Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14, 2010, Sunday

I bet NOT the way David and Jenny would have liked to have spent the day of love.

10:14 am Cousin Lindsey: Happy Valentines day!

12:21 pm Me to the girls: Pray for Jenny's feet! A surgeon will be coming to tomorrow to discuss amputation! Lord I pray for COMPLETE HEALING!
KimQ: God we pray restoration in her feet and hands! Just like the size of the gall bladder reduced God we SCREAM IN THE NAME OF JESUS that u save not just her life but her hands and feet and all her organs!! Lord Jesus please we BEG for a MIRACLE!! Please please please GOD bless us with the desires of our hearts.
Stephanie: We r at Lake Highlands and cannot get updates what is going on?
Me: Dr Coming tomorrow to see about amputation of feet.
Stephanie: Thanks
Stephanie: How are u? Malaya?

Angie: On what?
Jessie: I am praying for complete wholeness and healing! U up there today?
Me to Angie: Feet! They think wet gangrene has set in.
Me to Stephanie: Malaya is w fam. I was okay until I heard about feet
Me to Jessie: Will be in a bit for a bit

Me to Kim: E just prayed for Mr. Joel to have a good time.
2:30 pm Jessie: I'm home today not feeling good. Gonna go up tomorrow. What is up with her feet? R we talking more than tips now?

Me: Yes! They think wet gangrene has set in. Stacey understands right above the ankles.
Jessie: Not happening! We were thinking of having our normal mon morn bible study in the chapel at hospital at 10 am. Would love for u to come in there and pray with us for Jen. Jen started our bible study and still comes when she doesn't sub. I'll go up to ICU when we r done. Do you know what time foot doctor is coming?
Me: No but if I hear I will let you know. Thank u for the invite. My plan is to come up for a bit but P's Valentine's party is tomorrow at 11.

4:21 pm Stephanie: Yea that was hard- its all so hard
Me: I'm at hospital now. David is getting so weary. Of course.
Stephanie: I can't imagine I keep asking people to pray for him- r u in the room?

6:28 pm Kimberly Blake: I got carpool this week.
Me: No u don't have to! Malaya is staying at her house with aunts but thank you!
Kimberly Blake: Are you sure? I don't mind!
Me: I know and I greatly appreciate it. Since I won't have to make a run to Keller I need to try to get back into a routine for our fam as well. Thank you!

Leave you with the pep talk

straight up, to the point. I want you to think hard about this. WE NEED BLOOD FLOW TO YOUR TOES! TO YOUR FEET! Every inch of them. We are all praying so very hard about your feet Jenny, and your hands, and your lungs, and your liver. WE want every inch of you HEALED! Our almighty God can use his strong arm to answer our prayers. WE are on it! YOU tell your blood to do that Jenny Bizaillion! Wiggle those toes at the doctor tomorrow! WIGGLE! SHOW OUT! Dance if you want to, just come on friend. We love you. You rest tonight, but tell your blood to the feet, to the feet, to the feet....

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summer said...

Just had one of those "This still can't be real..." moments while reading. Not sure my heart will ever be able to fully accept it. Thinking about the loves of her life today, and praying for deep peace for each of them.