Monday, September 12, 2005


What does that number mean you might ask, well it has nothing to do with my pregnancy. It has nothing to do with gas prices. It has nothing to do with money. It is my latest bowling score! Our church had a date night last Saturday night and we decided to go bowling at Main Event. Kristi is our reigning champion, so I was trying to keep up with her. When my ball just wouldn't leave the center of the alley. It followed those little arrows all the way down until...STRIKE...STRIKE...STRIKE....STRIKE! Yes, that is 4 strikes in a row. My college course of Bowling had finally paid off. The last score I had on the screen was below 50 or something, and my brain wasn't going to use my college course to start adding the score in my head. I wasn't sure what my score would be. Then Stacey yelled out, "166!" All I could think about was a blog I had read recently bragging about a bowling score of 155. So, in all of the excitement, I turned to my freinds and yelled, "I beat Stephen Bailey." Only a few knew what I was talking about because they too are avid Blog readers. Stacey had his ego hurt that I had beat him. He went to the Head Bowling guy and asked that the screens be put down to watch the UT football game, knowing that mean COSMIC bowling. The lights went down, things started to glow...I couldn't see my arrows to align my ball with. The next 2 games are nothing to brag about. The girl lane, (we bowled boys and girls) got tired and all of scores started creeping lower. Our intensity and energy went out. One of our fellow bowlers began to just work on speed. She was able to reach an 18 mph though. What fun! I am still boasting of my score! 166!!!!

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jenny biz said...

Way to go Paige!! I am quite impressed!!