Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Parker's Prayer

When we all sit down to eat at the table, Parker extends his arms across his high chair to grasp our hands and then bows his head for prayer. It is the cutest thing. When we have said our prayer Parker applauds, or he doesn't. If he doesn't, that means we must try again, our first prayer wasn't good enough. This has gone on before 3-4 prayers long before we get some claps. Now Parker says AMEN at the end, which is so cute. Last night I was putting the dinner on serving dishes and hear Parker talking in his high chair. I look over and he has his head bowed and is mumbling up a storm, then announces AMEN. He said a little prayer all by himself. When Stacey and I sat down, he reached for our hands and Stacey began to pray, only to have Parker say his prayer again while Stacey was still talking. Parker was just talking away, and then announced AMEN. Stacey thinks we may have a preacher on our hands. Watch out Joel!


jenny biz said...

Parker did the same thing last Sunday night in class! I told them that after one more song we would pray. Well, Parker was ready to pray right then!! Precious heart, ready and willing to talk to the Lord:)
Malaya's prayers are one of my favorite parts of the day. Always interesting what her little 5 year old heart wants to share:)

Kelli said...

SO Precious. Children have the sweetest hearts.

Joel Quile said...


Thank you for sharing that ... it really encouraged me. Parker is a blessing!

I've preached 12 sermons so far and haven't got any claps so your prayers are way ahead! Keep up the great parenting and I'll get my resume ready!

I love your family!

Brett and Jenny Perkins said...

It's great to find you out here in blogworld Paige! Can't wait to start keeping up with precious Parker and baby girl.