Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Parker's 7th Birthday

That was hard the type.. the title. My sweet boy turned 7 on the 18th of February! 7 years old! OUCH! He is so cool.He was super thrilled because Stacey was WA
TCH DOG for his school on his birthday. SO, that meant he got a super cool lunch treat- Whataburger!

He also got to pick out a treat to bring to his class. He chose St. Patrick's Day cookies. No biggie.Bowden just made himself at home at a desk. He fit right in since he thinks he is 6 anyway. That night we celebrated with Snuffers, and I took him to Target to use his birthday money for something. He chose a new DS game and an OCEAN dvd series. I think that there are 10 cd's.
He loves them, and so do I . While watching the movie, he said, " Mom, isn't God amazing!" Yes, he is son. He made YOU!

We celebrated the next day with SKATING!
For Christmas, we had a little incident with a snuggie, Parker was going to get one, but then he didn't get one. Long story. SO, Emaline got him one for his birthday. He was thrilled. Can you tell?

I love you Parker Gregg Pearson!


1literatimommy said...

Happy Birthday, Parker! Hope it was a great day. Let's get together during Spring Break. I am planning on taking the kiddos hiking.

Kelly said...

Wow...7! Looks like such a fun birthday. And such a handsome little man! :)