Monday, October 10, 2005

I was...TAGGED!

Before I blog on my 30th birthday cruise (which was early due to January baby coming), I found myself tagged! So here I go...

First Memory: our garden in Clarksville.
First Kiss: It must not have been very memorable.
First Concert: Michael Jackson, Jackson Five Tour
First Love: My dad
First thing I think in the Morning: How long can he call 'Mamma' before I answer.
First Book I remember loving: book? If you know me...
First Pet: Miss Piggy, the goat.
First Question when I get to Heaven: explain the light before the sun. I just don't understand. And many other, I am sure deep questions
First word I think of for Vacation: not now...I just got home
First Best Friend: Amanda LaRue
Last Time I dressed up: Friday night at our Formal night on the cruise
Last thing I ate: sweet tarts.
Last CD I bought: Veggie Tales
Last time I cried: Looking at a video of Noah Whaley on
Last time I told someone I loved them: 8:45 to Parker and Stacey
Last really fun thing I did: Cruised the Caribbean
Last thing I watched on TV: some news show on the boat as we were waiting to unboard. First I had heard of the earthquake.
Last Halloween Costume: don't know
Last Concert- Third Day, Women of Faith Nicole Nordeman and Avalon
I think I am suppose to "TAG" someone I tag JAMI HENDERSON and Jodi, who really needs to update her blog!


jenny biz said...

Michael Jackson?? Very interesting!!
I guess that was before "Wacko-Jacko".

Jami said...

Ok, I've answered all the TAGGED questions...Happy???

Kelli said...

what about Junie B?

Paige said...
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