Monday, August 27, 2012

A tough night-

I can't even think about it, my oldest will be in 3rd grade tomorrow! THIRD GRADE! This may be harder on me this year than all the rest because this is the level I taught. I was a third grade teacher- and now Parker will be in third grade! LORD HELP ME! I can still smell the kids after recess if I close my eyes! Third grade is the best! The kids still love their teacher but are becoming more and more independent. They truly start growing up and developing their own sense of belonging. I have big prayers for this guy. HUGE. Now, I was too lazy to scan, so here are a few pictures of pictures!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My mid life crisis!

Yep- that is me! Shocking- right? Well, my kids asked me to do it! And why not!?

This kid is mine!

I can blame him on Stacey all I want, but this kid is mine. I confess- I'm a picker. I love to peel sun burns! Yesterday Bowden got comfortable and began picking my feet. I used to pick my grandmothers feet. I know- I'm gross. But guess what? So is Bowden and he is all mine!!!!!!!

August 3rd

 On August 3rd I did something. I accomplished something. I cried. I proved something to myself. It doesn't sound like much, but I did it. I attached this tandem to my bike. Big deal? Yes.

I had to remove the carrier rack on my bike. I had to remove the tandem from Stacey's bike. THIS WAS HARD! It had been on it for 6 months and was wedged on there. We skyped Stacey once. I declared we weren't going on a bike ride, a few times. I cried. I tried to use a socket thing, but didn't need to. Have I mentioned I cried? Then Stacey told us about this super cool tool that I needed and where it was, much better. I did it! We went on a fabulous bike ride.

Did I mention it was Jenny's birthday?  Oh, and Stacey is outside working on our garage as I type. So don't talk about it behind my back JACK! And yes, my car is still smashed in the back. It's getting close to being like that for 1 year. Cool. At least everyone knows its me! And.... I put that tandem on my bike all by myself!

What have you accomplished lately?