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February 10, 2010 Wednesday

And out the door to school...

7:26 Me to Blake: Stacey is home this morning so can you just get him here?
Blake: Yes! I will give Stacey gift cards too. Have a good day! Keep fighting.

9: 27 Kim Q: Only on 1 blood pressure med YAAYYY!!! and they r going to take her off ventilator!!! Might movement.
I send that out to the girls.
9:44 Kim Q: I mean to say TRY to take her off ventilator.. sorry... I am sooo frazzled!!! But still YEAAYY!!
Me: You at hospital?
Kim: No at work :( I went home last night at 8 ish and went to bed around 10:15ish

10:08 I drop B off at Amy's house. Emaline with MIL.

10:36 Carepages:

Dr.Kalipara just came to see us. We have grown to love this guy. He can't stop thinking about Jenny's condition. The word around here from the nurses is that whenever a doctor has a case that he can't explain, he finds himself wanting to solve it because it’s a challenge.
The doctor said this a few minutes ago, "There are some things that have happened with Jenny that I can't explain, so whatever you all are doing, keep it up."
They are about to start weaning her off the last bp medicine. He wants her off of this in the next 16 hours. He made this statement around 10:00am.
At 8:00 tomorrow morning, he wants to begin taking her off the ventilator. At first he said 6:00am, but he has a surgery then and he really wants to be here when this happens.
As of right now Jenny is almost breathing on her own. Thank you God for breathing life into her lungs.
Here's what is so cool--there's a chance that we might be able to talk to her tomorrow.
The doctor said that this is the first time that he can unequivocally say that she is improving.
Dr.Kalipara also gave a lot of praise to the ER doctor. Sometimes ER docs are so quick to send patients to ICU, but this one actually took some time with Jenny and it ended up saving her life.

One fear that Dr.Kalipara has are secondary infections. He is monitoring this closely, but please join in praying specifically against this.

David and Beverly had some good sleep last night, which was needed.

Right now we have people praying in over 20 states and 5 continents.

Your prayers are shaking the walls of this hospital like the prayers of the saints in Acts 4. Thank you for pouring time and energy into Jenny. God is unleashing his glory.

11:05 Stacey: Did you read latest on carepages? WOW! Awesome!
Me: I'm at hospital.
Stacey: wow, how is everything?
Me: Got to go see her for a min but then they were starting to clean so they asked us to step out.

12:07 Stephanie: Did they every find out about the blockage?
Me: No, I'm with Bev. When she gets out of the shower I will ask.

12:31 pm Amy: Just leaving house to take Elizabeth. If you need more time I can take bowden to target with me, just ask.
12:34 Me: I'm at hotel with Jenny's mom while she showers. Could you please take him to target.
Amy: Sure.

12:46 pm Joel: You close? Kim wanted to see Bev before she has to go back to work.

12:53 pm Amy: He fell asleep on way to take eliz. Stayed asleep in stroller and back to the car. May try to take him to the house and see if he will stay asleep.

12:54 pm ME to Joel: Be there in 5.

3:58 pm Kim Q: Completely off of BP med her blood pressure is the best is has ever been!!! Hallelujah!!

4:15 pm Me to Jessie: Girl! You saw her eyes!!! Amazing! No bp meds!
4:44 pm Jessie: yea no meds! Praise Jesus that's huge! I know, she opened her eyes and kind tried to talk a little! I had to leave cuz her blood pressure started to go up.

4:52 pm me to Holmes: Any news on Shara? Malaya just asked.
4:53 pm Holmes: Sitting here beside her- she is hanging out at a 7... Will keep you posted! I'll tell S that Malaya asked about her.
5:00 Me: Thank you! She was so cute! She just looked at me and asked did Ms. Shara have her baby yet? I told her I would find out.

5:18 pm Krista: How ya doing friend? Worried about ya. A teacher at school has also been praying for Jenny. Her friend was the daughter's teacher. I put my hands on Jenny's part of our cookbook last night when I prayed for her. I wanted her restored to the health of that day. How are you though?
Me: Why you got to make me cry?
Krista: Didn't mean to. Just worried about my Paige.
6: 27 Kim Q: Awwwh, the chaplaincy has directed the family to limit visitors to just family... they are sad but understand that while we are all a support.. they need down. I'm sure that doesn't pertain to you and Stacey ;)

7:07 pm Kimberly Holmes: Meet Miss Berkely Beck Smith: 8lbs and 8 oz. 6:27

Carepages 7:10

This is an important message from the family and the hospital concerning the next few days.

To begin with, we do not have the words to say thank you for your love, care, and support. We would not be at this point without you.

Through the power of God, Jenny has conquered "Phase One" of this painful experience. She is here because of God's glory and the beauty of community.

"Phase Two" is critical. The doctors have advised us that it is easy to fumble in this phase. At 9:00 in the morning they will begin taking Jenny off the ventilator. This is a process that could take 1-3 days.

We have been told that this will be a very difficult time for Jenny. She has been on her back in a bed for seven days and her body has been through all kinds of stress, and now it’s like they are telling her to get up and run.

Because of the difficulty for Jenny, we have been informed that this is going to be a painful experience for the family as we watch her come out of this. Surely we will rejoice when she responds positively, but we will also have our meltdowns as we watch her struggle.

1)We need her blood pressure to stay steady. This is extremely important. Improvement cannot be made without it. You’ve all been praying over her blood pressure for days, and Jenny needs those prayers more than ever in Phase Two.
2)Pray against infections. The doctors are monitoring this with great precision, but this is one of the greatest concerns at this point in Jenny’s recovery.
3)Due to limited space in the hospital and waiting rooms, the hospital administration and chaplain departments have advised us to not have any visitors over the next 72 hours. Phase Two is going to be draining for Jenny and the entire family. This was tough news for us to hear, because your presence has given us great strength, but the administration is adamant about the family receiving rest and rejuvenation, and in their experiences, they feel that over-stimulation can be a burden.
As of right now, they are going to give us the chapel in the hospital every night from 6:30-8:00. The family will be there to talk with whoever wants to visit. If the times change, we will advise you.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support. 1 Corinthians 12 and Acts 2:42 and Acts 4:32 have all taken on a whole new meaning for us. You have shown us Jesus and we will never be the same again. Thank you and He is mighty to save!

8:19 pm Jessie: Hey girl, I was thinking of going up there in the morning around 10 to see about the ventilator. I know David said it was cool for me and you and Stacey to go for support but I wasn't sure about the morning. You going up?

Me: Yes Mam! After I drop off all the kids then I was going up. Even if I sit down the hall in silence in the cave. Just need to. So glad David gave the okay of us!

Jessie: Cool. Me too then!

I haven't been posting my pep talks that I was leaving on her Facebook page, but I wanted to include this one.

Feb 10

SERIOUSLY! GIRL! Like 3,400 people praying for YOU just on Facebook!!! SERIOUSLY!

Okay friend. Here we are again. In a few hours the doctors are going to do this really mean thing to you and begin to remove that huge tube that has been down your throat the past week. Can you believe it has been a week? Are you listening? DON'T FIGHT! We all know you are a fighter, EVERYONE knows you are, but tomorro...w is not the day. We need your BP to say the same, which is awesome by the way. Totally awesome. We need you to feel our prayers. You just be strong, but don't fight! Let us fight for you. We are ready. I've prepared them! Just think about Dr. Drake in the room when you wake up, oh and Malaya. and David. You know, your favorite people, maybe just not in that order! Think about that sweet girl, but calmly, slowly, gently, hear me girl? Get my hint...Oh, and KNOW that I LOVE YOU

Oh the next day.... remember... the calm before the ..........

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