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February 9, 2010 Tuesday

6:27 am Me to Beverly: How is she?

6:54 am Me to Kimberly Blake: Can I bring P around 7:20? I forgot to ask someone to come over and sit with him while I take Malaya. If not I will just take him to school late. Thanx 4 prayers.

Don't know what I was thinking... maybe that Stacey would be able to stay home, Oh well.

7:17 am Kimberly: YES! Bring him!

7:29 am Beverly: They were able to get her off one of the BP meds successfully!


8:21 am Kelli Ladewig: How are u doing this morning after just a few hours of sleep?

8:46 am Stacey: Did u get kids off okay?

Why would he doubt me? HA! Oh, just so you know, it would take me 25 minutes to get to Malaya's school that time of day.

9:49 am Me to Beverly: I am going to take a nap then head that way. If anything changes pls have someone call or text! The preschool was on fire for the Lord this morning! Every1 praying!

(look at my text shortcut! With the blackberry you only have so many characters so on some of my texts I would go back and have to shorten anyway I could. While typing sometimes I just go ahead and type out the whole word, but I thought that the 'every1' was good for me!)

9:50 am Beverly: Rest well sweet friend.

10:06 am Me to Shara: I'll call you in a bit to discuss afternoon. I'm taking a nap :)

10:49 am Kim Q to me: Pray specifically for her body temp...it just dropped a degree UNDER the heating blanket...NOT GOOD.

11:02 pm Shara: Call me when you have a free moment so we can touch base about Malaya today. Just want to make sure I am on the same page as all of you. Thanks girl!

11:13 am Kim Q: Will be ossibly taking off dyalisis, for a bit... which could be what is causing the drop..there was some uring in the bag REJOICE! Kidney action!! BP HOLDING.

11:28 am Kim Q: Wow! The nurse we have today... said boldly "God has not called us to worry!" She is a rock! She said REST.. I am here! She is a gift from God! THank you Lord.

11:30 am Amy S: Any updates?

Carepages: 11:21

The first update of this morning should have called for chest bumps but the truth is that we are all so tired that we couldn't bring ourselves to perform a chest bump with a meager 2" vertical jump.

But the news is good.

We are cautiously joyful.

Last night we witnessed the power of God! There is no denying that God did some things that we cannot explain. Some things that the doctors cannot explain.

But some things you just don't comprehend. You simply celebrate.

We were overwhelmed by it all.

The prayers...the messages...the fact that at 2:30am there were 20 of us still in the waiting room...and so much more!

Thank you.

Here are the specific prayer requests for this morning.

Jenny was taking 3 blood pressure medications. She has been weaned completely off of one med and is currently being weaned off of the second.

Pray that her heart can sustain the BP needed without the meds. This is the big prayer for today! We need this to happen!

Jenny's kidneys are beginning to show some improvement! Praise God!

Jenny's color is improving this morning...in her face as well as slight improvement in her hands and feet too! Wow!

And for the icing on the cake...we even got a faint pulse in her feet this morning!

But if we have learned anything on this roller coaster of emotion, it is to pray expectantly and in faith for specific requests. While we don't begin to fully understand the theology of prayer, we will not stop the faithful practice of praying!

Keep praying!!!

I update the masses with text with what KIM Q sent me.

11:38 am Me to Jami: The sun is OUT! I THINK the war the last few days is over. I PRAY!

The weather, to me, set the tone for the day. It was like the spiritual warfare was going on outside in the rain, the storms, and the SNOW!

11:39 am Jami: From ur lips to Gods ears- and Satans too! Take that!!!

11:40 me to Jami: Just up from nap, gonna eat something here then head up.

11:42 Jami: Glad you got some rest! Keep me updated! Love you guys!

12:16 pm KIM Q: KLTY called and they wanted to pray for Jenny on the radio!!! SO COOLLLL!

I received this text while DRIVING to the hospital, and I was listening to KLTY as I always do. I heard Bonnie Currey interview Jonathan. Bonnie said, " Here at KLTY we receive a lot of prayer requests, but over the past few days we have had the same name pop up over and over- Jenny Bizaillion. We have had emails and calls asking us to pray for Jenny Bizaillion who is very sick. We had to find out who Jenny Bizaillion was." SOOOO, KLTY called the hospital ICU waiting room! SERIOUSLY and asked if they could speak to family. TaDA! It was on KLTY! At the end of what Jonathan had to say Bonnie ended with this, "Now, people all over the world, will be praying for Jenny Bizaillion!" I remember yelling out loud in my car! YES! YES! More of the story! Loved it! I yelled in my car MANY times while driving to the hospital. I remember yelling in my car- prayer and war. I called out Satan so many times! I grew BOLD! GREW, through the holy spirit and all the prayers you were sending up.

12:40 pm Jessie: How r u girl? U and Stacey are on my heart today. I'm praying for Gods grace and strength over ya'll. Please let me know if u need a break with Malaya.

1:31 pm me to Stacey: David is so good now. So different!

2:41 pm Kimberly Holmes: Ok, just double checking that Parker is coming home with us?

2:58 pm Me: Yes and I will be there to get him in about 15.

Carepages 3:06 pm

A few thoughts to consider while we pray...

A verse on Jenny's kitchen cabinet:
"Answer my prayers and use your powerful arm to give us victory." Psalm 108:6 CEV

A quote from Jenny's blog from 2008:
"God began developing a passion in me the past 15 years about the unifying of Christians. I know it seems an impossible thing to happen especially when I read blogs and sorts that do nothing but divide Christians and throw hateful words back and forth to ANYONE that doesn't agree exactly the way one does. I pray we can become a body that can work in "the streets" together, that can do outreaches together, that can do mission trips together, that can do youth rallies together, that can truly be the hands and feet of Jesus TOGETHER. So there goes my naive, dreaming rant:) God is faithful and graceful! Festivals allow people to come together as a FULL body of Christ and not under a specific church name. I LOVE it!!"

In an effort to share with Jenny WHEN she recovers COMPLETELY how God is unifying his people in the middle of this, we are going to begin to compile a master list of all the churches who are praying for Jenny. If you know of a church that is praying for Jenny simply send an email to Jenny@barachurch.com.

Put "Jenny's Churches" in the subject.

Please put the following information in the body of the email:

Church Name

Thank you so much! We'll keep you posted on how many churches are praying!

An finally, the link below is to a picture of Jenny posing in front of a shark. The story behind it is that Jenny is deathly afraid of sharks and so this picture represents her standing in defiance of her fears!

We are standing in faith in face of our fears.

Keep praying!

Carepages 4:01pm

Wow! Amazing!

Didn't expect over 100 emails within 30 minutes from the last post!

Thanks to my new friend in Abilene for compiling this for us!

Here is the deal: You have to put "Jenny's Churches" in the subject line! I made a script that auto forwards these emails to my Excel expert to make Jenny a master list. If you don't put that exact phrase in the subject line, your church may not make the list. Hope that makes sense.

Remember to keep praying about the things we asked for specific prayers this morning at 10:00am.

Jenny was taking 3 blood pressure medications. She has been weaned completely off of one med and is currently being weaned off of the second.

- Pray that her heart can sustain the BP needed without the meds. This is the big prayer for today! We need this to happen!

- Jenny's kidneys are beginning to show some improvement! Praise God!

- You are so loved...so love! And pray!

PS: you should see Rick's smile right now. Talk about a happy daddy!

4:18 pm Shara: M had a good day at school today. We are trying on clothes at Target!! So fun. Loving this time with her and her beautiful smile warms my heart.

4:19 pm Me to Shara: Aw. That makes my heart so happy!! Thank you for telling me!

4:33 pm Kelli Fletcher: Is Malaya going to the hospital tonight? Matthew wanted to say hi and hug her

Me: Not in the plans. She has basketball practice.

(David went with Malaya to basketball practice, and came back over to my house and they just laid on the floor watching TV. David stroked Malaya's head, playing in her hair. I remember David's eyes being closed, soaking it all up!)

6:22 pm Kelli Fletcher: Thanks for letting me know. My aunt died so we are heading to OK soon. Will catch her when we come home.

Me: Oh NO! Kelly that is awful. How are you? This has been such an emotional time! I will be praying for you!

Kelli Fletcher: Thank you! Yes its been an emotional train wreck this week. My heart is split in half for being here for jenny and being with my dad and other fam for my aunt.

Carepages 8:43

READ THE UPDATE BELOW FROM 7:20pm! This is something I (Josh) forgot to share last night.

As they took Jenny to get the CAT scan last night there were some of us in the waiting room who sat in the hall praying for God to guide the journey. We were fully aware of all of the risks. At the end of that prayer session, we were absolutely worn out!
Before we left the room to pray for her travel, the family was in the room with Jenny along with Stacey Pearson. As David does frequently throughout each day, he was reading every single facebook & carepage message to Jenny. The 20-30 minutes before they made us leave to prepare for the travel downstairs, David began reading comments from this website. He was reading your prayers. Even though she wasn't awake, he was reading her every single word that you wrote. He does this throughout the day. It is David's way of connecting with Jenny.
Thank God for his presence and for the power of community.

Just thought you'd like to know.

9:02 pm Me to Linda (MIL): Would it possible for u 2 keep Emaline and take her to dance at 3:30? I could meet u there after I get Malaya. I just don't think I can make it form M's school on time.

9:28 pm Kimberly Blake: I have more gift cards for family. Can I give them to you in the morning?

Grapevine Church of Christ was amazing through this! AMAZING! They had so many gift cards donated for Jenny's family. The family was at Jason's Deli or bringing Jason's back to the hospital all the time. It really allowed the family to get out of hospital, but be real close and not have to worry about the $$$ stress of eating.

9:28 pm Me: YES! That is wonderful.

These kind of days... slow....gave us time to revive. Breathe! But was also very scary because you were made to think:::: What is next???

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