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February 25, 2010 Thursday

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I think I was just exhausted.

It was the day of the visitation. I was overwhelmed with all the people that came to the visitation. The line was out the door. I saw some old friends, even a friend I went to high school with who worships at Jenny's dad's congregation. Small world. My sister and mom even came to visitation. Lauren and Jenny had a very sweet relationship. Jenny and I would even drive to Dallas every few months just to let Lauren cut our hair. I thought it was sweet they came. I also had to find something to wear to the funeral. I walked into the Loft, my favorite store, looked around for a bit, then a girl asked if she could help me. I told her I needed a dress, a dark one, that I was a pallbearer for my best friend's funeral. They helped me find a perfect dress. Then the funeral home told me I needed to wear flat shoes so that I wouldn't sink into the ground at graveside. Not a problem. I have flat boots, too!

7:52 am Angela: Praying for everyone today. u can do this Paige
Me: Oh, I need them dear friend. You gonna watch online?

8:51 Angie: There will be a day with no more tears. Today will be hard for you just know I love you and thinking of you.
Me: Oh thank you so much! I love you Angie Merriman

9:08 Jami: Praying for strength for you today. I so long to be there. Love you friend.
Me: I know. I love you!

9:46 Stacey: We need to leave by 11. Cool?
Yes. U on ur way back? Stop and get milk.

10:40 Amy: We are having an AMAZING time. Thinking of u today. You need a trip to disney after the last several weeks. Praying for u today. I know it will be a tough day.

Of course we took some photos before we left. We have 2 sky light/windows in our living room, and at photo time, it was like a spot light coming down from heaven.
11:11 Me to Jessie: We love you so much Jessie Bebbe! You are going to do amazing today. Absoultely amazing! Jen Jen will be so proud of your strength!
Jessie: Love you too! Please pray for strength and that I will say the words that will honor Jen Jen and especially Jesus! I love yall tons!
Me: ON IT!

11:14 me to Julie: Jenny's burial will be in decatur 2 day. Stp's aunt dee will be at my house about 3 so u can take b there after school if you would like or after u love on him.
Julie: We will take him home with us for a while. The kids are excited to have him over and so am i of course. I'm thinking of you all. Don't worry at all about our little man. We will give him lots of love.

I wish that I could find the video of Emaline and Parker singing Mighty to Save on the way to the funeral. WOW! It was amazing.

We let Parker and Emaline go the children's funeral. Parker was having a very hard time. Oh how he and Ms. Jenny loved each other. Just the anticipation of the service was getting to him. They asked all parents to leave, the room was packed. My mom stayed in there because like I said, Parker wasn't handling it well... until Mr. David came to talk to him. I did have my camera on me and i just couldn't resist this photo. So, let me share it.
How tender. He understood Parker's pain. We all felt it. He seemed to comfort Parker just the way he needed. You can see Stacey in the background trying to hold back his emotion from this embrace. It was heart breaking. I love you Parker.

Before the funeral... the kids were with my mom, and Aunt Dee was coming to get them and take to eat at McDonalds and take them home since we were going to be gone the rest of the day. I sat on the very last row in the sanctuary. Just praying. A sweet old friend happen to walk in and see me. I still remember how she said my name. It was very sweet. She gave me a great hug. I always remember her voice when I think back on that day.

The funeral. It was the Holy Spirit. It was amazing. Just the way that Jenny would have wanted it. Her brothers did an amazing job. Amazing. Did you kneel? I bet you did. I would love to hear how you watched the funeral, were you there? Did you watch online? How did the Lord speak to you through it?

2:31 Kimberly Blake: Over 2000 people were watching online. It was a wonderful service. Your friend was amazing! The Glory of God has definitely been shown. Love yall!

2:35 pm Me to david: I need to know your exact name on drivers license and your birthday.
You may be wondering why I am asking this question... did you know that a very generous family sent David and Malaya on a Disney cruise during spring break??? AND THEN some other generous people sent Rick and Beverly along with them??? I was needing to get all the info for the trip to be booked. I think this was the last day it could be booked... or something like that. So I do have a few texts asking info and birth dates.

3:47 pm Amy: I just read through some FB posts about Jenny's service. I so wish I could have been there. Is there a way for me to see it when I get home? Thought about u all day. What a blessed life cut way too short. Love you.

One of the other pallbearers rode with us, Melanie. We followed the hearse. The hearse got lost. We were laughing in our car, it sure did lighten the mood. We discussed how Jenny was probably laughing her head off that the hearse with her body was lost trying to get to the cemetery. They were using their iphones as GPS and something was wrong. We got a tour of Decatur. We had about 10 cars behind us... it was funny. THEN, when we finally get going the right way, the dude driving was booking it. On the road to the cemetery there is a 'bump' of sorts. Use your imagination what a hearse looks like when it hits a bump and it is going to fast. We were laughing. I could hear Jenny's giggle the whole time.

3:53 Stephanie : R u behind the hearse?
Me: yes. R u?
4:07 Stephanie: R u stopped
Me: YEAH! The hearse is LOST
Stephanie: o my
Me: yep

We got to the cemetery, and took our places. It was cold. I remember how heavy her coffin was. Jessie had on high heels and she was sinking like crazy into the soil. We carried her. I remember my heart that day. I kept repeating to myself in my heart.. I got you. I have to share this because I don't want to forget it. I cannot recall who said it, so I do want to write it. Someone said that when they saw me carrying Jenny, that I wasn't straining at all and that they knew that I would have carried my friend anywhere. So true. So true.

I had another person that I dearly respect, grab me by the shoulders and offer some truth to me. That they had seen me spiritually grow over the past few weeks and when they looked at me during the funeral they saw the holy spirit. Oh how I wish I was there now. When I shared that with another friend, she spoke truth too! She said: They saw the holy spirit because we ALL were praying for you to be filled with it! Isn't that amazing!! The power of prayer! Please hear my heart when sharing these personal comments. I am not bragging. I am not being boastful. I want you to know that it wasn't me and I wasn't the only person who noticed!

5:10 Julie: Thank you for letting us love on your sweet boy! I just dropped him off at your house. Please let me know if you need anything. Love you all.
Me: Thank you so much Julie. Just leaving graveside
We went to eat with the family after the funeral at Rick and Beverly's church.

6:38 Kimberly H: 13 Envelopes in my mailbox today- $435
Kimberly had sent an email out to Kojies on facebook asking for money for an arrangement and as a gift to David and Malaya.

7:12 Jodi: I LOVE YOU... Sorry didn't get to say goodbye to u today... I LOVE YOU

8:39 Amy: How are you doing today? It sounds like the service was mazing. I am sure you are emotionally and physically exhausted. How is sweet Malaya holding up? My heart is hurting for her and David.

9:37 me to Jami: Could feel your presence today.
Jami: Girl- I was so there in spirit! I shut the door to my office and just worshipped!!!! And cried... How are you? Exhausted? OH and laughed. Josh did so good.

I remember typing this peptalk.

Pep Talk

Sweet girl. Absolutely beautiful! My eyes are still salty from today. I even did the whole ugly cry today, but not because I was sad for you, I AM NOT, I am just sad for me, for David, your parents, and especially your Malaya and all your other friends. The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY will take care of me, and you are watching out for me now too! I can't wait to document the car ride I had with Melanie behind the hearse! We needed those laughs today. The 3 girl pawlbearers were awesome! Jessie wore her heels, so she almost sunk down to the core of the earth, but we loved honoring you. OH, the put MRS. STACEY PEARSON in the program for Stacey. Lots of laughs on that one. I love you friend forever and always!

Thank you for following this journey with me. I know I have a few more things I want to share about this time last year... some great things that happened. Thank you all for the emails, facebook messages, and comments. I truly treasure each one!

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