Monday, October 03, 2005

Anniversary Trip

We had a wonderful time in Colorado. I left off on Friday before we headed down to Colorado Springs. We stopped at Focus on the Family headquarters and visited their welcome center. It was a cool place to visit and we highly recommend it. After doing some shopping there, we headed to the Broadmoor. As we entered our room, we were in awe of its beauty! We also liked the note and bottle of liquid they left for us with a flower. The note was from the vice president of the hotel congratulating us on 5 years of marriage. I, of course could not drink the liquid in the fancy bottle, but I did take a picture of it. We went to dinner at Charles Court and had a wonderful dinner. I even sampled eggplant caviar! While I took a trip to the ladies room, Stacey asked our waiter if he could get 5 flowers delivered to the table, and the waiter told him anything was possible. So, I got 5 flowers!! Stacey's highlight was dessert! We had blueberry cobbler, but it wasn't any blueberry cobbler, it had orange in it and a special glaze. It was truly delicious. After dinner we went and sat outside at one of their outdoor fire places. It was so peaceful, until we met the people across the way from us. They were so much fun! His name was even Paul Pearson!

Saturday morning was so relaxing. We went for breakfast, then I went to massage, and Stacey went to play golf. I met up with him on hole 10, and introduced myself to golf courses. I had gone to driving ranges before, but not graduated to the actual course. What a course to start on! Stacey had borrowed a few clubs from his dad for me, since I couldn't use my left handed husbands clubs. I joined Stacey and his group of 3 other men, who were so nice to let me join them. I hit a few holes, and must say that I impressed the men!

That afternoon we sat outside in some lounge chairs and just enjoyed the weather and time there. For dinner we decided to introduce ourselves to the Golden Bee. It is a sing along tavern, and your waitress comes along and slings bees on you! No kidding, just look at the picture! We enjoyed the singing, but I have to say, we had a bum crowd.

Parker had a great time with his Bop and Sid. They went to the park numerous times a day and enjoyed grocery trips to Albertson's. I think he ate better in those 4 days then ever with me! He also now enjoys playing in BUBBLES at the kitchen sink. Parker is so blessed to have wonderful grandparents who take great care of him. I can't wait to continue to hear the stories. I missed Parker so much and am sad to leave him again in 4 days on a cruise. I am trying to get in all these trips before baby girl gets here!

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jenny biz said...

Glad you guys are back. I am very impressed with your golf stance:)