Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, just a little over an hour and 2011 is gone. Bye bye.

I'm ready.

The end of 2010 went out with an event that I didn't blog about, I didn't share with many, but it was a life shattering event. Shattering. I have lived 2011 facing it almost daily as I relive the event. It has been difficult. Satan had tackled me, wrestled continuously, but has NOT WON! NOPE.

I haven't let him steal my JOY. Joy was my WORD for 2011. It was suppose to be. I really fought hard to not let him steal it. I had to remind myself to LIVE. That my life goes on, I have 4 others that rely on me. That 3 little ones look at me daily, watch me minute by minute, and when they are grown and we discuss (if it comes up) this event, that we discuss how the Lord led me, held my hand, spoke in my ear, and I still called HIM Lord! I faced satan. I cried. I screamed. I chose Jesus.

Loosing my sister friend was shattering. I had almost lived 1 year without her, when another baseball bat to my knees hit. With those same knees, I pray. I get back up. The Lord shows me...this is painful Paige. BUT, but, BUT!!!! Through my wounds, YOU ARE HEALED! And just wait.... just wait!!! So I wait. I wait with open arms. Ready to embrace what the Lord has for me in 2012. My word for 2012 is LIGHT! Through the troubles of this world, I pray that LIGHT will ooze from me! That I will not be able to keep it to myself, all that the Lord has done.

I pray that for you!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Emaline's Santa Questions

Emaline has these questions for Santa: 1. Who is the oldest reindeer? 2. Does Santa get presents 3. How did you get so fat? 4. How does he get into our chimney without being loud? If you can help us with these answers, we would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Emaline.