

Steve said...

Cute kid. Glad he looks like Mom and not Dad. Hope to see you both sometime. Your Abilene mom and dad still miss you both.