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February 5th, 2010

So, Malaya had spent the night with us. The plan was for me to bring her to hospital, but instead, we stayed home, and had a mini photo session with her so that we could take some photos up to Jenny to hang in her room as a surprise. You can read through the text messages to see why we didn't rush to hospital. We went on a little shopping spree, getting her a hat and a pair of jeans from Justice. After lunch I did take her to the hospital to see family. I will update a bit later, I have a special girl at my house right now! Malaya is here! David and Stacey and Lane all went on a run this morning, so I get the special opportunity to love on this sweet girl... what have we done so far you ask??? Straightened E's and M's hair and taken new photos of course! Now the girls are playing grocery store or restaurant, I can't tell. Parker is at the ranch, and me and B are watching Lion King. He thinks he is Simba. I love him. Thank you for all the kind words and encouragement!

Texts from February 5th:
6:03 am Kim Q: from joel: She is getting tetter! Her blood pressure is 100!!! All the feed back is good! Praise God.
6:03 am ME: Great
6:04 am Kim: How are you doing?
6:26 am Me: I'm okay
6:28 am Kim: I am lifting you up right now!!! I LOVE U!
I know u need to be an avenue of strength and hope and joy for precious Malaya!!! God certainly chose the right person for it!!! I pray that today!
6:30 am Me: Thank u
6:33 am Kim: A supernatural pillar of endurance and empowerment to boldy claim a faith that is shatter proof! I love you dearly!!!! U are gift from GOD! The spirit of anxiousness-worry-doubt-fear-and anything else that does not bring you the calming peace of God NOT be the yoke u wear today!!!

7:03am Angie: how is she

7:42am Kim: Is Malaya going to school today? Will you be able to go to hospital?
7:44am ME: She is not going to school. As of last night they wanted me to bring Malaya to the hospital this morning. I will call in a bit to see what the plan is.
7:45am Kim: Ohhhh wonderful!!!

7:52am HOLMES: what is her status
8:14am Me: Her bp is better not great but better. STP (stacey) is on his way up there
8:16am Holmes: Please keep us updated. I love technology in days like this...I have spread the prayer requests from south Carolina to Utah

8:25 am Kelli L.: Anything new?
8:25am Me: STP on way to hospital.
8:30 am Kelli: good to hear she made it through the night. Did Malaya go with Stacey?

8:31 am Me: no, I am making breakfast
8:33 am Kelli: Okay, I'll let you get back..

(this went out to many people)
8:42am DAVID: Jenny update: she is doing much better. Yesterday and last night was inserting tubes, ventilater, chest cavity drain, tons of tests and so on. Today is to be a day of rest, healing and draining. So no visitors today. They need her to rest and allow the antibiotics to heal her. As she comes to, I have been reading ur comments, prayers and mesages on text and facebook to Jenny. They ahve been a bit lift to her spirit. Thanks.
Tests have come back showing signs of improvement. They have drained 2 liters of infectious fluids with the help of meds her bp is currently 95/55. Heart rate is currently 145 which is a jogging rate. Oxygen levels are good thanks to ventalater. Good is good and he is moving through these doctors and nurses.

8:52 am STP: still not out of the woods yet. Possible problems iwth kidney and/or heart. Not sure yet. They aer calling in a kidney specialist and cardiologist.
9:03am STP: DON'T bring Malaya this morning. See what happens later today.

10:57am KIM Q: are you there yet??????
11:03 am ME: no, I'm home with Malaya
11:04 am KIMQ: Awwwhhh man!!! DId you get last update
11:06am Me: About heart and kidneys? Or is there more?
11:06 am Kim Q: No that is it....I HATE THIS!

11:41 am ME: They think she MIGHT have had a heart attack at some point. Malaya is with me. Unable to talk- PLEASE PRAY!
11:41 am Jami: OH NO! Praying!
11:47 am STP: She did NOT have a heart attack. She is doing better.

12:00 DAVID: We were told today that there were some test results that may suggest issues with Jenny's heart. A cardiologist just left room and said Jenny's heart is structurally sound. they are going to increase her bp bottom number which will inturn reduce her heart rate.

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Jennifer said...

oh friend......I am just now reading this. Makes me sick and my heart break. For you, for David, for Beverly. I remember being glued to the computer and her site just waiting for updates. Praying so hard. Finding scripture that was appropriate for the moment. I'm so so sorry. I know that there will never be another Jenny and that's hard. Love you!