Thursday, February 03, 2011


These shoes. They were bought 1 year ago tonight. It was raining. I bought them so that I could start running with my friend and her husband and my husband. I have run more than 200 miles in these shoes. I have cried in these shoes. I have praised the Lord in these shoes. I ran my first 5k in these shoes, plus 2 more 5k's. Then I ran my first half marathon in these shoes. Today is my birthday. I turned 35. My husband took me out and bought me some new shoes to start this new adventure, this new journey, even on the ice. I won't be running in my new shoes until this snow and ice melt, but I can't wait. It's not a secret, I don't love to run, but I love the time I get to spend worshipping the Lord, praying, crying and just telling myself to put one foot in front of the other remembering my friend, who I love, who I miss. Tomorrow starts that adventure.

Today, was filled with zebra peppermint hot chocolate, hugs, donuts, wii, bingo, puzzles, movies, kisses, grilled cheese sandwiches, cake balls, dead baby bird on porch, over 160 facebook messages, text messages, phone calls, lilly plant, babysitter, driving on ice, Luke's waiting for me, new shoes, great dinner, coming home to my kids and sitter playing Go Fish, reading all the cards the kids made me and hung on the wall.


Kelly said...

Wow, those shoes do symbolize a lot. What a year for you. Happy that you were celebrated. Thinking of you these coming days. What a model of true friendship you have been to so many!

Phillips Family said...

Sweet friend...that post made me cry. Those shoes have carried you far: physically and mentally.

(By the way, are they Saucony? I have the same pink and black...if they are)