Friday, February 11, 2011

February 12, 2010 Friday

5:51 am My Mom: R u awake
5:52 am Me: yes

I think she called me here.

8:09 am Kim Q: Any news

9:24 am Kim Q: Moved her to another room to b closer to nursing station. She is having a lot of trouble breathing. They haven't started treatment today.

9:27 am Me to Jessie: What is your plan today? You going up?

9:30 am Kim Q: When Jenny's wakes up we need to tell her she was bigger than Luke and Laura ever thought about being on General Hospital. Please GOD we beg u to sustain her body.
9:31 am Me: YES LORD!
KIM: Specifically make her body breathe on its own... all her organs work on their own. Lungs clear from gunk! ventilator removed successfully.. we plead that she be healed 100% In the HOLY soverign SAVING Savior name of Jesus!!!
10:11 Carepages:
Quick update:
They have moved Jenny to another room in ICU. They wanted her closer to the nursing station. Jenny's breathing is very intense right now. They have not started breathing treatments today.
Her liver and kidneys are struggling.
This wasn't the best news to start the morning.
Lord Jesus, we want more. You have performed your wonders over the last 9 days. You have healed miraculously, but we want more. We cannot stop laboring in prayer...we will not stop...until Jenny is walking and talking as a healed, resurrected woman.
10:23 am Jessie: Sorry girl, Just got this. Donny just got out on the roads to run an errand and should be back soon. Maybe he can give a good status on the roads. Is Stacey out? I'd like to go up if its drivable.
11:01 Jessie: Donny said roads aren't that bad. I'll probably run up for a bit in about an hour. U want me to come getcha?

11:09 am Lori Black (Malaya's basketball coach) We r without power and I have no way to check on Jenny. Can you please give me an update.

11:10 KimQ: We are watching ACU chapel live to see Phil be announced that he is the NEXT president!!! YAAAh Laura is singing. We just worshipped with them lifting Jenny and Family.
What is the deal with Malaya?
Me: David took her to doctor and has not returned yet.

Me to Jessie: No not yet. I'm waiting on david to bring Malaya back from Doc.
11:28 Jessie: Oh my goodness. Is she sick?
Me: Not sure, just precaution for now.

11:29 am KimQ: Ohhh... wow.. i hope it is nothing but a cold and drainage causing pain.. r u at hospital?
Me: no home

11:31 Jessie: Good. Donny has to do a lunch meeting. I might plan on going when he gets back to watch the girls. Let me know your plan.
Me: Okay.

11:32 Kim Q: ohhh.... i am praying the kiddos are calm for u at this time of high pressure...hope for fun time off school... make some cauliflower soup or some other delectable treat from the pioneer lady!

12:00 I send out a mass text: Malaya does NOT have strep! Putting her on antibiotic anyway under circum. Dav is on way here with her
Jami: Oh THANK GOD! I was really worried after seeing that on Facebook!!
KimQ: Praise the Lord.
Jessie: Praise Jesus.

12:18 Lori Black: Malaya's week is next week. 9 girls including Malaya. Let me know if you need anything. Thanks for the updates.

Now, let me be real. This next part is personal. Please don't judge me, Satan can have at me sometimes with a baseball bat. I have a small group of girls, and I bet you do too, that you can tell the not so pretty. This next part is that kind of text.

12:24 pm Me to my special Monday girls: I ask that you pray for me. I have had a very rough morning. I think it was one of the first times for me to deal with this since Malaya was gone I could. Not pretty. Satan was allowing me to blame myself for Malaya getting sick and that I was not taking good care of her and making good choices for her. Stp stayed home for me to get it out and rest a bit. Malaya should be back in a bit. My stomach is cramping. I know it is stress. Please pray.
Friend 1: Oh Paige. My heart has been hurting so much for you already. You have had to be so strong. I'll be praying for more supernatural strength. You are one of the best moms I know!! I love you. I wish I could be there more for u. If there is anything U need... even if just to vent u know I'm here!
Friend 2: God peace indwell u!
Me: Thank you! I know in the scheme of things this is so very small. Thank you!
F2: It is not small peace peace peace!

With my 3 and Malaya, my alone time was minimal. I could cry and scream in the car, on the way to the hospital and in the shower. When I had Malaya, I drew strength from her. I had to be strong, and I was. She wasn't there for a few hours and Satan found that weak spot in my wall.

Jessie 12:56 Have they tried to take her off the vent today do you know?
12:58 Me: Dav just said they couldn't do it. too irregular.

1:00 Kim Q: New news on Jenny? Did the brothers and fam get back to hospital?
1:01 Me: Davis at my house

1:01 Jessie:K. Think I'm gonna stay home today with the girlies and go up tomorrow.
Me: Pray for her lungs
Jessie: On it.

1:18 pm Me to KimQ: Possible jaundice but not confirmed. Really struggling breathing. Sounds like (obvious) not going to try to remove today.

4:15 Friend 3:Doing better? Please take care of yourself and let me help even though you don't want to ask. I will come pray with you and I don't ever offer that up.
5:04 Friend 1: Still praying for you!
4:30 Carepages

So far today, Jenny has held steady. Her lungs are doing better now that she is back on dialysis. Her lungs were really struggling while she was off. Her liver, kidneys, and white blood cells are still concerns for the doctor. Also, her breathing remains a concern. These are the things we lift up the Father in prayer right now. We believe that He can breathe life into each of these. He is mighty to save! As we sit here and discuss all of this, my mom puts its best. We are looking for a 'wow' from the Lord. Show us your glory Father!

5:28 Kim Q: any news
5:30 ME: Really all Jenn said when she came to get Malaya is they put her back on dialysis and things kind of calmed a bit.
Kim Q: Okay, better than worse news. How u holding up? Where did they take Malaya?
Me: It has been a very rough day for me. I think with Malaya gone this morning allowed me to face it. M has gone to Decatur with Jenn for the night.
(Jenn is Jenny's sister in law, Jonathan's wife.)

5:35 Carepages

We prayed for a "wow" and we were given one.
Dr. Lester met with us for a little while and he used the phrase "solid as a rock." You all can only imagine the peace that came over us when we heard that. He went on to lay out a possible plan of what the next few weeks could look like. It is a great feeling when the doctor begins to talk about the future. We haven't heard much futuristic talk. From ICU, Jenny would go to a long-term care center here at Baylor. He thinks that this could happen at the end of next week.
The major concerns are still infections and internal bleeding, but they are monitoring both of these so that they will be on top of it if something were to happen.
Jenny has lost two teeth because she has been biting down on the tubes too hard. They handed us one tooth as if it were a prize or something. We aren't sure if we're supposed to put it under the pillow or what. It will definitely go in the scrapbook.
Jenny is still on the ventilator and it might be a few more days until she’s off.
The kidneys are beginning to wake up, but they have a ways to go. The doctor said that 2/3’s of the patients who have suffered this kind of kidney damage recover. The other 1/3 don’t recover, but with Jenny being so young, there will be options.

Josh said the following to the doctor, “We are a family of ministers. Jonathan and I are debating what to do about tomorrow. We both plan on returning to Memphis and Houston, but we’re just making decisions hour-by-hour.”
Dr. Lester responded, “Go home. She is stable as a rock. Go home and do your thing. She will be here.”
When he said this:
-Beverly’s mouth fell open.
-Rick began to cry.
-Josh and Jonathan pumped their fists in the air.
Imagine that for those who know the Ross’—Beverly was speechless and Rick was the emotional one. HA!

BTW--Since visitors are advised to not visit Jenny and the family at this time by the hospital administration and chaplain office, the family plans to be in the chapel at Baylor around 6:30-6:45.

Kim Q: Oh, I can totally see that. Having to be strong for her and now.. it sure hits u hard!!
6:33 Kim Q: Doc used the phrase "solid as a rock." Breathing is better. Not good, but better. She lost 2 teeth by biting down so hard. That's actually a lil funny.

6:35 Felicia W: You at hospital
Me: no
Me: Are you? What's up?
7:22 Felicia: Oh, Clayton and I don't have kids tonight and had just finished eating at cheesecake factory. We went up for a moment and talked to Josh and Rick.

9:16 pm Carepages

hope this is the last post for the night. If not, most likely it is something extremely important.
Specific prayers are still needed for Jenny’s liver, kidneys, white blood count, and breathing. If you have to zone in on one of these tonight—make it the LIVER! Jenny has made a lot of turns throughout this process, but in order for her to make this next turn, her liver has to begin producing.
Thank you for your persistence in lifting Jenny up to God as a sweet aroma. He’s an amazing God and we are delighted that He has chosen to enter into the brokenness of people.

I'll end with my pep talk to Jenny Bizaillion.
Feb 12th

I KNOW! You missed my peptalk from last night! That is what is going on today! Okay, girl listen. WE are all fighting for you. Breathing with you. We need you to rest again, okay? Rest. Feel our prayers. Hear our laughter, hear our song, hear our cries! Mostly hear our laughter. Malaya and I watched Anita Renfro on DVD... earlier, and wished you were here with us. SO, you get better so that we can come watch it at your house, sit on your couch and laugh. You got that! I love you so much friend! Even Kim tried to make a GH reference today...what is she thinking? DO you really think she has ever seen it? LOVE AGAIN your way.

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