Monday, February 07, 2011

February 7, 2010 Sunday

First text of the morning was from Stacey. He woke up early and headed to be with David at the hospital.
7:58 am Stacey: Nurse said this morn "she is actually winning the battle now!!!!!!
8:05 am ME: GET OUT!

8:06 am Stacey: Check FB and see David's update
Which I can't go back and find :(

8:13 am David: Prayer wow. Thank God. Praise god. jenny is doing amazingly better. I wish you all could experience the joy in my heart and thanks I have for ya'lls deep passionate cried to God. We put some worship music via a ihome so she could worship last night. Most of her numbers have come back up to normal or close to it.

at 8:13 am I sent out a mass text telling my girls to go check carepages, it said:

We woke up to good news and we are lifting our hands praising the Lord Jesus because his mercies are new every morning.
All of her numbers are moving in the right direction. Some numbers aren't great, but they are going in the right direction.
Last night, they couldn't find a pulse in her hands and feet. Both were black and they were fearful that Jenny would lose some fingers and toes. This was tough news to take, but we'd all take a fingerless and toeless Jenny Biz. This morning we were told that Jenny squeezed a hand and that they were able to hear a pulse. They began to put some nitro cream on her hands; the same kind of cream they put on the heart after a heartattack. David is back there now hoping for a squeeze. Hallejuhah!
Also, this is the first morning that a nurse used the word "good" or "great" to describe Jenny's improvement. She is still sick, but this was the first they didn't use the phrase, "she's not out of the woods yet."
Last night the doctor said that this was the worse case of sepsis that he's ever seen.
We started to play music over Jenny last night. God is singing over her.

As for the Decatur Church, Bammel Road, and Sycamore View, you are without three of your ministers today because they are standing shoulder-to-shoulder fighting for their daughter and sister. Thanks for loving us.

8:13 David: like the acidity of her blood is normal, blood pressure numbers are up to 77 right now (97/68) the highest we have seen. She is still sepsis they said. But for the first time she is winning the battle. Thank you. And thank you God.

at 8:20 Stacey: did you read the update?

8:21 am ME: we have something large and alive in the attic that just ran over the ceiling above my bed!!!

THEN I WROTE: OH YES! I can feel her squeeze right now!!! I can feel it. Go read what I wrote on her FB page right now!

And this is what I had written on her Facebook page that David would read each night.

Feb. 7

oh friend. I am sitting here thinking and praying for you. I wish I could find ALLLLLL of those New Orleans families you single handedly helped after Katrina. You were on it! You organized, you delegated, you prayed, you helped. I can still hear some of the ladies calling your name: miss jenny. So unselfish. SO UNSELFISH. ON YOUR BIRTHDAY, you celebrated YOUR FRIENDS! NOT YOU! You wouldn't like all this attention. You would get all blotchy on your neck, but girl I know you feel all this love.YOU FEEL IT! You feel all of the people coming together in prayer over you, you feel it. Right now, I am YELLING "SATAN GET OUT OF THIS!" GET OUT! he knows how powerful you are with Christ, all the children you have reached, the women you have prayed with and for, you are such an encourager. I LOVE YOU! Now, you rest tonight. You let the doctors do their magic. You tell the blood to move in those sweet fingers and toes, you tell it friend. DEMAND IT! YOU TELL IT I SAID SO!, Or ask them politely, either way, I want you better.

9:42 am Jessie: Hey paige, donny and the girls are coming up to hospital around 1:30 or 2 if Malaya wants to hang.
Me: Great! That may just be perfect.

11:53 am David to me and Jessie: You 2 have been so amazing. Thanks for all your help. I have been told that y'all were going to clean our house. This is so kind, thank you.

ACTUALLY, Denise Paul, Lynley Phillips, and Rhonda Cullum all cleaned and did laundry! LOVE THESE GIRLS!
12:51 pm me to Beverly: any news?
1:08 Beverly: quiet today. Heart dr was here but there has been an emergency down the hall.
2:25 pm Beverly: She is in the beginning stages of coming out of kidney failure.

3:01 pm Please pray for circulation and blood pressure. Fingers toes feet not out of the woods!

4:30 My mass text: Her body did not do well off BP medicine so they hd to put her bk on it! We need her blood pressure to get right so her hands and feet have a chance to make it.

5:59 pm Beverly to me: I know this has to be so super hard! I am praying for you as you so beautifully minister to my people.

at 7:53 pm I sent a text to my friend Jami Henderson: Just for you Jami, pray for me! My stomach has turned over the minute we walked out of the elevator at hos! We r suppose to meet with David in a minute about Malaya.

Stacey, David, and I sat down and discussed Malaya's week with us. What she liked for breakfast, when to take her lunch and what she liked in it, when was practice, bed times, homework... this stuff. I can still see him sitting in his chair, wearing his gray running jacket. He looked like he had been hit by a train. He kept running his hands through his hair as we discussed the week.

8:56 pm Jessie: Hey girl, Malaya said if she is going to school in the morning, her backpack is in David's car. She is feeling better. They are settling in on blankets in our playroom. She is welcomed to stay whether she is going to school or not.
9:01 pm Me: She is going to school. Prob going to leave in about 10 been talking to David. I will text you when I leave.

I start looking for Malaya's principal's number, to give a heads up that Malaya would be at school the next day and to warn her that Malaya didn't know any of the details that had been plastered all over Carepages. Jenny was a substitute at Malaya's school and was thought of as staff, that is what the principal told me. I just would have hated if a teacher walked up in good heart and told Malaya something that she didn't know about her mom. Shara Smith got me the right info and I was able to talk to principal.

9:22 Stacey to me: Have Malaya call david before she goes to sleep. Just for a 5 min conversation so he can say goodnight.

10:07 pm Jessie: hey girl, is there any news? Nothing posted in a long time.

10:33 pm David: Just remembered Malaya has a school folder with communication info in it.
10:43 pm Me: She already showed me! She is a good girl! She is asleep. You get some. Love you.
David: Love u. This is the most amazing gift I could ever get to know my little girl is taken care of.

11:20 pm to my mom ( WHO was amazing during this time. She was with my kids MOST of the time we were at hospital, along with my inlaws.): I was just able to get Bowden down. Please plan on coming tomorrow. STP is going to stay here with kids until I get back.

11:34 pm me TO JESSIE: Stacey just got home and said that she looks good. He saw her and said how good she looked. I thought that was good. Wanted to share.

Wow. It truly is like it was yesterday.


Jodi said...

Love you. Praying for you.

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I didn't think it would hurt so much to read. Love you.