Monday, February 26, 2007

Birthday Sharing...

Parker and his cousin Cole share the SAME birthday just 6 years apart. They also share it with Aunt Bern, Stacey's great aunt. These pictures are from the Ranch Party yesterday. THANK goodness the wind calmed down so that we could be outside.

Parker's gift from Honey and Buddy is on the right. It has an automatic DUMP! Emaline's gift is on the left. A little scooter thing. The problem with the scooter thing is that there is a place for these cute little animals to sit right on the front bumper. It sure is hard to scoot while reaching for a pig!

This is my favorite. My cowboy. Each year, Honey and Buddy, my IL's buy the boys matching cowboy gear, as you could tell in the first picture.This was the entertainment. A tractor ride in Buddy's new toy!
The cake.
Emaline slept most of the day away. And today I found out why...ear infection. Here we go again... It has been, however, a while since our last visit to the doctor, at least 2 weeks!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

BOwling with Parker

We took Parker bowling for his birthday. It was his first time to bowl. We had to waste some time...

We had to wait a while for a lane. Forgive me for this picture. WE took Stacey's little camera into the bowling alley, and I am not use to it! I can't fix this picture! I have tried! BUT I LOVE IT! Even with red eyes!
Wondering how this works???OUR FAVORITE IS THE BELOW PICTURE! I have to admit, I wasn't be very PATIENT with Stacey during out bowling adventure. He would walk up to help Parker and then he wouldn't get out of the way quick enough for me to take the picture!! Sorry honey. I was able to capture this one! LOVE IT! It was how he ended every roll.

Watching Parker get so excited about bowling was so fun. Getting there wasn't fun at all. He had a major melt down that Emaline got to go to Honey's house and he was stuck with just good ole' mom and dad. Once we showed him what to do, he was a champ. Parker's ball rolled at an average of 1.16mph. That is what the screen showed us. So it was the longest bowling game in history. Good thinking of Stacey to only buy 1/2 hour of bowling! SHEWW! We also got put to a really nice family. They cheered him on! They were on our right. The guy on our left, a different story. He was bowling in a league, I know because it gave his team number on his screen. I felt bad for him, especially when Parker decided he wanted to bowl on his lane during that guys approach! He was very nice about it, but I felt so bad. We didn't follow lane rules that I learned at ACU in my bowling class. We just couldn't hold back a 3 year old on his birthday when it was his turn, it was his turn. I thought it was so cool that when it was his turn, the bumper things came up automatically.

*Please don't judge these pictures....they are what I got with a camera that wasn't mine(a point and shoot), and lighting that changed a few different times!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Parkerman

Oh man. I can't believe it has really been 3 years. It just seems like yesterday that you were placed into my arms...even if it was for just a few minutes. I won't relive that night on my blog this year. I am still trying to forget most of it. You came into this world very calmly on your part, just surprising all of us with your size! Those doctors and nurses were so shocked when you arrived at 9lbs 12oz. What a blessing you have been! This past year has been so much fun watching you be a big brother and transitioning from an only child to having to share everything!!! Especially your mommy and daddy, and your cows and horses. I have loved seeing you grow in size and spiritually as we discover God's word together. I love it when you ask me to tell you a story. Example, you wanting to hear about the first man or discuss the fruits of the spirit. The other day, I almost fell over laughing when you told me that that you fell and broke yourself. Broke yourself. Still puts a smile on my face. You love to read books, play with playdough, paint, cook, play with your horses and cows, DANCE, and play with your spiderman computer. Your favorite shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, American Idol, Handy Manny (my favorite), The Doodlebops, Dancing with the Stars, and Diego. Your favorite foods are macaroni, chickfila (I realize this is not a food, but when asked what you want to eat, this is your response), yogurt, FRUIT, butter with jelly with peanut butter (the way you say it), and chips and cheese (queso). I love how you ask me to lay with you after you and daddy have your special time. I will always cherish that time. It amazes me that you know highways and street names and what stores are on each. I never want to forget how you tell me that I don't have to say NO when you ask me a question. I love when you kiss me on your own and tell me you love me. It makes my heart melt. You are a good friend, even a reminder to me sometimes of how quick you are to forgive. I could go on and on, and might in the next few days but for tonight I must stop by telling you just how proud I am of my Parker Gregg. See you later crocodile...after while aligator!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Parker's new blog

Yes, my almost 3 year old has his very own blog!!!
He received the Fisher Price digital camera for his birthday from some friends, and so he wanted his own blog! How could I resist!!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Early Birthday Dude!

I must say that I really dropped the ball this year when it came to Parker's birthday!!! I didn't even send out invites!!! REALLY! It snuck up on me. I now realize that before Emaline's birthday, I must have Parker decide on a theme (and hope it doesn't change) so that I can order and arrange everything at the same time. This year was hard for him to decide what kind of party to have. We went up and down the aisle at PartyCity...then he decided he wanted a Ms. Jenny party! Have you heard of this? Well, I called Ms. Jenny and asked her exactly what was suppose to happen at a Ms. Jenny party and she wasn't real sure either. This theme went on for a couple of weeks. In the meantine, Parker went to the Rodeo (which he refers to as Radio) and carried around the program for days. One day I asked him...what about a Radio party...he agreed! YIPPEE! We can have it in our backyard and have lots of fun. Who knew it would be below freezing! So we had to move the party indoors! It worked out well though.
Have you ever seen a corndog used as a dancing prop? DO you like his shirt? My brother made it. Emaline and I had matching ones too! SO COOL! Parker didn't want to wear his boots or cowboys shirt. All he could talk about was wearing the shirt that Uncle Wyatt made.
We celebrated Parker's birthday at preschool on Thursday. When I went into his classroom...he was the only one asleep! THat's my boy. He decorated the cookies all by himself! I thought sugar and little balls would be everywhere~not so! He did such a good job and was so proud of them.
Of course I get this picture!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

You know...I haven't

fallen in a long time. That was my thought just a few weeks ago. Don't know why I was thinking this. I am aware that I am a clumbsy person. I am NOT very coordinated (not sure how I played all those sports). I guess just watching Emaline and Parker CRASH on a regular basis was reminding me that the last time I busted it was when we were living with my inlaws while our house was being built and I was cruising down the stairs, and well, landed on my face. Thank goodness they were not home!!! You probably have figured out where this is going.

Yes, I fell.

Where and how, well, let me just tell you. On Tuesday, MIL had picked up Parker from Preschool, so it was just me and Emaline. We were going to meet the ILs for dinner to get the ALMOST birthday boy. I decided I would start the car and unload the car from preschool festivities (Valentine's day party) before Emaline woke up. As I was crossing the back of my car with mail in my hand...I stepped carelessly on the lip of the garage/driveway wearing my rocketdog clogs. My ankle flipped me right out into my drive way. I landed on all fours. Yes, you can laugh. I could have rolled right down into the street. I didn't drop the mail though! SCORE! My saving grace was it was COLD and NO ONE was at the park across the street. No witnesses. I did smash up my hand, my knees and ripped my jeans :(. My whole body has hurt for the past few days. It kind of feels like I have been working out, but I haven't :)! I called Stacey and told him what happened and told him NOT to tell his parents. In fact, I have only told a few trusted souls until now. I was too embarrassed. AND now, I shall post an entire blog about it. Funny how that works.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just the facts Mam

I have been wanting to post about little things, so here goes:

Parker has nicknamed Emaline..Emilini! But, you have to have permission by Parker to call her this and it has to be on a certain day that he feels like allowing you call her this.

My mom got Parker this lion THING that sings and dances. Guess what song it dances to: CAN'T TOUCH THIS! Now we have a dance show anytime we want.
Disclaimer: I actually found it and bought this toy for him and called my mom and told her she reimburse me later.

I just love Paula Deen. I got her cookbook for Christmas! She makes me laugh.

Parker's birthday is coming up, and I totally forgot to make the invites! Yep. Silly mommy.

I don't like my garage right now. You see, The boys went to the ranch yesterday and took the dogs. This morning when I went to put a dirty diaper in the garage I realized one of the dogs got SICK in the garage during the night. (We let the dogs sleep in the garage when it gets cold). We have been too busy today to REALLY clean it up. Did I say I don't like my garage right now. I will try to tackle that job in the morning.

I will tackle the job because Stacey doesn't feel good. He is exhausted, plus has either allergy or sinus problems. I feel so bad for him.

If you make Emaline cry too hard she throws up. :)

Parker now tells me---Mommy, you don't have to say NO!

I have lots to do this week.

General Hospital has been SOOO good the past few weeks. My truly only TV addiction right now, except American Idol. The GH crew all ordered shirts...just wait until we wear them! We are SOOO taking pictures. Did you know there is Fantasy Soaps! Like Fantasy Football. No kidding. Check it out at Now, I haven't joined, yet!

I really need to clean out my closet (Husband would AMEN that). I have shoes in boxes that don't fit anymore. My feet grew when I had my babies. I have clothes that don't fit, and probably won't ever fit in there. I may be passing some clothes and shoes your way...

Crayola Bath Dotz are the coolest. My kids can't use bubble bath due to their eczema and a friend gave us those things and it doesn't break them out! So fun.

Satan is attacking people around me...and I don't like it. I am not sitting back and allowing it. I am praying like crazy! For babies, for friends, for marriages.

Jenise! I miss you too! I have clicked so many times trying to find your blog through your comments. I thought about you the other day, your cell phone number from....7 years ago is still in my phone. I thought about calling it and just seeing if it was still yours! But I chickened out! Email me so we can catch up!

I am tired and must go to bed now, not before I send some prayers!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The picture proof

Here is the proof. Now, don't look too close, you will see that I couldn't find my BLACK trouser socks and wore brown thinking: who will ever see these inside my boots! Well, everyone did now. Rachel, it was a Western theme party at a place in Grapevine for Trane Dealers.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The big 3-1

Yes, I passed into the THIRTIES over the weekend. 31 came and went, and OH I did celebrate. I really stepped out of my comfort zone and did something I have never done~ I rode a mechanical bull. Yes. Me. It was fun. I pulled 2 muscles. Don't laugh, at least until I tell you how I did it! I pulled the first muscle just climbing on the thing and the other trying to stay on as I was slipping off the side! seriously! How boring is that!? We have pictures, but they are on Stacey's camera so I don't have them to show you. How convenient! I had a great birthday! The celebrations started on Friday and didn't end until Monday night. Thank you to ALL who celebrated with me!
These are some pictures from today. Emaline has a new word~ she says shoe! That's my girl. Her vocabulary also consists of Dog, momma, and daddy. She also has a word for Parker or brother, but only me and Stacey can decipher that one. She got sunburned today at the park! The weather was so beautiful I didn't even think about it.

Thursday, February 01, 2007


When we left preschool today it was sleeting. By the time I had a surprise birthday celebration:), it was SNOWING! It is coming down in sheets. The temperature is 35, but it is beginning to stick in the grass. This picture was taken about 45 minutes ago, and outside is really getting blanketed. (if that is a word). We called to tell daddy, but it wasn't snowing at his office, so these pictures are for him, and if we have another snow play date outside, I will post more pictures. It is SOOO pretty!