Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Parker!

Oh sweet boy. You bring such sweet laughter into this house. You are crazy creative, and you are so artistic. You are calm and quiet and.... freckled! OH how I love your freckles. I love how YOU grabbed my hand walking through Target tonight, AND Joann's. You said it so right tonight, "Isn't God AMAZING!" while we were watching a documentary on sea animals, but I say that when I look at you! "Isn't God AMAZING!"!!!! You LOVE baked potatoes and mozzarella cheese sticks from Sonic.
You can put away 5-7 pieces of pizza at one sitting. YOU love underarmour shirts, or as you like to call them 'silkies'. I love how you corrected me while we danced the waltz at your Fairy-tale ball, pulling me this way and that- you led me. You were such a good teacher. I love how you love school. I love how you LOVE facts about animals and can remember EACH and EVERY one of them. I love that you still LOVE to play horses, either with your pretend horses, OR you are the pretend horse. I love it. I love you Parker Gregg, and so does ANYONE who has met you. You have that effect on people. You love to serve people, especially in our home. You are my rule follower, and hopefully that will keep you AND your siblings safe, because I am not so sure about.... OH, back to you... You could jump on the trampoline FOR hours, or jump rope, or ride your bicycle, you like to be outside, but you also LOVE Scooby doo! We love you 7 year old! Your day was full with your daddy being Watchdog at your school,bringing you lunch, me and brother coming up for cookies, dinner at Snuffers, then shopping at Target for movies and games. OH, and we can't forget our secret late night, or you called it "middle of the night" (it was 10:00) trip to Sonic for icecream! I can't wait to celebrate you for the next few days..... LOVE YOU! Parker P!

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Miss G said...

Happy, happy birthday Parker! Stacey and Paige, you guys have a super neat kiddo and are super neat parents. It's really fun to read all of these sweet things about Parker! I love the Sonic idea. Kelly

p.s. I mailed a little something to you and it got returned to me. :( If you want to e-mail me (sundrenchedmoments at gmail . com) with your new address (I guess you've moved since wedding invites went out?) then I'll resend it.