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February 6, 2010

Well, my first text of day was actually in the middle of the night. I remember sitting in my bed alone, trying to unwind from the days events. Malaya's asleep with Emaline, and the 2 boys in their room.

12:09 am ME:About to go to bed, GIVE me something good!
12:10 am Stacey: Yes getting a little better all the time. They have taken her med levels down a little and she is holding steady. She is a fighter.

Carepages had this up around midnight:

This has been a rough 36 hours.

Here is something to praise God about...Jenny's vitals are the best
they've been since she has been in the hospital. She still has a
ways to go, but her blood pressure is the best it's been and she is
finally breathing better. Earlier, they wanted the machines to do
the breathing for her but Jenny kept fighting it.

We are blown away by the love and support.

Keep praying in faith. We're asking for the God of healing to speak
the word.

7:21 am ME to many: The dialysis machine has malfunctioned! They are also concerned about her PH levels, scary times (per her mom on FB)
8:00 am from Joel: u at hospital?
Me: Just pulled up.
Joel: just wanted an update. Last one on FB didn't sound good.
Me: It's not.
Joel: Not al all what I wanted to hear. Not at all!

8:59 am Stephanie: On way to hospital
Me: Great. Malaya has a basketball game today so we are going to that. BTW we postponed Parker's birthday party but I'm sure you figured that out.

9:24 am Stacey: Bout to start a real powerful drug with some possible complications. Pray this works!
10:07 am Via Carepages
Here is the first update of the day.

Earlier this morning the dialysis machine broke. Jenny had too much
fluid coming out and it clogged up the machine.

She is fighting and the doctors are fighting.

They have put her on a new medicine this morning. It is a risk
because it is a make it or break it drug. If the medicine causes
bleeding, there is no way to stop it. The doctor feels it is worth
it because it is very effective against sepsis.

It is still a crucial 24-hour...

10:07 Angela Gier: Will pray for success w/out side effects!
Me: Side effect would be bleeding of the brain.
Angela: Oh dear Lord show us your healing power!

10:33 am Felicia: I'm about to get out of the house, you need anything?
Me: I'm at Jenny's right now getting some things for Malaya. Thank you! She has a bball game today. U r sweet.

10:56 am Stacey: They now confirm it was strep that started all this.

11:18 am Kimberly Holmes: Tell STP I am bringing 4 large pizzas in 15 minutes

11:39 am Stacey: good thing M (malaya) is not here! Lots of emotion coming out!
Noon Update on Carepages:

We wish that we had paragraphs of good news to report.
They have started a new dialysis, so please God, let this one work.
The doctors and nurses have the full-court press on.
The doctors names are Dr.Lester and Dr.Kolligari.
The nurse right now is Tamara. They have have all been honest and courageous. We assure them that they are prayed over.
They have told us that Jenny is the sickest person in this ICU.
Many of us are too tired to pray, so thank you for praying for us. Your prayers are sustaining Jenny and her family.

12:05 pm Me: M just scored!
Stacey: she is a stud!
12:12 pm Me: M just scored again!

12:15 pm Me to David: Your baby has scored 2 baskets! She is awesome!!
David: Way to go Malaya!
12:57 pm Me to David: Malay got most christlike after game.
1:00 pm Me to Stacey: Malaya's prayer request after game " my mom is sick"


There is nothing new to report at this time.
We have had a number of visitors to the point that security just came and cleared them out. They told us that we can only have 6 in the waiting room at a time. For some reason, they thought that 75 people in a small waiting room was a bad idea. HA!
Most people have gone to other waiting rooms. Not a set back...we've just gone from a mega church to a bunch of cell churches! HA! We are planting churches throughout the hospital!

We will get them news whenever we hear new info.

Remember to message the family, put this link on your Facebook and Twitter Account. Forward it to your churches and contact lists. People from throughout the world are locking arms and lifting prayer! Praise Him!

Blessed be His Name!

1:35 pm from David: :) and she is so Christlike. thanks Paige. I am so proud of you Malaya.

3:36 from CarepagesJust got word that the drug that was given to Jenny to fight the infection was causing some dangerous side effects. Therefore, the doctors decided to stop the medicine. This simply means that they will not be able to attack the infection as aggressively as they would have liked.

Please continue to pray for Jenny, the family and especially for the medical staff to have divine wisdom. We will keep you posted as information becomes available.

Think on this:

The disciples asked Jesus how to pray. He said, "your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven."

There is no strep, staph, or pneumonia in heaven.

Pray for heaven to come and hell with it's sickness to be cast out!

Pray with the authority of God through the power of the Spirit that the resurrection power of Jesus be released in Jenny's body!

5:21 pm Jami: Is she improving at all? Haven't stopped begging God all day!!!
Me: No. It truly is a rollercoaster. I'm going to drop her at movies with some friends from her life group then heading to hospital.

At 6:33 pm I sent out this mass text: BEST YET! Read carepages in about 5 minutes.

6:35 pm Carepages:

We have several PRAISES to share!

1. Many of you offered buddy passes and airline miles but we couldn't quite work out the logistics. However, God sent us an angel who offered to pay for the tickets! That is a praise!

2. The heart doctor came in a said that her heart is "holding steady" which is also a praise!

3. The blood work report came in and shows that the PH (blood gas)levels are coming up; have made the most significant jump to date; and are the highest levels since Thursday. This is a praise!

4. Bottom line is that Jenny is still critically ill and clinging to life but she is also not getting worse. This is a PRAISE!

Keep praying! The family feels it. Jenny needs it.

6:47 pm I sent out this mass text: It was strep A then she got the flu that settled in her lungs and into blood stream very rare. Check carepages.

I didn't find any carepages that worked back into that text.

at 8:56 pm.... horrible news. I sent out this mass text.

THis response came from AG: Enough Already! God please completely heal her!
JH: OMG!!! NOOO!!!!

9:50 Carepages
If you are reading this message, please say a prayer for Jenny.
She needs to be lifted up in prayer right now - pray for blood

10:01 I text Jessie, who is down stairs in hospital at one of the 'satellite churches' and ask if Malaya is ready to go home. I think for her it was so fun to see so many people that love her in one place. She just bounced around hugging and talking to everyone. The nice couple that took her to the movies had brought her back to hospital.

10:03 pm Jessie: she's just chilling and talking. I'll bring her up soon. She says she wants to see Alyssa. She should be backs soon with Jace and Mandy.

10:24pm Carepages
Jenny's hands and feet are turning black. Please continue to
pray for circulation in her body. God is the ultimate healer, pray
for him to heal Jenny's body!

I have about 100 texts from this day. After I would send out those mass texts, I would receive comments back from everyone how they were praying, how they were on their knees, how they were battling, praying for me. I remember this being SUCH an exhausting day emotionally. I brought M home and we went to bed. There are more carepages updates as well.

12:08am Carepages had this:
The doctors think that the circulation can be treated. That was
good news!

The nurses feel that she is stabalized for the night, so we're
going to try and get a little rest.

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