Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Super Man!

Check out His blog for a very sweet post!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My budding photographer

Parker took the below picture. I LOVE IT! I love it because he took it. I love it because you see emaline's hand on my shoulder. It has paint on it. It was taken late tonight in the front yard as i took a deep breath and granted his wish of allowing him to use MY camera. I kept asking him to put his eye right up to the camera, and he said he could do it. I love my hand in the picture that I was using as a safety net if he was going to drop MY camera. I was telling him NOT to drop the camera and to raise it up...and that is when he took my picture.
Do you see my HELLO KITTY? You may be asking, where is Hello Kitty? Today at Summer Sizzle Parker got his face painted. As he came into my station (SNOW CONE STATION! SCORE!) I told him he looked like a LION! He said, NO MOMMA! I am HELLO KITTY! HELLO KITTY? Yes, HK! My neice is in love with HK! Therefore, Parker loves HK! I called Stacey to tell him...and to say the least, he wasn't too excited, his son the Hello Kitty! I thought it was cute!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have a new photography website! YOU MUST GO SEE!

On a sad note, last night I baked 3 cakes for church and didn't have room in my inside fridge for all of them, so I pulled out a LARGE package for chicken to take to the outdoor fridge to make room. Guess what, that LARGE package of chicken was on my counter when I woke up this morning! STINK!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Blogger won't let me..

show you all the pics I want right now, so this one will have to do. I have been practicing with lots of settings on my camera, so today was a practice day with the kids. Emaline slept until 11:30 am this morning. CRAZY! When I called Stace to tell him, his words were, go ahead and call the doctor! She isn't showing any signs of being sick, so I didn't. We went outside to swim to soak up some energy. Hopefully blogger will let me post more pictures later.
Parker is so fun right now. He says things like: you know what I am saying? He even told me to go put Emaline back in bed when he was upset his sister had knocked over his pasture fence. He also told me to put his sister in her high chair so that she wouldn't mess up his horses. When Emaline slept late today, the 2 of us went outside to wash my car, he sprayed me over and over with the hose. A neighbor walked outside and witnessed my soaking. It WAS funny, the first time. He also likes to whisper in your ear. Recently he likes to get me to lean down for him to tell me: momma, tell that girl how you broke that white car at the gym! Yes, I broke a white car in the parking lot with the kids in the car. He won't let me forget it!
Emaline is beginning to form her sweet personality. She is high energy, all the time! She likes to say, "OHH NO!" when something is dirty or out of place. I had to take her car seat apart to wash it due to a little 'accident' over the weekend, and when she saw the cover off, she kept saying-ohh no! She likes to kiss, and pops her lips when she does this. She is really into throwing things right now including horses, food, and sippy cups. She likes the music turned up LOUD in the car, and unfortunately it still doesn't drown out her lack of enjoying the ride in the car. She still likes to put on Parker's undies, but really likes her princess pjs. She finds them and puts them on even if she already has on pants. She loves to swim! If you ask her if she wants to go swimming, she tries to rip off her shirt! LOVE HER!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lakeway Vacation

Yep, I am still here. We left right after VBS on a family vacation with the inlaws. I am still working on many of the pictures but here are a few. I will update later on the entire trip, just wanted to let you know I was okay, because I know you were wondering. Right? Weren't you checking my blog 3 times a day, asking yourself, where did that paige go? Doesn't she know we need an update on that Parker and Emaline?
Emaline turned 18 months while we were on the trip. AND of course I planned ahead and brought a cute outfit so I could find a great place to take pictures. This is just one of the ones I like. I will share the others later.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


When a friend says, "you can tell it is VBS time, you haven't updated your blog" you know you need to update! VBS closed last night, and it has been our best year yet. Here are some pictures I wanted to share.

My amazing volunteers!

Okay you lurkers out there in Texarkana, this picture is for you. This is what I went to buy myself for our ice cream supper last night. I missed you terribly and your homemade icecream!GREAT FRIENDS!
Cousin Cole playing in the playground.
Here is Malaya and Anna making bread at the bakery with Karen.

Like my SIL said, as if I didn't have enough to do this week, we went with some great friends to the Railroad musuem yesterday at Fair Park. It was really hot and many of my pictures didn't turn out like I wanted them too, so here are just a few.

Here are Jackson and Molly ringing the bell.

This was in one of the 1920's car.

So VBS ended, I was going to spend today resting, cleaning, laundry, and when Parker woke up, all he wanted to do was paint! SO we had more arts and craft today. Emaline joined in when she woke up.

Parker was so excited about the bottom picture. HE MADE PURPLE! He kept telling me, red and blue made purple mommy. I may come across more pictures to share from VBS, but I was trying to be careful not to post pictures of kids that I wasn't sure if their parents would want them on the internet.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

VBS 2007

Galilee by the Sea began tonight, and I must say went REALLY smoothly. Thank you all for your prayers. Our total attendance tonight was our total number of kids who attended last year, if that makes sense. I have a new assisstant this year, who also was my co-shopper today (I missed you JH). Rhonda is such a talented person who truly has a heart for GOD and kids, just like my last years assisstant (JB). Out artistic director (for the 3rd year in a row) did a fabulous job! Check out her work!

Our carpenters worked hard and the results were amazing. I have so much to update you with, but seriously...I must go to bed! Maybe more tomorrow!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Christ Haven FUN!

Last night was so much fun! Our church had a water day at Christ Haven last night! Che and Lindsay did a great job planning it! There were 2 large inflatable water slides and a very long SLIP and SLIDE! Preacher was in charge of that event, and being a former ACUer he brought out Welcome Week size slip and slide. Not really ACU's, but he created our very own. I will show some pictures and show Angie exactly what her husband was up to in case he is a little sore today!Bumper kids. The little kids didn't slide that far, so the daddys would push the kids down the slide. Rylan is bumpering into Parker.Well, the below pictures are of big kids! I think they had more fun than the actual kids!

I know it looks like Ryan lost this race, but he caught up at the end! AND this may have been where Stacey lost his wedding ring. YEP! LOST HIS RING! I told him to go ask Ryan to help him because he has a talent. With all the mud and water I thought we would never find it. Well, you know this angel was looking for his ring and found it! SERIOUSLY! She was just walking and praying to find it and she found it! THANK YOU PAM!