Monday, December 19, 2005

Busy weekend and 1 month away!

WOW! Let me take a breath!

On Friday, we had Hunter's 2nd birthday party which was so much fun. Hunter is into trains right now, so Denise got him a ride along train for their house. Hunter won't touch it, but Parker sure did love it. Maybe a little too much. Parker had a hard time sharing.

After the party, off to the grocery store to purchase baking goods. For some reason I got this itch to bake, and to bake for my baby shower hostesses. So Parker and I baked strawberry bread, pound cake, snickerdoodles, and pecan tassies. Then decided we needed to eat dinner at home, so I made a casserole. I was whipped after a long day!

Saturday morning our church had breakfast with Santa. Parker again didn't want to be held by a strange man dressed in all red and we have a picture to prove it!

Saturday lunch, I had the privilege of helping throw my friend Anne a 30th birthday party. We held it at the Rosegarden Tea room in Arlington, well, actually Pantego. We had 12 of her friends there, ate tea room food and cake. She is so loved.

Saturday night we had our church class Christmas party progressive dinner. We met at the Ladewigs for appetizer, then to the Edmondson's for BABE'S fried chicken, then to the church to play games and dessert. We had so much fun, but again was so tired.

Sunday morning church and lunch, followed by my baby shower. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! The hostesses did a great job making sure my day was full of fun and good cake. You can't have a great party without cake. Baby girl and I sure were spoiled! I was overwhelmed with all the generous women who came to shower us. It was a busy weekend for lots of other people too, not just me, but these women made time to help us celebrate this child of God.

Sunday night we had Christmas with my dad and Sidney, Wyatt and Lauren. I knew this Christmas would be different because Parker would be older, but WOW was it fun. I loved watching Parker open each present and be amazed of what was inside. Some highlights: a blue slinky, a dancing monkey, light up frog, frog chair/sleeping bag, big brother shirt, bathtub light, a harmonica, an accordion, a kazoo, a blue tube, clothes, and light up shoes! He loved handing each piece of trash to Lauren for her to put into the trash sack. He is really consumed right now with trash. When I opened a great gift, new pots and pans which are RED, I hugged the box out of exhaustion and excitement, Parker came over and helped me. His words were different though, he said "OH NO!" and would hug the box. I am not sure what that meant. Some other gifts I loved, due to my love of my home town, was a throw blanket with the Paris, Texas logo along with landmarks on it, hot chocolate mugs with the place Stacey and I were married on it, a Paris, Texas key chain, and those to die for Pecan Pralines I blogged about previously! I love Paris, but don't worry, as of now baby girl's name is NOT Paris!

Today, I shall rest. I was kind of hoping all the hustle and bustle would bring baby girl a little early, but it only brought heart burn, I think. Parker and I are chilling playing with our new monkey and harmonica. I think I may try to fit into the tube today, but maybe I should wait until Stacey gets home! I can't believe it is one month from yesterday that baby girl should bless us with her presence. I thank God for this healthy pregnancy and for the many friends I was able to spend with weekend with!


jenny biz said...

What a great weekend!! Lot's of memories! Hope your day of rest was good, productive and absolutely well-deserved!!

Jenni said...

Sounds like pure wonderful craziness. Hope you are able to rest a little more now!!

Phillips' Family said...

Sounds like good times all around! I hope you took lots of naps yesterday afternoon after crawling through the blue tube!