Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 19, 2010, Friday

9:56 am Angie: (who is at my house) TAKE YOUR TIME, DO NOT RUSH BACK

10:20 am ME to JULIE: Thank you Julie. It has been avery hard week. Very hard. I'm at the hospital now. Hoping my friend had a great night.
Julie: I'm so sorry Paige. Jenny is in my thoughts and prayers constantly and so are you friend. I'm here if you need anything.

Candace: Don't feel like you have to respond. we missed you all at school yesterday. I just wanted you to know that I have really been thinking about you as well as Jenny and her family. I am still praying constantly! I pray that there is a substantial trun around soon, and for much comfort and strength for the months ahead. You are all special to us.
Me: Candace, we r going to the ranch tomorrow to celebrate parker! We would love if you could come.
Candace: I wish we could!!! Kids will be with Ryan. Thank you so much for the invitation. Please tell Parker Happy birthday from all of us. I hope you have a great time.

11:51 Carepages

Another slow day at Baylor Hospital in Grapevine. Jenny's numbers are still good. She is going through dialysis again as we type.

It has been 15 days and we are all eager to communicate with her again. We want to hug her, hold her, kiss her, and laugh with her.

Yesterday, someone brought by every episode of American Idol from this season. Jenny will be thrilled to watch it when she fully wakes up. Now if someone will bring General Hospital, GMA, Regis and Kelly, and Rachel Ray. Actually, the Rachel Ray is for David. (I'm just joking about the tv shows). We are just ready for God to lift Jenny out of this hospital.

Waiting rooms can drain people. But they are still thick with the presence of God.

Thank you all for your commitment to pray Jenny through this.


Thanks to so many of you for offering money, airline miles, and flight passes to take care of the family. We are well taken care of.

12:15 KimQ: Any news? I just bk to hospital and everyone must be BK there with Jenny... their stuff here only. U here? How is your great aunt doing?

12:28 Leslie: Reservations tonight at 6. Trail Dust. Kids must have socks.
me: Got it.

We were celebrating Parker and my nephew Cole's birthday. I remember feeling so guilty about going out. Still do. However, I danced with my birthday boy. I saw joy in his face. Some normalcy.

12:30 Angie: The kids are hungry I am going to feed them.

12:35 me to Kim: I just left.

Pep Talk 1
Feb 19th

Hey, you want to go to dinner tonight? Oh yeah, GET WELL! TELL EVERYTHING TO DO ITS THING! I'm tired of you being sick! I want us to do our Friday night dinners! Or Saturday night dinners! I don't really care friend. I just want you well. I bet today was a beast. I'm sure you handled it with grace and strength that you... have shown everyday! I love you, and this really isn't your peptalk, it is just for fun! I love you!

5:04 Kim: Hey where are u
Me: Fixing to leave my house

6:00 Carepages

enny has had a restful day today. She just finished having her hair washed. All her numbers except for her bilirubin are doing well.

The goal is to get her off the vent tomorrow, and get her a talk button put on her trach. Maybe by tomorrow we will actually get to talk to her!

The surgery is healing well. Her hands are not getting any worse -- thank the Lord! Occasionally when she does wake a bit, I (Rick again) have gotten a smile. And when Beverly told the nurses how much Jenny loved a long bath, she raised her eyebrows. Just like Jenny!

The doctors and staff are talking more about her next step -- rehab. It is music to our ears! REHAB! Until just recent days, there was no talk about tomorrow!

So please pray for:
1. Her vent to be able to be removed
2. Her bilirubbin to come down
3. Her continued improvement

God is good! And we feel SO blessed to have our precious Jenny.

6:05 me to David: How is Jenny today? How did her rehab go?

6:05 Stephanie: How r things?
Me: I just sent a text to david. They were going to wake her in a bit and start rehab
Stephanie: Do they want people to visit?
Me: I bet you could go up

8:33 Me to Stephanie: Did you go up

Peptalk 2
Feb 19th

GIRL! I just read the hot sheet and I so badly want to come read it to you! You think they would kick me out, talking about pregnancies, mobs, shootings, shady brook, Helana, GEORGIE the GHOST! Yes, you heard right. WOW, I better hold my horses, you have atleast 10 days to get caught up before you see this hotsheet! I ...don't want to ruin it for you completely. I know you have already gotten one little SMALL peptalk, but I still wanted to let you know that I love you and you are doing great. JUST GREAT! But that stinkin' liver! JENNY! How can I help? I know, I can come in and dance. If you see some of my new moves, MAYBE you will laugh, then you will be excerising your liver! SO, you WAKE up so you can watch me dance.JUST KNOW I will make you laugh. Don't you think so? Aunt Dee said her church said a lot of prayers for you on Wednesday night. Her and Mammy both asked about you tonight at Parker's birthday dinner with the Pearson clan. JENNY! Get that blood flowing! LOVE YOU! Miss me, Okay? Don't worry. I am not going anywhere, just wanted to feel the love!!! I REALLY DO!

Oh the calm... before the storm............

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