Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It may be a mood swing, but I truly feel Satan around me! I am tired. Really tired. My kids are testing waters never thought before. I want to rest. I have so much to do. This weekend is the GPI tournment, so Stacey is extremely busy as well. I have photo shoots scheduled...more wanting to schedule, which on another week or day would be WONDERFUL. Then I got a call this morning that my sweet friend's grandfather passed away last night. Prayed with her, went to preschool. I then got a call that my grandmother is in the hospital. She is okay, the doctors are trying to figure what is going on with her. The swim lessons I thought I had my kids enrolled in is full, which I thought was taken care of. So now I have them scheduled during their nap time, nice. I need to work on VBS, GPI, P3, and parenting. I am so glad we had that week to recover for this week. Now, I will take a deep breath, send out a VBS email, and start processing some photos before I head to Denton, and then back for bible study. THank goodness I already made dinner!

Friday, April 25, 2008

My snake charmer

Who knew that after the zoo came to preschool back in January, that my daughter would become a snake charmer! Doesn't this look real?! Thanks Rachel for sharing the picture!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick trip to Paris

Before my trip, I thought my mouth was falling apart, made an appointment and went to see my favorite dentist this week! Only to find out that I didn't have a tooth problem at all, but probably a sinus infection! My favorite dentist did go ahead and fill a cavity since I made the trip. Parker was UPSET that we didn't get to see Ms. Buddy on our trip. We have tried to go see her when we go to Paris. He mentioned her about 50 times in 24 hours! I even confused him when he asked me what street we were on, and I said Clarksville street. Parker replied with: YEAH! WE ARE GOING TO SEE MS. BUDDY AND HER MEAN CAT! Marianne, make sure you tell her how loved she is! The above photo reminds me of what her daddy was doing to me just an hour before this was taken!
Maybe Emaline shouldn't help me with mini photoshoots!
Parker got tired of me taking Roselyn's photo and started posing for me!
I am so blessed to work with amazing women at my preschool. Today I was surprised with a baby shower! Thank you girls for the generous gift...and for letting me bring home the left over cake! My stomach thanks you...not my rear! I am off, at 11:34 pm to go eat a piece! YES!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20th

5 years ago today, Gregg Pearson went to be with the Lord. It was Easter Sunday! We took Parker to the cemetery when he was only 2 months old, but we haven't been back since as a family (just the 4 of us). I couldn't find the photo of Parker on his blanket resting beside his namesake (Parker Gregg), but here he is 4 years later.

The photo below is when I asked the kids to look at me...which they didn't, so I said in my best photographers voice, "Say HI uncle Gregg!" Emaline looked right down at his headstone and said just that. I was so happy I captured the moment! Uncle Gregg is truly missed! Parker has continued to say so all day long.

Next month is the GPI Golf Tournament. If you would like to read more about his story, which is amazing, or want to sign up to play, or sponsor, just click over on the right. Parker has been asking some very thought provoking questions about heaven today. It sure makes me think about eternity...GLORIOUS! So many loved people there!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Miss me?

Well, of course you did! Last Sunday, at an obscene time, my hubby and I left for a 6 night cruise to the Bahamas! Yes, just the 2.7 of us! It was a company trip, and it was wonderful...thank you Pearson Mechanical, and Goodman! We were there with many other dealers from North America. When Stacey first called and asked me if I was interested in going...I think my words were: MIDNIGHT BUFFET...PREGNANT WOMAN....YOU BET YA!!!! At the time I didn't know exactly how long the trip was, that came later. I may have reconsidered....or at least for a minute. It sure was a long trip without my babies, who were cared for by many precious people while we were gone. Honey and Nana were main caretakers, but I know Waxahachie and KL helped as well as aunts! We didn't have any communication after Sunday afternoon! That was so hard. I wanted to post a few pictures, but will go through the rest later... We didn't take my camera everywhere due to me not knowing what to expect...so we used Stacey's camera as well.The one above was taken with Stacey's camera on a night we went to dinner with some Goodman bigwigs. I don't even mind my double chin... This was right after we left port...

This flower was at Grand Turk behind the lighthouse. The lighthouse that has exciting history, hopefully I will blog about it later...
Our first formal night...

Above photo was taken on our day 1 at Half Moon Cay, a private island by Holland America, our cruise line. It was beautiful...it rained that morning, but turned into a beautiful day followed by...
SUNBURN! Now, as I have posted before, they should make people take lessons on sunscreen application! I really try to cover my body, thoroughly, but I always MISS many places, in odd places! Here is ONE example of MANY mishaps all over my body! See where my watch was? You should see the size of the dinner plate from my thigh, or the stripe on my right leg, or the runway on my left leg, and don't let me forget the tender place under my arm, or the feet, ah yes, the feet or should I list each toe or ankle and the part that is bright right red that has been there since MONDAY! YES! MONDAY! It looks as if I burned yesterday. Stacey's feet are awful! He just totally forgot to put sunscreen on his feet, so that wasn't my fault. I buy AVON's blue sunscreen for the kids so I can see exactly where I put the sunscreen. Please don't tell me to use the spray sunscreen, because that doesn't work for me either...remember CABO. Well, that happened when I used the spray on kind.
Today was a long day traveling. We got home and went to my mom's to see the kids...this is how we found them! CRASHED! We missed them so!

More to come....must sleep!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

My photos are out of time order...this was taken this morning...a picnic in the kitchen. This was taken earlier in the week. I just love how blue her eyes look NATURALLY! I didn't do any photoshop to enhance this photo besides a little sharpening...

Parker started poising! It was hard for me to get a real smile...but I am proud of this one.
Below is one of the poised photos!
Thursday we celebrated Malaya's birthday in the front yard, and in the front seat of my car! Happy birthday Malaya! We love you so much! Notice my kids in their Mav's gear! Stacey and I went with a group of our grown up friends to the game...what a game!

Beginning of last week my kids had a party in the living room and invited all their friends...look who showed up. ( Disclaimer, my kids do have real friends)

E had to call a few of her babies and see if they could come...
I like the below photo, even if it is not a correct exposure..
This was last night...the kids were playing Mommy and Daddy. They totally unmade my bed, added 3 babies :) and some food.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Parker's crush!

Please meet Ms. Jessie! Parker P has had a crush on Ms. Jessie for many years! It all began with her having a show at our church and he was smitten! From then on we have listened to her CD, hung her picture in his room, and even had a Ms. Jessie birthday party request. I told him Party City or Martha Stewart didn't sell plates with her photo on them! This past Easter Ms. Jessie and her family came to our church for an Easter Celebration....and I JUST had to take a photo. You can see on Parker's face...the terror! This has been the crush! He will talk about her, pretend talk to her on his cell phone, dance to her music, but come face to face with her...forget it! There was even a time he cried when he saw her. I am excited about this photo....it can replace her head shot picture we have in his room now!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Someone get me a...

TISSUE! Maybe it is the lack of sleep, horomones, or seeing God's faithfulness but I have sat here crying the past half hour reading sweet Kanyon's birthday tributes...all 77 of them! His mommy is going to print out the comments and place them in Kanyon's book. If you have prayed for this sweet boy and his sister over the past year...let his mommy, daddy, Kanyon, and other pregnant emotional women know!

These were taken at Thanksgiving. I love Parker and Kanyon's face. Their eyes seemed locked as if they were telling each other something very important, like GOD IS GOOD!

I love this little boy to pieces.

The next photo was taken last week after a long day at preschool. E's hair is an absolute mess, and P needs a haircut (and to look at the camera), but I love it.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I should

go to bed. It is 12:16 am. WHY am I awake? I have lots to do...like sleep. This little love in my belly is stretching and moving and is really beginning to...hurt. I know it will keep me up if I go lay down...and the heart burn. Maybe I should just stay up. I am glad I got a nap today even if it was short. We had a great family day...I didn't take one picture but the smiles on E's face coming down the slide was priceless, or how she looked at her feet as she stood there with both FEET in a bucket full fo bubbles while we washed the car. Parker was so proud of himself as he climbed to the tallest part of the park equitment. The smile on Stacey's face as he pushed E in the swing. Okay, I must try to sleep....

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Catch up blog...

Sorry I have been a slacker blogger....didn't mean to be. Just lots going on...here are a few snapshots of the past 2 weeks...here are my artist creating a masterpiece!

This was taken Easter morning...if you look closely on his wrist, you will she a beautiful rash...both kids had 5ths disease over the spring break/Easter weekend.

Easter we went to Mammy's for a cousin egg hunt. Look closely at E....well, look under her...
she was definitely protecting what she found...
Now look at E's shoes....borrowed (stolen) from Aunt Leslie...

Monday after Easter we were treated to the Aquarium with Elijah, Isaiah, LaLa, and Uncle AZ.
I love these photos of the cousins looking up at all the sharks and turtles swimming around us...Isaiah did go with us, but he was kept safe and sound in his stroller until he got hungry. AND LOOK, a photo of me... When Parker gets tired, he begins to rub things...bellies...arms...hair!
I love this photo of nephew Elijah! Emaline was exhausted! Thank you Uncle AZ for helping carry her....even if you didn't feel like it....