Saturday, February 05, 2011

February 5th, 2010, continued

My memory of this time isn't as great. I know that Malaya and I go to the hospital during this time. And as you read this, you will read some very hard things. Malaya was never in the ICU waiting room when things were discussed. She was always taken to the cafeteria, or to the gift shop, or to look at the new babies when things were announced into the room. I thing during this night we had close to a hundred people in the waiting room. Lots of family and friends to hug and pray with, and cry with.

At 3:25pm I sent out a text asking people to PRAY hard, that she was going to start 3 hour Dialysis and that we would know if she was going to make it.

3:29 I was asked if it was for her kidneys.... I responded that they called a cardiac and kidney specialist at the same time.

3:53 David: Inserting dialyses right now

4:51 I wrote: Things are NOT good!!! Dialysis right now on kidneys. They just called fam back for consultation. Will know more in a bit. Next 2 hours are CRITICAL!

4:31 pm I wrote to Jenny's friend Jesse: Probably good time to come up here!
She responded with she was on her way.

4:45 pm I sent out a mass text: Everything is shutting down!!! Pray right now! Pray RIGHT NOW!!! Pray right now!!! Lungs heart kidneys PRAY!

4:54 pm I responded to a text: Said her age is the only thing going for her and we say in the name of JESUS!!!!!

6:31 pm I responded to a text asking for news: No news yet. Have you checked the caringbridge yet? Don't know what the latest they put up. Calling in a brain specialist. To check for damage. She is breathing really hard. Pray she slows down. Slows down. Her poor heart!

7:14 pm I responded to another text: STREP

7:37 pm I responded to Jami asking if I was hanging in there: YES! I can't believe so many people are here! It is so freaking unbelievable! Jami, she is so sick!

7:46 pm from David: I am in the room with Jenny now. They are hooking her up and starting the dialyses. Please pray for recover of her body. Some origins are getting weak and we need her body to start fighting the infections. The dialyses is the slow type that will clean her over time, continuously. She is too weak for the 4hr type. This is a very critical time. I share this because Jenny loves you all so much and knows you will fight god for her life. Thanks.

7:46 pm from David: Please let Malaya know I love her.
7:47 pm from Me: I will david biz and you tell Jenny I LOVER HER!!! i love her I love her!!!

8:23pm from Alyssa O'Rear: Just wanted you to know that Clint just texted me that 400 men are on their knees praying for Jenny at the RHCC's mens retreat! Love you!

I must have put on Facebook at this time that my phone was about to die because at 9:03pm I received a sweet message from Felicia Woods offering to bring me a phone charger :)! My response to her was: no. Me and Malaya won't be here much longer. We will be going home soon.

We must go home during this time because I have NO texts. Stacey stays at the hospital.

11:06 pm I sent a message to Kimberly Holmes that her numbers look better.

Please remember, these are RAW words, texts as they happened. Before we had the carepages site set up, it was all through Facebook and Text messages that we got the word out. It is very hard to reread these texts. I remember typing them. I remember receiving them. I remember TEARS hitting my phone as I typed that her vital organs were shutting down....

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