Sunday, October 16, 2005

Home from Paris

Well, finally no other trips on the calendar until Thanksgiving. We (me and Parker) returned home form Paris today after a very eventful weekend. Check out this picture I took yesterday after the wedding in my dad's backyard. Parker 20 months!

On Friday, Parker got a haircut, we took his Halloween shirt to be made by uncle Wyatt, and went to visit Bop and Sid at the store. Saturday morning we had breakfast together and played. Bop and Sid were off to work. They came back to get us around 2:00 for my cousins wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful in Clarksville, Texas. Parker was...okay during the wedding. This was an old church, with very old air conditioning. We were all sweating. When the minister asked us to be seated after the bride had made it to the alter, Parker yelled back at him, "NO!" That was funny. Then Parker decided to throw his pacifiers over pews. That was not so funny. When the minister was doing his talk, he mentioned peace in the heart, well Parker thought he was meaning, "PEACE OUT" like on the Jack in the Box commercial. His wonderful Aunt and Uncle taught him that on our Destin vacation. So, Parker starts holding up his fingers and reciting, "PEACE!" After the wedding and lots of CAKE, we went back to Paris to rest and change before we went out to dinner later that evening. At this point...Parker is beginning to show signs of not feeling so good. His nose is running and he is extremely cranky. Only momma would do. He went right to sleep, but that was short lived by a 5:45 am wake up. He was up! No more night night. He was having trouble breathing. I was trying to blame a temperature last week on his 2 year molars. Now, I am not so sure. The gums are definitely bulging, but this congestion is new. I think I will call the doctor tomorrow.

We decided to skip church this morning due to Parker being sick. Bop and Sid watched him so that I didn't have to take his germs with me to visit my new friends Logan and Lauren. They were born on last Sunday to my high school friend Mindy. Their birth weights were both over 5 lbs! When I was holding Logan today, all I could think about was Parker was double her size when he came out. They both are doing great, and so is their mother.

I am off to bed after watching a wonderful episode of Extreme Home Makeover. I love that show. It makes me cry every time. Hopefully Parker will sleep well tonight. It is glad to be home!


jenny biz said...

I am hopeful for a good night's rest for you!! Hope Parker gets better!!

Jenni said...

sounds like a busy weekend....but a good one!

Kelli said...

Those little babies are cute! Sorry Parker is not well. Ethan ran a fever Saturday night and Sunday as well. Something must be in the air!