Monday, January 29, 2007

Some from our photoshoot!

You will have to go to to see the rest...but these are SOME of my favorite. Parker Gregg 3Years (well, almost) and Emaline 1 year!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


My baby girl is W*A*l*K*I*N*G!!!

She has been a few steps here and there...but today, she made the leap and is really going places. Watch out world!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Just a few more

Here are a few pictures from the family party last night. Yes, I dressed the same! I had to reuse the shirt! It was so fun to have my family and Stacey's family together. That doesn't happen to often. I was missing someone special though, my mamma (my grandmother,not my mom sorry for the confusion) is still in the hospital. She did have another heart attack and will receive a pacemaker later this week. We sure thought about you woman!

Emaline's cake. I did NOT make it, but didn't it turn out pretty! 2 grandmothers did request some entertainment...and they got it! Parker rolled out all the stops on this version of the dance! Can you tell?

The birthday girl in cousin cassidie's hat. I think she looks like an angel!
And not so much like an angel! She had so much fun slinging that right had around and throwing cake in everyones direction. The icing this time was white! Not as much fun. She has learned to pop her lips in a kissing noise, which is so funny.

We went for her 1 year check up today. My girl is tall, healthy, and has a big head! Above the 97th percentile in everything. Way to go!

I think i have been neglecting sweet Parker lately on the blog scene. He is doing great and I can proudly say he is potty trained! YIPPEE! He amazes me right now with his letter recognition. He can recall just about any letter. Ladies, beware...if your shirt has letters on it, he will touch it and spell them out. I apologize in advance if he violates any of you. He remembers everything. If I tell him we need to go to Target, he will say: Mamma, on 3077? Yep, that is the one I tell him. I told him we were going to Joann's one day, and he asked me if it was Orange or Green. I talked him through it...Home Depot is Orange, Wal-Mart is blue, sometimes green, Target is red, but we are going to Joann's. So as I drive in the parking lot, he reminds me the sign is GREEN! The other night, I was tired, and was being a bad wife and snapped at Stacey as we were distributing Emaline's medicine. Don't worry, I apologized, but not before Parker could lay his hands on our shoulders and tell me to be patient with daddy. OOPS! I think he has really been listening to chapel and learning the fruits of the spirit. I will attempt to attach a recent pic of Parker. Blogger isn't my friend, and Parker doesn't like to have his picture taken I kind of persuaded him to give me something...and I got this. My new favorite picture of him.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Winter ONEderland

Tonight we celebrate Emaline's birthday with her friends in Winter Onederland! It was SOOO much fun. She was a doll. She smiled until we put her to bed a few minutes ago.

Here she is getting ready for the cake...I think we were singing to her here. We didn't do candles...I was kind of scared.

The cupcake!!!
Yummy icing!

Watch this move!

Oh Yeah baby! I LOOOOVE this picture.

This photo just to show off that blue goes a long way!

Parker requesting some more chocolate milk. I have some other GREAT pictures of some friends with blue mouths. I may have to do another post to include them all.
Chillin out! I love her smirk here.
She had a great birthday! Many of her friends came and brought along older siblings and parents. We tried a new way to open gifts...and you know...I liked it. I haven't talked to the other parents about it yet...but I think I will do it again at Parker's birthday. We all sat in a circle, with your family, and Emaline was passed to each family and they helped her open the gift. Kids like to help other kids open gifts anyway, and this way they are able to. What fun! Where does the time go? Thank you everyone for braving the yucky weather to come to our winter ONEderland, and thank you for your VERY generous gifts.
She isn't quite walking yet. 5-6 steps at a time. She has 9 teeth. She weighs 26 lbs, but her 1 year check up was cancelled on Wednesday due to the weather...I will give more statistics when we make it up.
Happy Birthday baby girl!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I found the picture! OUCH!

Well, Emaline was born at 1:26 am and weighted 8lbs and 13 oz!!!

I liked how Jamie B. showed off Faith this way, so I stole the idea. I am missing a month! Sorry.
2months3months4months5months6months7months 9months

10 months
12 months

Happy Birthday Sweet girl!
Lots more pictures to upload with all the snow...maybe later.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1 year ago today...

I was big. ( and I can't find the photo!) I gained around 50 lbs with both pregnancies...Ooops.It was MLK day and Anne had come over to spend the day with me. The morning I went in to the dr. for my PRE-OP visit and then Anne and I were suppose to clean my house. I wanted a clean house before the big C-Section day on Wednesday the 18th. Anne and I did NOT clean. We laid on the couch and slept. We were so lazy. I had all day on Tuesday (so I thought) to clean my house and finish packing. Anne drove me and Parker to Kennedale to have a family dinner of sorts with the Pearson side of the family. On the way there...I got this pain. No worries. I had those before, I blamed Anne's driving!:) I started timing those little discomforts, but Anne and I kept it secret. It was just between Anne, me, and Parker. It was just a false alarm....right? Anne stayed over at SIL's house to eat with us...we had pea salad, Mammy's fried chicken, mashed potatoes, homemade peach cobbler. I was in heaven. By the end of dinner, I was having to reset my timer on my watch a little often and SIL picked up on it. I tried to play it off, but the jokes began. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. I needed to go home and lay down. I was really having a hard time not showing the PAIN I was beginning to have. So we left telling everyone we would see them on Wednesday. On the way home...PAIN! But again, I thought if I just laid down and went to sleep the pain would go away like it had before. We got home and put Parker in the bath, and Stacey called my dr. He said to bring me in. The contractions were 8 minutes apart and had been for over an hour. We called Jenny and come stay with Parker (THANK YOU SO MUCH) so we could go to the hospital...and the Waxahachie team would be close behind. Which was kind of the plan....but ALL plans were off. Jenny got here and I could barely stand up! Stacey called some family but told them not to come to the hospital, they may send us home. We race off to the was around 11:30pm. By the time we got to the hospital...the contractions were 4 minutes apart, and the doctor checked me and said I was already at a 5!!!!! YIKES! They weren't sending anyone home, and luckily the family didn't honor Stacey's advice to wait on another phone call. Waxahachie, Denton, Kennedale, all made it by the time baby girl made it. They began to slow everything down while the operating room and stuff was prepared. Luckily my Dr. was already there delivering another baby. I just remembering wasn't suppose to be like this. I was suppose to have make-up on and look nice in the pictures...I wasn't suppose to go through labor this time!!!

You will have to wait on baby girls hospital pictures....because she wasn't born until tomorrow!!!

All of this...and to let you know that my Mamma is in the hospital again with heart problems. I am off to Denton to check on that lady! When it rains...

Friday, January 12, 2007

And yet, I was there again today. This morning Emaline woke up with her eye SWOLLEN shut! Just one eye and only her top eyelid. She truly looked as if she was from the Asian descent. I called the doctor and broke down on the phone the minute she told me to bring her in. I kept begging her to tell me it was a reaction to her eye drops and to stop the medicine, and she said that they really needed to see her. SO off we went AGAIN! And guess what they think it was: A SPIDER BITE! Yep. They were able to rule out all the other reasons and found a puncture spot...and tada....she was bitten. So to top off my week, she gets bitten by something. Poor girl.

And we will see them again next week for her 1 year check up! I asked if they could just designate one room for us, or donate a wing in our honor. They really didn't think I was that funny. I think I need some rest...CABO anyone???

Thursday, January 11, 2007

There is something wrong when you walk up to the pharmacy department and they already have your medicine on the counter because they recognized your face.

Let's see this week: Eczema, Sinus infection, Thrush, conjunctivitis... and that is just Emaline.

Anyone out there a drug rep? Seriously, donations will be accepted!!!

It feels like since Emaline came into this world, her little body has battled something...jaundice, urinary infections, ear infections, sinusitis, yeast rashes, broncilitis (sp), eczema...and that is all I can think of.

She is usually still as joyful as always, amazingly. Just a little more clingy some days than others. Love that girl. She is awake...must go!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Glasses fun

Who knew a pair of green glasses with the lenses out could be so fun! Of course, Parker wouldn't smile and LOOK at the camera. Parker is helping me blog right now. He would like to type:,v.mglmkmmry7nj ye7565654
Have a great day blog land! Or bwog land as Parker would say, and now I am being told I need to share. I have created a monster!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Did you miss us ZOO?

He haven't made it to the zoo in quite some time. I thought Friday was going to be warm... so we called up a zoo pal and headed off. Warm it wasn't. COOL! COLD! Poor Emaline. I didn't dress her all that warm, her little hands were purple. It wasn't crowded though! And many of the animals were out playing, and the lion ROARED!Parker now shoots gang signs when you ask him to smile. Thanks Benjamin for smiling.This was our attempt to have the boys put their arms around each other.
And again, Parker not following directions.
And of course, throw in a dance move or 2! You never know when the John Travolta will be used!
Good times.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thank you MOM for a wonderful day! I will never forget it!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It worked

Yes, it worked. Parker has been getting up at...6:15 or earlier for a few weeks now. Emaline sleeps until 9:15 or even 10:15! I have been exhausted because that throws off all nap schedules...meaning they won't go down at the same time.

Last night a voice in my head reminded me about an idea a friend used with her daughter who struggled with early rising a few years ago, I tried it and it WORKED!

I put a clock in Parker's room (set about 15 minutes behind) and then had a little talk with him. I told him that he could not knock knock on his door (we child lock him in his room) until there was a seven in the first spot on the clock. We even practiced last night.

This morning I was awaken to the sound of "Mommy Mommy come here" I glanced over at my clock and it read 7: 20, so I walked into Parker's room where he was jumping up and down pointing at his clock saying I SEE A SEVEN!!! It read 7:06! I think tonight I will make it an hour you think it will work?