Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Potty Training, life goes on

I have debated on dropping in some of these day to day posts, and so I am going to.

I have been attempting, not very seriously, trying to get Bowden out of diapers. He has been going poop in the potty, MOST of the time for over a month. If he does go in his diaper, he will go hide in the playroom and when we smell it, all we have to do is just look at him and he says: in da toilwet.

He hasn't told me he needs to go potty, I just always do a catch, when I just go put him on the toilwet. I think ONE time at a resturaunt he told us 'toilwet' and Stacey took him. He did go. Monday and Today, he is sporting some big boy underwear. Monday we lasted about 4.5 hours until nap time when I didn't want to chance it. Probably won't chance it today either.

When we do put him on the 'toilwet' he DOESN'T want a potty seat, or a small child toilet chair, he just wants to sit on the big toilet. He half way falls in. As soon as you put him on there, and he does, in fact, need to go... he will tell you to go away. So I obey, and I sit 1 foot away from him on a stool right outside the door. IF I EVEN LOOK AT HIM, he points at me, no words to be said, he needs his privacy. When he has done his stuff, he says, "A LOT a BUNCH!" "A LOT a BUNCH in dir (there)". Sure enough, we have poop. He won't always have to go, or he won't go, and then he will say, "tonight, tonight I will." That stinker.

Now back to the regular show.

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all things girly said...

Hilarious... Trying to get Olivia too, but she has no interest! She just says" no thx"