Thursday, August 28, 2008

the things said at the dinner table

I was telling Stacey that a client and I had been playing phone tag, when Parker said:

Mommy, do you talk on the phone while you are running? I mean, do you run while talking on the phone?

I love you p!

Bowden had his check up today...and weighed in at 12lbs 15 oz. He sprayed the doctor while we were there. We decided that Emaline must have told him to do that, since she likes to tell her brothers what to do! He got 5 vaccinations! But luckily we were able to get that 3 in 1 vaccine so only 2 shots and an oral.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

2 months

I can't Blieve that my B is 2 months old today! He is becoming very aware and looking around, he recognizes voices and is eating better! We go for his wellcheck later in the week, so I will post stats later!

Don't you love his outfit!? My brother, Uncle Wyatt gave it to him! Wyatt does ELVIS around town so this is very fitting. Sometimes Elvis just doesn't want to perform!
but sometimes, he smiles and laughs!or just sucks his bottom lip.
Emaline took this one yesterday. She woke us up from our nap and wanted to take a picture since my camera was still out from the Elvis shoot. This is what she took. I love it!

And the siblings...

Monday, August 25, 2008

momma, I have a bead in my ear

Last night, I was talking to a client on the phone, when my precious darling came in and told me that he had a bead in his ear. Emaline had put it there. I got off the investigate. He had once told me that he put granola bar in his ear, which he hadn't so I wasn't sure if he was telling the truth. UH, he was. After some investigation, all charges against Emaline were dropped. Parker had put it in his own ear, but SHE had told him to LAST TUESDAY! I could see it, but not remove it. It was purple, and round. I attempted once to remove it, and was unsuccessful. I called the dependable nurse practioner from Paris, and great friend Elisha, to ask what to do next! She said a physician would need to remove it. At 8:00am I got an 8:30 appointment. MIL met me there because over the phone they said if they were unable to remove it, we would need to go the emergency room. Good 'ol doc was able to remove the bead after a few attempts. She said she would have sent us to the ENT if she wasn't able to get it out. I am just glad that she was able to get it out. The doctor warned Parker about putting things in his ear, or nose. When P told her that E had told him to do it, Dr. just kind of laughed and told him NOT to do what his younger sister tells him to. AMEN sister. So I thought you would want to see our expensive plastic bead!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A good gift

I had a fabulouso time at Women of Faith with some friends. I always look forward to it, and am never disappointed. I am a NEW HUGE fan of Nicole C. Mullins. I NEVER know who sings what on the radio...NOW I KNOW her voice. AND for those of you who were there....who has already hit the gym???I mean really! I arm curled my blowdryer today just for the heck of it. That girl is SOOO ripped.

I always bring gifts back for my kids when I go to Women of Faith. This year was no exception. I brought back my bigger darlings bibles. They are so cool. CAMO! My kids have bibles, but they have pictures in them. These are REAL bibles. Parker is already quoting scripture. He thinks he is cool....but this blog is about Emaline. We made a big deal of bringing their bibles to church today. We put them in their 'keep me busy' bag. Our speaker today, (Joel is still on leave until tonight) Brian Miller asked everyone to get out their bibles....

EMALINE jumped up, reached in her bag, pulled out her pink camo bible and YELLED:

I got my bible JESUS!

Isn't that how we should be? Thank you Emaline for showing me how I should act! I love you!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yearbook Photos!

I saw this on another blog, and JUST had to do it! You do it too, and leave me a comment so I can see! AND by the way, the first photo is from 1994, and YES that is EXACTLY what I looked like. I wish my scanner worked so I could scan in my real senior photo, because it is laughing out loud just the same!

Hope you had fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pull tabs

My MIL has been collecting soda pull tabs for quite a while. I knew it was to raise money, but I was unsure for who until this past week. All of her pull tabs, and those of the company, were taken to the Ronald McDonald House to be recycled. She took my niece and nephew to go deposit them, and they were able to tour the RMH of Fort Worth. They saw where they collect them, and learned what the money is used for. They learned of the needs they have at the Ronald McDonald House, and we have decided to contribute to this charity. First, we are collecting those silly pull tabs on the top of cans. Who knew something so small, and truly effortless could make such a big deal! My nephew made a list of all the things they needed, like laundry detergent, toiletries, books, and toys are what I can remember without looking at his report he wrote.

Through the blog world, we have met so many who, babies and kids who need medical help! TOO MANY! We can help though. Most of us buy before you throw the can into recycle or the trash, pull that silver tab off the top and save it. Put it in a special place. Give it to Parker and Emaline. Create your own challenge with your family and friends and collect them and take them down yourself. Buy some detergent and drop it off. Some families have emergencies and have to leave for the hospital and don't get to take anything with them. I can't even imagine. They have volunteers who go down every night to cook dinner. Amazing.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mammy's 85th birthday

This past weekend we celebrated Mammy's 85th birthday in Burleson at cousin Todd and Crystal's home. We had a grand time with all the cousins swimming and eating and eating and eating.

Here are the kids.
The kids and spouses.The grandkids...we missed Gregg. Since I wasn't in the family all that long before he went to heaven, I always wonder how events like this would be different with his presence.
The great grandkids, minus 6! I messed that number up on Facebook, and boy did I hear about it! Just joking cousins.

The youngest grandchild, and great grandchild...
Don't you LOVE his shirt? He did too, even if you can't tell. His shoes were HORSE SHOES too...
Some proof there was swimming...and jumping!


Below is Aunt Linda holding the precious B. You can see his HORSE SHOES in it!

And the birthday girl holding her youngest... WE love you Mammy...

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Princess' Wedding

Or should I say, rehearsal dinner? You see, I thought I had taken the wedding photos off my camera card, well....I DID NOT! They are gone. GONE! I deleted them off my card! I am just sick. I had a great one of E and Julie, aka the princess. I had a great photo of sweet Kelsie and the kids. SOME GREAT ones of Emaline and Uncle Wyatt, Parker dancing, Emaline doing the chicken dance...all gone. SO, here are some of the rehearsal dinner... This is my sweet friend Mary. We met at Camp Deer Run as counselors over 10 years ago. I was DEN and she was ERS, the last 3 letters of our last names. We now have wonderful families of our own. Bowden and Sydni meeting for the first time, they are exactly 3 weeks apart. If you look closely, Sydni is already checking B out for Sadie Hawkins!
I am so glad I got this one! Emaline was OBSESSED with the princess. We followed her all over the dinner, and the wedding for that matter. Emaline always had to know where she was. Julie was so sweet to always talk to her and let E give her hugs and never made her feel like she was bothering the bride. At the wedding, (since I don't have the photos) Jules danced with P and E and later my dad asked Parker if he wanted to dance again on the dance floor since he was lounging on the DJ's stage, Parker replied with: No, I already danced with the princess, and that is enough. Isn't that sweet?!
Emaline took this photo of ALL SMILES uncle Wyatt. She was getting restless so I was trying anything to keep her occupied.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I can't believe it has been a week since I blogged. I don't have all my photos done from this weekend, but I can't let my faithful readers wait any longer. THe kids and I left on Thursday to go to Paris for my cousin Julie (the princess)'s wedding. A few hours later my hubby got on a plane with 3 friends to NYC! Yes, I took all 3 kids to Paris by myself! The trip there was FABULOUS! They slept all the way there. We didn't stop once! Once we got to Paris we ran to Bowden's and Fullblast to hug and kiss, and use the facilities! That night I had the please of a secret photoshoot. You can find out who later, or check over on the photoblog, but HEY! It is a secret to the daddy, so please don't say anything! And off to Dairy Queen for a frozen treat!

Keep in mind, it has been along day, E is looking a little rough losing a ponytail and all. Parker looked like the JOKER before he was cleaned up. I had to scrub their faces!

Total mess.
Friday, we loaded up and went to Clarksville to see Ms. Buddy and Marianne! The mean cat was only spotted once, and everyone lived.

On the way to Clarksville I spotted a beautiful site! A HUGE sunflower patch. I mean huge! I kept thinking of how I wished I had dressed the kids differently. After our visit with family, the kids were...TIRED. I thought I would stop with the kids at the sunflower patch on my way home, but had changed my mind. Sweet Marianne volunteered to drive out to the sunflower patch with me so my kids didn't become roadkill on HWY 82!

Bowden was there. I didn't know how to take his photo there since I didn't have a cool chair to lay him on or anything, which would have been to COOL! I know the color on these are a little off but I just wanted to show these off so other Paris people can drive down and take some photos! I would go EARLY morning, or late evening for best sunlight! I was there around 1:00!!!! WORST lighting known! We did have some clouds...

After a nap, we went to the rehearsal dinner...those photos next. I gotta go play now!