Friday, April 27, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Last night I had an amazing time at our church for our Ladies Spring Cleaning dinner. It was a great time to fellowship with some incredible women. Lindsay, Sally, Kim, and Debbie did an incredible job planning the night. It was well thought out and a GREAT salad bar! I included some of the pictures I took. I have lots to clean!

we played that purse game...clean out your purse and she how many things you have on the list. Looks like Kathy had a receipt!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, just got back from my evaluation from the gym I joined this week. I can't wait to get back into a routine after quiting bootcamp. I loved bootcamp, but after I hurt my ankles...and I had to modify everything...I had to take a month off. This facility is close and will soon be closer! I joined with a friend and have since found out that quite a few other people I know work out there too! I think we all should take the strip tease class together!! JUST KIDDING! I am looking forward to workouts though. The kids liked their facility as well. So, check back in a month and I will tell you my progress! I promise.

I am also going to start sharing some new recipes I have been using! Leave a comment if you want to do like a recipe Friday or something like that, and even if you don't want to participate...I may just start one anyway, because I know I have lurkers on here that may need a few new ones too! Enjoy your Wednesday!

Monday, April 23, 2007


This is what I found after naptime a few days ago. He called it his decorations! That is a dirty sock on the door handle. I must say, he has style!
Today, Stacey's uncle Sonny passed away with cancer. I can't stop thinking about Grandmommy. She has survived the death of a husband, a son, and a grandson. What a reunion when she gets to heaven! Please keep the family in your prayers.
Now, I must go buckle down the hatches. Not sure what the hatches are...but they are going to blow away if I don't go buckle them down. If you don't live in the DFW area on this MOnday may not know what I am talking about, but the wind is HOWLING! DWTS was great tonight! I loved the SWING! Parker and I voted tonight for the 2nd time all season. We are ready for Heather to go.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


This past weekend was the 5th Annual Gregg Pearson Golf Tourney. This year we changed the named to GPI, or Gregg Pearson Invitational and opened the tourney up to friends and family this year instead of just family. Stacey did an AWESOME job planning the tourney with help from SIL, Leslie and her husband 'G'. We held it at Bear Creek and had near 70 players. I had the pleasure of capturing some of the moments!

It is hard to believe that Gregg died 4 years ago. It was nice to meet some of his best friends this weekend and hope to see them every year! I love the above picture! I know the kids are going crazy, Cole is making a face, Parker is doing some dance move with his arms, Emaline is trying to escape, and Cassidie is just chilling (in this picture!). It shows all their little personalities right now. Gregg would love each and every piece of them.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I worked and worked to get these pictures up last night, that is why there were 2 of each, and all I would get were those 'x' things. I was wondering about the 2 comments I had...thinking which pictures are they talking about...I marked that post a draft...guess not!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lions, Tigers, and Orange ROPES oh my!

Well, yesterday we headed to our zoo.
It wasn't a normal trip.
Emaline was good.
I had to park in a different parking lot.
Parker walked most of the way instead of riding on the stroller.
Millions of kids (and their parents) had infested my zoo ( a term I learned from Jodi M.).
Buses were everywhere.

It was time to leave, a little later in the day than usual due to extra play time in the sand pit, and lots of train time. As we strolled out to the car I almost ran into an orange rope that had been put up to direct children to the side walk...I am assuming. It has never been there before. I never use the sidewalk because my car is usually to the right of the sidewalk and very close to the front since we usually get there when the zoo opens (and should have been yesterday~note to self, don't take 35W south the Monday after Race Weekend), but with the kagillion field trip buses we were moved out to TIMBUCKTU! Back to the story. So we were strolling to the car, when we turned around and notice that the boys were behind us playing in the ropes for admission. Angie M. hollered for the boys to come on, and Parker did. As you are probably already seeing this play out in your head...Parker was running full speed and ran right into the orange rope strung between cement pillars which clotheslined him on the neck and slingshotted him backwards onto his head. Yes. ONE of the most frightening moments of my life. I kind of froze for a minute. Then ran like crazy to my son. I held him in my arms on the I was scared to look. I was scared to look at his neck, and I was scared to look at his head. I told myself I needed to look to see if he was okay. I was able to get him to show me his neck...and it could have been much worse. No blood, which was good for me. I think I would have passed out. He only came away with a rope burn about 3 inches on the side of his neck and a golfball kind of sticks out of his head. Zoo security came to the rescue...which seems like 15 minutes later, but Angie said it was more like 4 minutes. I guess I was freaking out a little when strange women came to help us before anyone from the zoo did. My guy has only told me his head hurt one time since the incident. Tough guy. We are keeping his neck medicated, but you KNOW that has to hurt, right where your collar can rub. So, that was our zoo trip. Just an ordinary zoo trip!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hailing in Texas

Yep, we got some on Friday night. Thought I would share the pictures I took. The first one is my favorite. I love the pinging of all the hail, which as I look at it you can't really see on the upload, but on my computer it is so cool. Parker loved picking up each piece of ice and showing it to me. The hand above is Stacey's though. I took about 50 pictures of the storm. I may share more later.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Look who I got to hug!

On Monday, I loaded the kids in the car and drove cross country to Longview, Texas. Stacey said lots of prayers for us or really for me since Emaline isn't a good rider. That girl slept almost 1.5 hours on the way there, and 2.5 on the way home! It was a great trip. Since the birth of my cousins, I have been itching to go. When Jayde went to heaven, I wanted to go even more. The Spencer family has been such a special part in my life. Knowing that Jaymie was hurting, and prayer was the only thing I could do (which was enough I know) I just wanted to hug her in person. Think of all the people who are praying for Jaymie, Kory, and Kanyon! All the people who have heard their story and can praise God for this miracle. Their faith is so strong!

Parker drew Kanyon a special picture. Once he saw that Jaymie's tongue was blue, Parker wanted his tongue to stick out. Jaymie is such a pro, she talked him into taking one picture with the tongue, and one picture without.

Right before we left, Gay (who took all these pictures, I left my camera in the car) snapped this one. I love Emaline's smile.

I know it was just a hug and some time together, but it meant the world to me. Parker keeps asking about cousin Jaymie and his cousin. Then I tell him, you mean Cousin Kanyon, and he replies, yep Cousin Kanyon. I love my family. I have the best cousins in the world. Some of which, have been there for me during really tough times in my life. Some of which planted many of my faith seeds. Some of which have been that Christian example. Some of which I look forward to their hugs every Thanksgiving.

I can't stop this blog without telling you a funny story. Sorry MIL, but I am ratting you out!

Today Parker was throwing legos across the living room. I asked him to stop. He threw some more and I got on to him, then Parker says this:
Mommy, when you go away, and Honey comes over, she will let me throw legos, okay?

After discussing this with MIL, she has never allowed him to throw legos in her presence, but we agree that he has the grandma thing figured out!

I took some great pictures of the hail from tonight. I will probably post them tomorrow. Stay dry!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So, do you think it looks like me??

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Some Easter...more to come.

The cousins in Waxahachie! I love Emaline's face. She was so happy.
Her new favorite food! YIKES! Dr. Spencer here we come!
Sweet Picture.

She carried her basket like a purse. She dropped more than she picked up.

This was the best I got on Easter morning. It was so cold and Parker didn't want to wear his jacket. MIL was reminding me that I didn't have her bow in, but I got this picture any way. At first attempt Parker sat down about 10 feet behind her and said cheese. Once we got him moved up I was just happy they weren't crying.

The Easter bunny brought him a wallet!
And an owl chair. Sister got a kitty chair. Which have been such a hit.

I also have pictures from the eggstravaganza on Saturday...but can't find them right now.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Preschool Easter Egg hunt a little sideways

I am too lazy to turn these! I forget they are sideways because my computer turns them when I open them! So turn your head to the side and follow along.
The egg hunt! Parker had such a good time!
This one might make you dizzy, but Parker is leaned over looking over at a friend who got his head stuck in his wooden basket. Gotta love 2/3 year olds! Parker kept telling me he didn't see the Easter bunny! I told him that bunny is too sneaky! Another preschool moment this week that I have to share! I was taking my 2/3's to their bathroom break this week and was praising like crazy some of my kids who have been potty training. One little boy was wearing a pull up but had been dry all day (kept his stars on, as we say) and I was telling him how excited I was for him and that I couldn't wait for him to wear big boy underwear. He then asked me if I wear big boy underwear, and I told him I wear big GIRL underwear. He then asked me if he could see them. Don't you love 2 year olds! And of course I did NOT show him! I did tell his mom about it though and we got a good laugh!

Miss Priss wore her Easter bunny shirt today to Ms. Jenny's house. It is so cute! It says: Little Bunny TuTu instead of fufu!

Kanyon is doing great! Gained a little weight! YIPPEE! Another prayer request, my other cousin Susan, her grandmother went to heaven last night.
I am sure I will post many more pictures over the weekend, but this will get you started, or a little pain in the neck!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I don't really want to go to sleep, so here I was blogging and thought, 'I wonder what I blogged about this time last year?'

I shouldn't have looked. Yes I should have.

My sweet Emaline was sick. I had found the first of a few bloody diapers.

As I look past over the year, after tests and tests, to find out that my sweet baby girl is fine, I can breathe deeply. I can rest. I can praise God for my semihealthy children.(They always catch everything that goes around!) I can sit at home and blog about my sweet cousin who is holding her baby son, after loosing her daughter less than a week ago.

PRAISE GOD! I will praise him! I will praise him!

This month also reminds me of my brother in law Gregg. He died Easter Sunday 2003. I am sure I will post or repost as that time comes a little closer. Stacey and Leslie are planning the Golf Tournament this year at Bear Creek. For info: If you know anyone who would be interested in playing...let us know ASAP!


See Jaymie and Kanyon! Together!!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Just poopin

Or at least that is what my new baby cousin is doing! YIPPEE! A sign that the system is working to God's design. Continue to pray for his lungs, his digestion system and he is having some tests run.

Today...not my best day. I get SICK about 1-2 a year, I mean sick, and today was that day. I am feeling better but need to send a shout out to MIL for coming to my rescue and for HUSBAND for coming home early. I think I slept for about 6 hours. YES!

Here are a few pictures I took a few weeks ago.