Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving 2004

Last year was a year to be THANKFUL for. Not that this year isn't, so let me explain. About this time last year I went for an all night scrapping thing with my fellow scrapper Kelli. When we returned home around 12:30 am I was met at the door by my sweet husband. I knew something was wrong, not that he doesn't usually meet me at the door, but at 12:30 he should be asleep. He took me and sat me down and told me that he had to call 911. WHAT!? He put Parker to bed (like he does every night, so sweet) to have Parker begin to scream a scream he hadn't heard before. He rushed into his room to find Parker stiff as a board and his eyes rolled. Stacey's brother suffered with seizures, and this is what Stacey was looking at when he looked at Parker, so he called 911. The fire department is just down the street and were here in a matter of minutes. Stacey said they were wonderful. The firemen checked Parker out and then cancelled the ambulance which was in route. They agreed that Parker had probably had some sort of seizure, but Parker was sound asleep by the time they left and Stacey wanted to discuss what we should do when I got home. He had tried to call my cell, but it was too loud in the store and I didn't hear it ring. He didn't know the name of the store where we were, so he couldn't call the store to get me. I hugged Stacey and was so sorry that he had to go through that alone, knowing he had lost his brother the year before to brain cancer, then had to see Parker have something similar. Then I went to Parker's room and picked up my baby and held him so tight. He was exhausted. All of this happened on Friday before Thanksgiving. The weekend was full of phone calls and going to Cook's to see what was going on with sweet Parker. Cook's wasn't sure that he had had a seizure, they weren't real sure what he had. We didn't like our answer. We called Parker's doctor on Monday morning (Parker and I were in Paris by this point) and they wanted to see us right away. We drove in to Plano for that doctor to be concerned. He schedule a brain scan thing and we needed to come back on Wednesday. So we drove back to Paris, and then back on Wednesday. It was the saddest thing ever. Parker had all these wires attached to his head, then wrapped in gauze. I would attach pictures, but they make me sad. Parker didn't really mind them though. He didn't try to pull on them when he was awake. We were suppose to make him sleep, but all of the excitement of the hospital and wires being attached, that really wasn't going to happen. The lab tech kind of gave us a hint that there was nothing to worry about, which set our hearts at ease knowing that another doctor would have to look at the results and let us know after the holidays what the test showed. 2 WEEKS LATER we received the results that everything looked fine. To this day Parker hasn't had any thing like what Stacey experienced that November night, thank God. So, I am thankful for Parker's health.

Last year was also our last thanksgiving with my Aunt Betty. She was really my great aunt, but I thought of her as my grandmother. Our Thanksgivings have been held at her house since I was in middle or high school, I really can't remember. I do remember all the fun we had at her house. I remember when we raked the back yard instead of the front to have a pile of leaves to jump into. Then we moved to the front yard to have the tree to climb and jump from. I remember the Dallas Morning News reported being stuck at her house because of the ice storm. This year will be different at the Cagle thanksgiving, but I know it will be wonderful to be around all of my cousins who I see 1-2 a year. I will miss cousin Julie, who has to work as a TV anchor in Waco this year due to ratings. I am so thankful for family. Have safe travels.


STP, an IronMan said...

It is good that these memories are there! It makes you thankful for everyday you have! Praise the Lord for every day of life He gives us!

jenny biz said...

Praise God Parker is a healthy, smart, sweet, and funny little boy!!
I know your Aunt Betty will be missed this year. And what an amazing legacy she left behind!!
Have a Great Thankful Thanksgiving!

Beverly Ross said...

Paige, I so remember praying so hard for and with your family last year. I am so grateful that Parker is so healthy! I miss seeing him and, of course, you! What a blessing to run into you last night - sorry I missed Parker though! maybe soon.