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February 17, 2010, Wednesday

6:35 am Jessie: I'm sorry girl! I missed ur call and txt til this morning. Saw carepages. I'm gonna go up at nine. God can still do a miracle but even if doesn't we and jenny will praise him forever!
7:13 am me: I'll be there about 10. Yes, we will praise him forever.

8:03 am Anne: Love you thinking of you and praying for jenny.
Me: Thank you

8:13 am Me to Michelle: Michelle, it is paige. I will need a sub tomorrow unless a miracle is performed in the next hour! Our God is that mighty!

8:18 am Me to Beverly: HE is with YOU! i love you!
8:27 am Bev: I will call u soon she is better. I am in w dr.

8:29 Amy: Thinking about all of u this morning. no worries about tomorrow. I completely understand. Praying that jenny does ok during surgery.

8:43 am Mom: Here

8:45 am Stacey: Did you get the text from David?
Me: no
Stacey: Doctors were very surprised. Jenny's white blood count was down to 16. She is doing much better. It looks like they r going to postpone surgery again.
Me: Can I send that out?
Stacey: No not yet

Mom: call about tv when you can
(Mom sometimes had difficulties with my tv)

9:05 Carepages

We thank you for all your prayers and joining us on this journey. Jenny rested well during the night. We will meet with the doctors at 8:30 and surgery currently is scheduled for 9:30 (though we believe God can still do something miraculous between now and then).

The family has asked for no visitors today please. We will try our best to keep everyone updated as much as we possibly can on these pages.

Again, thank you for standing in the gap for us; praying for us; and loving us. The Spirit moving through the body of Christ is one of the only thing that has sustained us!

9:34 am Kim Q: Any news?
9:35 am Me: NO! I'm dying here! No really! I can't take much more of this up and down. Can't.
9:36 am Kim: from josh- surgery is happening
Me: no

I remember FIGHTING with Satan in the car on the way to the hospital this morning. I remember making that 26 loop around by Academy, just praying out loud to Lord Jesus, screaming at the top of my lungs for Satan to GET OUT!

Michelle L: We will take care of work u take care of your friend continuously praying

10:00 Carepages:

As I type this post, they are preparing to take Jenny into the O.R. It is going to be a 4-hour procedure.
The doctor asked us to pray specifically for:
-Them to find strong tissue in the leg below the knee.
-For her liver to withstand the surgery.
-For their hands to move in rhythm with God.

There are risks with this procedure, but the doctors feel confident (over 5 opinions were given by docs) that this is needed for Jenny to turn the corner.

We are all hurting today, but we continue to trust that God is in this. He is moving. He is healing. He is the Lord of all of life, which means He is the Lord over medicine and science.

We know many of you are eager to see us today, but we are asking for no visitors. We feel your love.

We will keep you updated as we are informed by nurses and doctors throughout the procedure.

10:39 me to Jessie: U in ICU

Me to Stacey: 11:27: David looks rough. Just got call they r in the middle of surgery now. One leg done. Jenny is doing good.
Stacey: OK
Me: Real rough. I know u r at lunch. But could use you
Stacey: I'll be on my way in 10 minutes
Me: ok
Stacey: Do u want me to bring you something to eat or just come
Me: where are you coming from, yes bring something for me and Jessie

11:47 Kim Q: u still up there?
Me: Yes
11:51 Kim Q: Will u still be there like 12:15 ish?
11:52 Me: yes

Stacey: Ya'll on third floor

12:30 Carepages

Jenny is halfway through surgery. So far everything is going well.

1:20 pm: Me to everyone: The surgery is over. My friends legs are gone. THey are putting in a trach now. Please begin to pray right now for Jenny's recovery. Her attitude and DAVID!

Peptalk 1

Well, girl I am so proud of you. I couldn't wait until our night time pep talk. I had to tell you right now! You did it! You husband is so strong, you 2 are a great match. Your love is so evident. I know the next few months are going to be very different, but you are going to have realize something....YOU NEED HELP!...Don't get all blotchy, or red, just allow us to help you. That is what we want to do. Have I told you lately how amazing you are? I think I have, just wanted to tell you again. And I will bring you lots of dinners, but you will need to find someone else to fix your fish. You know I don't like fish, or the smell of fish, but I like to fish. I know you know. I love you.

1:21 pm Kimberly Holmes: Was there good tissue below her knee? Why the trach? I thought they were going to take the vent out?
Me: Yes, vent out trach in. Easier recovery they say. Don't know about the tissue. The nurses have been calling him on his cell

1:23 Julie B: Oh Paige... I am so sorry. They are all in my prayers. Are you okay. I am here if you want to talk.
1:23 Kelli L: Thanks for update. I'm so very sad. Will keep praying... can't think about much else. Any word on when she will come to and be aware?

1:25 Kimberly Holmes: How is David?
Me: wow. Don't know to answer that it has been a very tough day.
Kimberly Holmes: I hurt for him. Hurt for all of them. My feet hurt for no reason.
Me: I know. jessie and I were discussing possible new wardrobe options. David is discussing driving
Kimberly Holmes: I know> i thought about driving. Shara's husband Rick works for a medical supply company. One of their vendors make prosthetics. Good ones. Shara is already working on that.
Me: Great. We have been researching! This is so hard. The costs!!!
Kimberly: It's only money. There will be an answer for that. It's only money. God will provide.
Me: We keep telling him, but of course it is on his mind.
Kimberly: Money is nothing. Legs are something. Your mom is something. Your spouse is everything. Money is nothing. If the 6386 people on carepages gave only $10- we would have $63,860.
Me: U r so funny. U r so right. But it is on his mind. I think he just wants the best for her.
Kimberly: He should worry about Jenny. Malaya and himself. We will find a financial counselor to counsel him through the bills. Her therapy doctors will guide him through the options of driving and swimming and getting a new sense of normal. We will raise money. Every year for as long as it takes. It's only money. That is the least of all of this.

2:13 pm Me to the girls: Family just went back to see her. Dr. said she did good. Even is peeing good today! Sshh! Keep that between us. Trach in. She should be more alert in about 4 hrs.

Kimberly Holmes: What about her liver
2:13 Jami: Wow. My heart has been soooo heavy today! I lost it on the way back from Atlanta. Does Malaya know anything?
Kim Q: PRAISE THE LORD!!! Hey, what's the deal with her hands
Me: not worried at this time


Jenny made it out of surgery! The doctor said that it went great (that is a relative term these days but was still received as good news!) and is back in her room. The doctors felt really positive about everything related to her surgery and the family made a B-line back into her room, relieved and ready to see their Jenny.

Please continue to pray for a good post-op recovery, for peace for the family, and for the doctors to continue to have wisdom.

Please remember to respect the family's wishes and refrain from visiting the hospital until further notice.

This is a very emotional time for the family and thus a great time for all of us to leave a message of encouragement below!

Consider these words from Isaiah 61...

1 The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,
because the LORD has anointed me
to preach good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners, [a]

2 to proclaim the year of the LORD's favor
and the day of vengeance of our God,
to comfort all who mourn,

3 and provide for those who grieve in Zion—
to bestow on them a crown of beauty
instead of ashes,
the oil of gladness
instead of mourning,
and a garment of praise
instead of a spirit of despair.

3:03 Jami H: So I just checked my twitter for the first time since noon. Tell Jenny that Sheila Walsh posted a link to her website and told people to pray for her!!!!

3:03 Kimberly Holmes: A lesson from Presley: P: Mommy- can you put on Cinderella's dress? Kim: Where are her legs? (They were missing) P: Mommy- she doesn't need legs to be beautiful
Sometimes it takes a 4 year old to make you see things the right way.
3:11 Kimberly Holmes: Our elder Charlie who has been updating the church about Jenny asked when it was okay to update them on the condition. He is trying to be sensitive to Malaya. Will you let me know when it is okay to pass on her current status? Does Malaya know yet?
3:14 Me: No, Malaya does not know and was kept home from school today and the rest of the week just to be safe. Her status is on carepages. Joel said if it is on carepages it's safe.

4:05 Angie: How r u doing
Me: I'm still at hospital. Have had a very hard day.
Angie: Thinking of you
Me: getting to see her was tough

It was real tough. Like I posted yesterday, I knew she was going to make it, but this was HUGE! I just knew that Jenny would hold a speaking platform and tell her story to thousands, millions over time. It would be a sold out event with Beverly, Jenny, and Malaya telling each their own story. As I had played it in my head... she would walk on that stage, now she wouldn't be on her own legs, but in a wheel chair or prosthetics, and Malaya! Sweet Jesus... AND, what about our running!!! We were suppose to run together. Now I had a head start as she would run, but now on prosthetics.

I remember when Bev gave me and Jessie the go ahead to go back. I remember walking into her room and seeing her. We told her she did good. Real good. I remember the feeling in my throat. I remember the feeling in my stomach. I remember walking out of her room, walking through the ICU doors and NOT taking the door to the right that would take me to the waiting room, but just walking straight, straight to the wall in front of me. I remember crying my eyes out. I remember Jessie hugging on me and then going to get Stacey. I just wept. My friend. I prayed her attitude would be positive, and that when she woke up she wouldn't be mad or angry, but ready to show everyone how to do it! Blaze a trail for handicap, disabled women!

5:54 Carepages

Jenny is resting very peacefully right now following surgery. The family just met with the doctors and they are pleased with how she handled the surgery and how her vitals are now. They are beginning to talk about the future (which we have not her much about yet). We are very blessed to have the doctors that we have here. They have been great and the Lord has moved through them. They believe Jenny will rest through the night due to the anesthesia.

For me personally (Jonathan) I viewed this day similar to that of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I believe that God could heal her feet, but even if He did not, we will not bow down to any other god. He is good! He is faithful!

Here are the things that the doctors have told us we need to be in prayer for:

1. For her hands. The doctors are very hopeful that she will not lose much of her hands (probably only fingertips) but we want to pray against infection setting into her hands.
2. For her liver to begin fully functioning.
3. For the pneumonia to be healed.
4. For no other infection to be allowed into Jenny’s body.
5. For Malaya as she receives the news about her mommy.

David is planning to tell Malaya tonight. If you are friends with Malaya or know Malaya, please be sensitive to her as she begins this transition.

Thank you once again for joining us in prayer and walking with us through this road of suffering.

He is mighty to save!

6:08 Jessie: U still there? U Okay? I have a feeling we r feeling the same types of emotions. I'm so sad for Jenny and sorta at a loss and numb
Me: No. We took B home to Decatur. We r eating here. I am so sad for her. I KNOW she will overcome ALL of this, but I don't want her to have to. I feel for her and Malaya. David. Work. Financial. Just everything for them. I want to get to the good stuff!
Jessie: ME TOO!
7:47 pm Jessie: Do you know if David told Malaya yet?
8:19 Me: I think so

8:55 Kimberly Blake: Just thinking and praying for you and Jenny. I am praying for you to sleep good. Do you want me to take in the morning?

8:19 Me to Bev: How is she doing tonight?
Bev: In pain, but they not upped her pain med since before surgery. They have now and they plan on her sleeping well tonight.
Me: good. Thx
Bev: Love you girlfriend
Me: U too, we love yall.

Peptalk 2

Friend, it has been a long day. I am sure you are laughing deep inside that sweet body. You are probably thinking, "YOU THINK YOUR DAY WAS LONG!" Well, I know it was for you. Lots of changes today, but Jenny, 'greater things are yet to come, greater things are still to be done in this city!' To quote Chris Tomlin, or a...tleast I think that is who sings that song. Stacey put it on my phone so that I can listen to it all the time. I mostly just sing that part, but you know who sings louder than me...Emaline and Parker. OH, I know you have been very busy, but guess who has a birthday tomorrow? YEP! PARKER! Can you believe he will be 6? Okay, back to your peptalk. Jenny, FOCUS ON THE LIVER! WE need that liver to do exactly what it is made to do! You tell it to get with the program! We need everything to work the right way NOW! And your hands. BLOOD to the fingers! Just, you know...get well. We all miss you.

Oh yeah, the quote from Chris Tomlin, I do think you have greater things to be done! I can't wait to be in your audience! I love you. Have I told you that today? YES I HAVE, in your ear! Did you hear me? It was kind of soft, I didn't want to wake you. Emaline told me today that she doesn't like you in the hospital. ME EITHER! SO GET OUT! TELL THOSE LUNGS, LIVER, and FINGERS to get to moving! IS there an 'L' word that means finger? That would have been perfect. Okay, I need to rest too. HHHHUUUUGGGGS!

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