Sunday, March 23, 2008

How can

I take 200 photos of my kids and this is the best one I got!?Okay, I did get this one... but Parker is totally being wierd and E's being cheesy...but I love it!
This wasn't their Easter clothes, just some fun clothes we took to the tulip park in Addison (thanks Kristen) the day after the crazy rain we received so I wasn't going to chance getting the Easter attire soiled. The kids a mood. Emaline only wanted to eat candy, and Parker wanted to chase 'horses' through the park. I will post a few more over on the photography blog. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! HE IS RISEN!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


The first 2 nights down...and goodness gracious Kristi and Marlee! Those are my favorites! Now, I don't think that Marlee's performance was as WONDERFUL as the judges, but goodness gracious.... how amazing to see her dance. I thought I was going to cry when they did their preview to the couple. Not sure which guys I am rooting for yet. I am just excited that DWTS is back on! I've missed it. Who did you vote for?

Goodness gracious= Emaline's favorite saying right now

Monday, March 17, 2008


We ran off on Saturday morning to Paris...but while I was up late packing...I went in to get something for Parker....and this is what I found. He went to sleep reading his bible! The biggest hit of the weekend were these lasers for the kids fingers that Bop and Sid had for them!

We played hard yesterday in the piano room after naps...
Parker trying to steal some camera time. I LOVE HIM!

Doesn't this picture make you laugh!!! or atleast smile!!!

Bop and Sid have sleeping bags with the kids names on them for when we visit. Emaline got her bed ready. It is like a find and seek picture...can you find 3 babies? 2 horses? 1 book?
We stopped and ate at DQ with Mamma on the way home. So fun. The kids were wonderful on our trip. Our DVD player is on the outs, so NO movies, just books, snacks, and LOTS of kids music! It was so pleasant. We drove up to new flowers in the pots outside...thank you Stacey! What a wonderful treat! We sure missed you dude! He is on his way home with Papa Murphy's and we are all looking forward to a night of Dancing with the Stars!!!
A special shout out to my secret readers from Paris who revealed their lurkiness to me! COMMENT won't you!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Some catch up the beginning of Easter!

Last Friday we went over to see Isaiah! The kids love that sweet baby and it's mommy! Now look closely at the photo below! Isaiah is SMILING at his sweet cousin E! Let's call it smiling! Don't worry, we had a hand in there...I just cropped it out.

Parker giving sweet kisses...and you can see the hand on this one.
Yesterday we had our first Easter celebration! The Preschool Easter Egg hunt! Emaline was a champ running around finding those prizes. Her sweet teachers made them their baskets!!! HOW CUTE!! Her dress is quite cute as well, I will try to get a full photo of her...Pete D. from channel 8 was a little wrong on the weather yesterday...hence the sweater.

Check out my lady! I couldn't resist this photo!

AND the best husband around! I was reading my class a book only to see my husband out of the corner of my eye! He surprised me and he brought me a fully loaded caffinated beverage and my favorite candy bar! I thought he was there for the Easter festivities...he kind of forgot about that, but got to join in with Parker's class.

Now, you may be wondering why there isn't a photo (or many photos) of P hunting eggs. Well, the preschool changed the time of his hunt, and I didn't know it! It happens, but I feel awful I missed it. When I showed up at the scheduled time I had, another student came up to me and said: "Don't worry Ms. Paige, my mommy missed it too!" I sure hope their teachers captured a few for us mommies who missed it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

What they hear

E and P are wrestling in the floor....and this is what I hear:

P to E: Let's make a JACK sandwhich!
I thought I was going to PEE in my pants! This is from the same guy who will out of the blue say:

P: AWWWW! He got it at Jared's!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow Day!

As many of you have posted...we got LOTS of snow on Thursday. As we left preschool, we were getting pelted by ice! Emaline was crying and screaming at her window 'NO NO NO" at the ice. In 2 minuted heading west, we were in a snow blizzard! The snow was like cotton balls falling on our windshield with LOW visiblilty! I was scared, I won't lie, driving. I have only had my car back for a week since the wreck in December and am a little protective! After naps we got all dressed and went out to play! This measurement was taken a little early. We did hit 5 inches!
Parker used some of his birthday money to buy an umbrella a week or so ago, so he was all excited to use it. Do you like the color? He picked it out. I couldn't persuade him otherwise. I even tried to get him to get a spiderman one, or NASCAR but liked his light blue one!
Some of the neighborhood men attempting a snowman. After they rolled the second ball of snow and picked it up and put it on the first one, the first one exploded! Where are the kids you ask? That is what Jodi and I asked ourselves and found them INSIDE playing in their playroom!

Doesn't she just look FROZEN?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

VS part 3!!

This is the second post in one day! WOW! But I know many of you have been hanging on every thread of this I couldn't let you down!

I just opened a letter from VS! It states:

After thorough investigation of the incident, we have concluded that you are not responsible for the disputed balance on this credit card account. In addition, we will submit a request to the three national credit reporting agencies to remove this account from your credit bureau report. Pleaes allow thirty to forty-five days for this update to occur.

Do you think they really did a thorough investigation??? I am so happy that this is now over! I will continue to watch my credit report though, and I am still not ready to give them any business, again!

"I don't like that song!"

Parker has now decided that he is scared of the dark. Not sure where this started, or why! This has caused him to have some sleepless nights. He already sleeps with a lamp on. I am not sure how to help him. We have discussed how Jesus is always with him. This morning when he entered my bed before 7:00 am I asked him to go back to his room, and he told me he didn't want to be alone. I suggested the Jesus thing, that didn't work. So I suggested that there were MANY horses and stuffed animals on his bed, but he told me they weren't real. HELP!

Stacey handles all night duties with the kids due to my inability to to go back to sleep after I wake up. Stacey can go back to sleep seconds after he wakes up. This brings me to Emaline...last night after Parker was taken back to his bed due to being scared...Emaline started screaming. SCreAMING! Stacey comes back to bed and I ask him what had happened...he said that she told him, " I don't like that song!" on her radio in her room that is on KLTY! That is what all the commotion was! She didn't like that song! Maybe we should try rap!

On another note....what type of detergent do you use? We use ALL Free and Clear due to sensitivities for me and E, but it is just not cutting it! We seem to always have grease type stains on our clothes, especially the kids. I do try to pretreat...and I know I could do better, but I have to think that it may be my detergent! Any guidance would be helpful.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....

We love you!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A great Saturday!

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful family day! We went over to Dallas for a great lunch, then headed over to the Arboretum for some fun. Parker was so confused why we were going to a park without a playground! He soon warmed up to it when he saw the grandness. Of course I took some photos, but this first one was one taken by a complete stranger. He just walked right up and asked if he could take our family picture so that I could be in it. I just wish he would have told me to remove Emaline's hand from her mouth, but how nice of him. Anytime we came to a platform, it became a dancing stage! Only my family! I just wish that the photography would have been better!

This was NOT posed! I couldn't get my camera out quick enough! Even a man on the path told me to hurry!
I think your own family is more difficult than a client! NO ONE wants to listen to mommy with a camera who has taken WAY TOO many photos!
After the Arboretum, we went to welcome little Isaiah home! Here is the naked sweetie having some lunch.

Parker's first time to hold him! Within a few seconds he declared the baby had pooped!