Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 4th 5K

Here is the Running For Jenny crew at the July 4th Trophy Club 5k! This was taken AFTER the run! Shew.

Happy 2nd Birthday Bowden!

I made the cupcakes, but called for help when it came to the cake since I was having a shower at my house the morning of Bowden's afternoon party. She made it match the invitation and it was so cute!

Love Bowden's reaction to every one singing to him.
LaLa and Emaline chilling.
Cousins eating some cake!
Bowden received a 'car' of his very own at the party, and he sat on it and tried to exit the party. I had to stop him at the back door! Seriously!
Here he is saying thank you!
AND right after that, he told everyone bye! How rude.
Cousin Lindsay and her new fiance Dan.
Love these 2!
Before his birthday blessing. He received this bat, ball, and hat as a gift, and wouldn't really put it down.
After the party, Mammy and I went and dug up the goods! The potatoes from my garden. These starters were a gift from my friend Stephanie and here is the loot. Cousin Cassidie just couldn't believe why Mammy would want to dig up the potatoes, and Mammy's answer: because it is fun. I will remember it always.
The birthday boy long after the party was over!
Parker chilling out after the party on E's ride.

Sweet B, you are SO full of energy! You love baeball gaam! Translation: baseball game. You love balls and cars. You love to RUN! LOVE TO RUN! LOVE TO RUN especially when I am cheering you on. When I come in from running, you look at me and say: Momma run? I love it. Happy birthday ball of fire.

Celebrating Cousin Susan and new Cousin Andrew!

The cousins who made it, minus some who left before we got the idea to take a photo!

On June 26th, we held a baby shower brunch for my Cousin Susan who is expecting her first babe! I was so excited to be asked to help celebrate her! We held it at my house and so much fun. We had fruit, zucchini bread, sausage and egg casserole, and caramel french toast casserole. I have to tell you, that caramel french toast casserole recipe was a tip from a friend and now I just want to have people over for breakfast so I can have an excuse to make it!

Emaline chilled out wherever baby Leland was. Here she is with the Zant cousins who made the trip. I think Andrea gets the "who drove the longest" award.
The big girls eating their brunch.
AND, the hostess crew, taken after most of the table had been devoured.

Summer UH OHS!

We have seen so many of these this summer.
Bowden is getting ready for his garden! Don't let him out of your sight!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Will

I know Molly asked, but I also wanted to let everyone know how he is doing. You can read his mommy's blog here.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Please pray for Will Strzinek. He is fighting right now! He has SSS- Scalded Skin Syndrome, which is a form of Staph. He has blisters all over his body. It is a day to day fight with ups and downs. They are waiting for some cultures to come back to know more. He is almost 3 months old now, these were his newborn photos.

Pray for him! Call Satan out! His parents are wonderful people and his big brother Tate is pretty awesome and OUR GOD IS MIGHTY!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fourth Of July!

I need to get a few more photos of of Stacey's camera for this to be complete, so look for another post. The above photo is proof I exist.

OH, the joy. The pure joy he had not being restrained in an way.

Emaline was such the helper.

Cousin Cole.
The beautiful Skrovan family joined us.

The Bara Mobile.
My girl on the float.
Here is preacher Joel, Professor(officer) Meeks, and husband. Emaline calls him professor, but we all know he is an officer.
Pool time. This is B's favorite thing to do! He can make this thing FLY!

A smile from cousin Cole.


The best we got!

This little stinker! Love him to pieces. Really I do!