Friday, September 02, 2005


Today I hurt. Today I feel desperate. Today I feel angry. Today I feel judgemental. Today I want to go back before Katrina hit and evacuate everyone, regardless of color. I am tired of the blame game that is getting so much coverage. Today I am tired of turning on the TV to hear this has become a race issue. What we need to do is GET THE PEOPLE OUT OF NEW ORLEANS NOW! Where are the buses? Why aren't there miles of buses one after another to get the hurt, the children, the women? Then there are the bullets! A group from my home town went to help volunteer, they were on a rescue barge when they were fired upon. They had to turn around and their rescue efforts postponed. It is probably a few that is causing such chaos, but now we have a shoot to kill order. Which...I have to say...if I was being fired upon I would want to shoot back. These volunteers and rescue workers can't rescue. Helicopters can't take the sick away due to gun shots. What is happening? Last night after refusing to watch any more news I started channel surfing. I happen to stop on MSNBC for some crazy reason because I didn't want any more stuff on Katrina. They showed this lady holding a child, the baby looked around Parker's age, who was sick or dead. This baby's head just rolled around on it's mothers shoulder and chest, lifeless. I screamed. Literally. I prayed out. I cried. That scene has played over and over in my head all night and this morning. It is haunting me. I can hardly type about it because it was so hard to watch. I just don't understand. I know that I am not suppose to either. I don't even know where to go with the rest of this blog. We are trying to help. I wanted to donate, but find that the Red Cross only wants money. I have formula, Pedicare, baby food, that Stacey took up to Reunion Arena moments ago and called me when he left. He said that the Salvation Army is taking anything. You can drop off goods there. Stacey said there were more police men there than he saw refugees, and he saw lots of refugees. He asked how he can help and if he can come back and volunteer and they welcomed him. We need to pray. Today. Pray Today. Stop the violence today! Rescue TODAY! Praise God today for our health, safety, our family, and know that it can be taken away in seconds. Pray that people's hearts, not only their wallets will be opened and that Christ can be seen in many people.

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jenny biz said...

Preach on sister! I love your passion!