Sunday, September 30, 2007

Not how we planned it...

Happy Anniversary!
But you see, today didn't go as planned. 7 wonderful years we have had! We have had some hard times dealing with deaths, births, sickness....did I say sickness? So back to our plans...We are suppose to be in Colorado celebrating our anniversary, but some other things came up and we will go celebrate next month, hopefully. We were going to go out for dinner tonight for a small celebration, but after a week of nasty coughs coming from our little one, tonight she developed a fever. We spent a few hours in urgent care to learn that our princess has pneumonia. Thank you Jesus for modern medicine and technology. After a few days she should be back to normal. So babe, thanks for my wonderful Taco Bueno dinner by candle light (inside joke) and laughter from a 20 month old as she tried to say pneumonia, which was pretty close. I will never forget our wedding night as we drove through Whataburger, only to leave that drive through to go to McDonald's! Poor guy. I will give a more deserving anniversary post...later.I love you!
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Friday, September 21, 2007

Somebody help me!

This could be a record of mine as far as postings go. I am sure your google reader or bloglines is wondering what could be so important in this girl's life that she has to share it with the world...well nothing much to tell you the truth, I just have been in the picture taking mood this morning!
I walked in the kitchen and could resist this picture. I know that P has a wedgie and Emaline isn't buttoned, but come on!
I asked Emaline if she was helping her brother in this above picture, the below picture is when Parker had to go take care of some business and she made the move.

I was working on some paperwork in the kitchen when I heard LOTS of laughing in the living room, I looked up to see some good O' fashion dancing! We are ready for next week! ANYBODY with me? I like E's curls in the picture.
A little later this morning, Parker had made a fantastic ranch and Emaline kept trying to be a ranch hand. I went into the laundry room to come out to find NO E. I asked Parker where she was, and he told me she went to her room to play. O. I better go check on that...this is what I found!
What is so fascinating, you might be asking????
Some candid wedding pictures! I found this album on a shelf in E's closet a few days ago and kids love looking through it finding Bop, Uncle Wyatt, CUZ SUSAN, CUZ Clint, Nana, Honey, and many others. But their favorite picture by far is the one on the front when someone took a picture of me doing that!
Notice Emaline's new head knot! Poor girl, you may have seen a couple from her strawberry shoot Wednesday. This happened by her trying to dress herself on the kitchen floor and she lost her balance trying to put on those pink camo jeans! RIGHT ON HER HEAD she fell. Don't worry, I don't think her passy is the one recalled, or if it is, please tell me.

This guy was in rare form today! HE WANTED his picture made, he even asked me to get that big curtain out (backdrop). I declined, but these are all faces he made by himself. I didn't encourage any of them.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I just can't help myself!

Here a few more from yesterday's little shoot. I let her wear this outfit to preschool today...and I won't let her again! I walked by her classroom and she was disrobing! She was pulling her shirt off!

The dogs were on the other side of that gate, but I am sure you figured that out. And no Jodi, no lip gloss. Only marshmallows! I am so happy that our NEW Hobby Lobby opened last weekend! It is so convient, sorry honey. I am also proud of myself! I have made it to the gym twice this week, and ran for 7 minutes each time! That is huge, for me! I, of course, tagged it on the end of 23 minutes of cardio and after weights. I hung my dancing zumba shoes up a few weeks ago (I didn't really buy shoes for zumba, just so you know). I just kept making a fool out of myself, so I owed it to the class to throw in the towel!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ms. Thang

So I wanted to show off the beginning of my fantastic backyard, and who else better to show you with!!! My Sweet Emaline!

She is holding a marshmallow in her hand, which she calls a: cirum. Hmm. Not sure where that one came from. I also know you can't see too much of my new backyard...BUt you can see that fabulous gate my husband and FIL built that keeps the dogs on their side of the yard. YIPPEE!

Labor Day, a little late!

We went to the ranch a few weeks ago to celebrate Labor Day! MIL and I were outside rocking away watching the kids do their thing when I noticed a yellow jacket flying around my chair. Then I saw another fly under my chair. And just look at the next picture to see what I found UNDER MY CHAIR directly above my foot! You see, I was rocking away with my toe on the leg of the rocking chair and my HEEL was under the chair, probably tickling these little guys. I feel extremely blessed to get away with NO stings!
Daddy and Parker had a great time in the tractor. Parker even fell asleep while mowing!
TROUBLE! That is what the above picture holds. NOTICE Emaline is in the drivers seat...
she needs a little more practice! I also love that she is holding her cup! Maybe multitasking isn't going to be her strong point.

Cup down, driving more safely!
Emaline loves to swing! She loves to try to kick the camera while swinging!

Monday, September 17, 2007

meet my new friend

Rylee Kate! She is one week old today! I can't believe it, and I am sure her mommy is thinking the same thing. Stephanie and I took a litte road trip to pray this little one into the world. Her mommy is a very special person to many people and I can't wait for all of us to come visit these 2, and of course Sandy!
Many funny things have been happening around here. Parker is saying the cutest things, and Emaline is chattering up a storm, repeating everything we say! We went to Grapefest this past weekend with Nana and Lala. The kids did great. I did see a blog friend there riding the ponies. Parker had to wait PAST his turn because the PAINT horse was taken! He finally got to ride the paint and everyone was happy. Emaline liked riding the teacups with daddy, but Parker was hilarious on the Carousel, waving at ANYONE who would look at him.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Day of Preschool!

It is that time of year again and this year I have an elephant and a frog! My sweet co teacher bought my kids Webkinz (spelling? we are new to this) to match their class animal. I thought it would be appropriate for first day pictures! I know my mom is laughing OUT LOUD at this picture due to the size of Emaline's head ornament. NOW, I was a mom who pledged NOT to do this, and I am sure I have blogged about it, by I have about faced on the idea. I think SOME DAYS she needs a little something, and today was one of those days.

daddy took the kids for donuts this morning before school so that I could get some stuff done in my classroom. Emaline LOVED having her daddy there. She carries her bag EVERYWHERE at home. It has Hello Kitty on it.

This is my sweet co teacher, Angela, and her daughter Callea Anne.

I just liked this picture.
They had a good day! E's teachers said she did great, and I even saw her sleeping on her nap mat. ANNE, I did take a picture of it and I will email them to you! I am tired. I must go to bed, but I will be sharing some pictures of my newest friend, Rylee Kate who was born yesterday soon.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Parkers first Dentist Appointment

A few weeks ago, Parker had his very first dentist appointment. AND of course, we couldn't just go to any dentist, we went all the way to Paris to see Dr. Clint!
Parker was a little unsure of the blue thing around his neck.

I know the color on this one is weird, but he asked me to take this picture so I wanted to blog it.
Parker didn't want to have his picture taken with Dr. Clint, I mean, couldn't he have at least taken off his weirdo glasses!?
Parker took the above picture of Clint. Clint's idea of warming up to Parker...not sure it worked.
And counting of the teeth!We attempted a picture with the grandparents...let's just say, Emaline wasn't in the mood. In fact, this was not a great trip for her. I won't share all the details, but it was one of the most trying times as a parent. And my house. Okay, this isn't really my house, but every time I am in Paris I drive by and actually say out loud...ONE DAY! So you Paris readers out there, please don't tell the owners that I am the one who drives by very slowly and even takes pictures! THE HOUSE STALKER!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Tagged AGAIN!

A cousin here, a friend there...I just can't get around it.

Here are the rules:
1. I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
2. Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. People who are tagged need to write a post on their own blog (about their eight things) and post these rules. (if you don’t have a blog, email me)
4. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

SO, here are my eight things.
1. I dislike taking medicine. HATE IT! I would rather have a headache for days then going to open the medicine bottle. Not sure why.

2.NUMBERS are NOT my thing. I can hardly remember my own zipcode, even having to check my drivers license to give a cashier my zip code last week. I am so glad that Stacey has a birthday similar to mine, so I can remember it! Stacey is great with numbers, so we are a great match.

3. I LOVE to needlepoint. It is very theraputic. My greataunt made all of our Christmas stockings and I cherish them, so I want my kids to have the same feeling. I wish I had more time.

4. I get easliy distracted! This drives Stacey crazy. I will be cleaning up and moving things from one part of the house to the other and you can totally follow my trail by my distractions. Laundry turns into organizing, that turns into going through old pictures, that turns into family tree updating, that turns into checking blogs, that turns into returning emails, that turns into photography orders, and the next thing you know Parker's underwear pile is in the living room AGAIN!

5. I love names. When I hear a name, I wonder where the parents found it, who the kid is named after. This brings me to answer a comment question from a few posts back. Emaline's name is a CAGLE family name from the 1800's. The exact date is on my other computer in my family tree.

6. Sometimes I just don't want to cook dinner. I want to eat cereal. I want us all to eat cereal. Do you remember eating cereal for dinner? I did it a lot when I was single. I know I could do it alone, but then what is the point! I would have to cook for the other 3 mouths in my house. Cocoa Pebbles are my favorite, but I haven't bought them in years. I ATTEMPT to eat healthy.

7. I love to garden. I am so ready for next spring to have a garden in my new sectioned off backyard that Stacey just made me. I love to watch things grow.

8. I don't like change. I know this doesn't surprise most of my readers. It really can work me up. I can't even think about change or I get emotional. I have the new car itch, but I don't even want to go look because I don't want to give up the car I have. NOW, my hair is another story. I am not attached to my hair.

How depressing! I feel like such a boring person. Maybe there should be comments from other people who write things about you! that is what I think. SO, I will open the floor. Leave me a comment of something interesting you know about me! Now, let's keep it clean people. I can always edit the comments, just keep that in mind.

Tagging....who shall I tag? I think I will tag some people who need to update their blog! Jenny, Kelli L., Kelly S., Rachel, and Jami are now TAGGED! And if you do this, I will leave you a comment about you!