Sunday, June 29, 2008

My new guy

I must go to sleep, but wanted to give you a few new ones. We are home now, trying to figure all this ouT!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bowden Owen Pearson

Yep, today was someone's special birthday! He arrived at 7:12 am, 20 inches long, and weighed in at....7lbs 6 oz! A peanut compared to the other 2! I am so scared I will break him...He is beautiful.... he looks like his sister, but not as much hair. Or pounds.

When P and E came to meet him! If you are family, or from Paris, you recognize the shirts. I used my dad's signature (and store logo) to create these shirts for the kids. They will of course have a photoshoot all together in a few days.

Parker said he would hold him when we come home from the hospital.

Today was a rough day for me...and Stacey. I kind of had a reaction...passed a LARGE clot, almost passed out, blood pressure shot down, and the nurses declared NO VISITORS for the rest of the day. SO, from about 11 am was just the 3 of us. We were bored. Bowden is an amazing baby. All he does is sleep...and an occasional feeding. Since I was kind of confined to the bed today and felt better when my eyes were shut, the photo shoots were minimal and from all the same angle!

We did the kangaroo thing today, for us to bond since I was kind of out of it, and he wasn't eating as well as he did at the beginnng of the day. Stacey is being amazing, so supportive and loving. I am looking forward to tomorrow so that others can see this sweet baby!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don't want to forget....

Parker: wait just a minute mommy, let me go move the horses out of the shower. I don't want you to step on one and make that baby fall out.

I love you, Parker! You are going to be a great big brother!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

family date

Friday night we had a family date! We went to Rain Forest Cafe, and then bowling! The kids have eaten at the RFC before, back in August, but this time they seem to truly experience it. The kids were trying to blow out the dessert, unsuccessfully!

Then we went to Main even for bowling. We took P on his 2nd birthday, but I can't remember if he has been since. We all had a good time and I didn't go into labor!
Where Parker would ask us to help him...
E wanted to do it 'mysefff!'

And we can't forget the victory dance that started like this...and then like this...
and finished like this...

Now, P, just a little more laid back! More patient, not so in your face. His dinner really shows up on his shirt in that black light!

Sweet family...I sure had fun! Another memory to store away. I loved seeing your personalities shine...
E: Ms. independent, head strong
P: encourager, patient
B: not sure...but I think he gets credit for BOWLING at 9 months!! I used a light ball, and didn't try to beat Stacey! HA! He totally won!
3 a row...I'm out of control!

Friday, June 20, 2008

So, what do you want to do?

This is the question I asked the kids about today...I gave them lots of options, no one ever gave me an answer! I really wanted to go take pictures of the kids, but they said no. Emaline wanted to paint with fingernail polish, then playdo, Parker played in the kitchen and served his animals. SO, I took pictures of them doing their activites. By the way, yes, we were having a total pajama morning! Did I say pajama, well I had on pajamas! check out his muscles!

Emaline is earning stickers for keeping her big girl panties dry. We have done pretty well for the past 2 days. I am not pushing this, she wants to wear her new panties so I reward her for using the facilities! So proud!
I LOVE THE BELOW PHOTO! I am thinking HUGE on the wall somewhere!!HA!
Right after lunch, we were hunting for her sippy, when I hear: UH OH! PEE PEE! Yep, all over the floor. Well, we made it from 8:30-1:00 in big girl panties! So, look below and you will see diaper! But this picture is all about what she is about to do, tempted to do. Parker had set up some animals for their lunch, she stood there, very close, with her hands around her face tempted to just whack them into tomorrow! She resisted, but don't you LOVE that smile! I was having a very difficult time keeping a straight face, grabbing my camera, warning her like crazy, trying to keep Parker calm, but successfully capturing the moment!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

not much

going on! just getting ready for this baby boy to decide if he will come before his scheduled birthday just like his sister did. We are trying to stay cool, play with friends, keep the house clean :) but have fun! Last week we went to lunch with some preschool friends. The funny thing...we got there with only 1 shoe on E! So Kaitlyn allowed us to borrow a pair from her, then we realized her little brother didn't have any shoes!! Such fun! THAT morning I made Parker take out 3, yes 3 pairs of his flipflops out of the car. Bummer. Later I found E's other shoe is the side pocket of the door of the car. Nice. 2 of the sweet girls in this picture should be big sisters today! Tuesday, while I was doing laundry, my kids were planning a party! Donkey's birthday party! Didn't you get your invitation? They had rearranged the house, had a crown on Donkey and prepared a bowl of food! I even had to wear a hat! Fortunately we didn't get a photo of that, but I did snap one of Parker wearing his party hat. We sang a few different tunes to Donkey for his birthday!

Some things I don't want to forget that my kids have said lately:

{P}ROCKING YOUR HAIR OUT: Head bang in the car
{E}Go take that baby out right now!
{P}My horses have been keeping me up and they won't let me take a nap!
{E}I'm scared of FROCODILES!
{E}Can I have some candy? (NO) But I need it! (I'm with you babe!)
{P}Emaline, if you don't stop crying, I will put you in the attic!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Father's Day

TO the best daddy in the world! Happy Father's Day! Thank you for taking on this important job with all your heart and soul. Thank you for taking ALL the night times ups and downs, unless a female body part is required, then you handle all parts of the feeding except that part! You don't flinch when I ask you to take on a dirty diaper, and even are on the move before I ask. Thank you for playing tackle after a long day at work the the kids. You know E loves it! Thank you for being patient with P, and loving him through it. You take on so much, and get it all done. You take middle of the night phone calls, battle in prayer for people you have just met, and still have time to run 5 miles in the morning! You are an amazing man of God, whom I am proud to call my husband, and my babies daddy (isn't that how you say it?)! I look forward to celebrating many more Father's days with you! Love you!
(Photography help from a sweet friend during HER photoshoot. Thanks Julie.)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Please be in prayer

for my sweet friend Kelli and her family. Kelli lost both her grandparents on Friday in a tragic car accident. Today was their funeral. It was an amazing funeral. Her grandparents had obviously made lots of friends in their life, and her grandfather was a retired fireman/firemarshall. LOTS of firemen were there, and policeman were paying their respects. Kelli's sister got married 2 weeks ago, they got home from their honeymoon, and 1 week later received this devastating news. Many emotions running through their family....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


that is what I spent to keep us happy for almost 2 hours today. We went to Cabela's. Yep, for 2 hours! I am getting so HOT HOT HOT in this house, being prego and such, and not wanting to give my husband a heart attack with the electric bill, so we left and went to a very air conditioned location! The kids had a blast, and yes, I was the mom, sitting on the bench encourgaing my kids to RUN through the deer exhibit (we were the only ones in there at the time) to release energy before nap time. It worked. We spent $1.00 on tokens for Parker to try to lift the gun and shoot at those targets. And I spent a 1.06 on a bag of gummy worms that we all shared on the way home. Just 5 minutes from home. Fun times....

Monday, June 09, 2008


I am just updating about Isaiah, he came home on Saturday, and is doing okay. I didn't talk with La today, but mom said things have been rough because he can't take a passy!!!! He likes his PASSY! I will call La tomorrow and give a more thorough update!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Slippin and a Slidin

Emaline finally slept off her fever last night...and woke up EARLY, but in a good mood. We ran errands all morning and the kids were wonderful....I had promised McDonald's and to slip and slide. AND I kept my end of the deal...
Doesn't the above look so dangerous! I can't believe I him do it.... They did this on purpose 3-4 times. Emaline was fine after each time! Below are many....but I couldn't choose!

This is Parker's favorite thing to do on the slip and slide. He remembered it from last year.

THis is the best one I got of P. This was suppose to be a picture of muscles... so miss priss had to show me her muscles!

Please keep little Isaiah in your prayers, this simple surgery has turned into more days in the hospital and he is just now, hopefully getting off the vent. Lauren and Az haven't even started to learn how to feed him!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Update on Isaiah

The surgery didn't start on lasted longer than expected....and he wasn't breathing well after the surgery so they put him on the vent to help him breath since his swelling was so bad. They had a rough night at the hospital...They are going to try to wean him off the vent today....please keep them in your prayers.

E woke up last night with 102.8 went down after meds, but still fighting a pretty high one today. She isn't really complaining, just really lethargic.

Also, another friend of ours...fell and broke both arms this week! Way to go GRACE! Please pray for her and her little 8 month old that she can't hold!!!

So much seems to be happening around us....just click on a blog here or there....many prayer requests.....keep up the prayers!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Swim lessons and Cats Game

LOTS of pictures...I just couldn't decide! Let's start with swim lessons. Last week the kids took swim lessons for the first time. It was the kind of swim lessons when you drop your kids off and leave for 1 hour! Then come back and get them and hear all about it. On the last day you get to see the progress! AND BOY DID WE! Emaline used to be scared of the water, even with her vest one she wouldn't let go of you. Parker was pretty daring wearing his vest, but we never took it off, and by the last day....well you look
This is Emaline above diving to get sticks!
showing us her treasure!
Below, Parker getting sticks!

Emaline jumping and swimming to the teachers

Parker with one of his teachers...


This is how they start each lesson, by swimming laps.... sorry my pics are out of order...

Doing dips!
Parker swimming....
Parker swimming his laps...

Emaline waiting her turn! Can I just say we are amazed at what was accomplished in 1 week! Parker NEVER wears a vest now, and Emaline hasn't in the 4 times we have gone swimming since lessons quit. She is brave, so I am thinking when we are around large groups we will put the vest on her for my peace of mind. Sometimes she just jumps even if you aren't watching....and I want to be watching! If you live in the area...and haven't heard of these swim gurus....or nazis as one of the other pupils call them....let me know! Totally worth it!

Last Friday night we went to the Fort Worth Cats game with some friends. So fun... here are a couple of the shots I took!

Now I am late to bible study...I have been working on this post for 3 hours! Blogger and I wouldn't get along with the photos...Oh well. I hope you all had a great Tuesday!
Please pray for my nephew tomorrow...he has his first cleft pallet surgery! Pray for his parents who will have to learn to feed him differently for the next few weeks!