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February 15, 2010, Monday

updated! I forgot the peptalk. Silly me!

I start the day off sending a text to Stephanie. Today is her birthday.

6:50 am Me to Stephanie: Happy birthday friend. I pray you have a great day! Amazing! I'm so very thankful to have such wonderful friends! I am out tonight (remember it's Monday and she is one of the Monday Night Girls). Which stinks since its your birthday. I'm so sorry. Can we celebrate another day? Maybe at the hospital with Jenny!!!

8:15 am Stephanie: Thank u 4 birthday blessings. My fam has plans 2night 4 me so I will meet up with you next week.
Me: Perfect! You need to have some plans!!! Have a great time!
Stephanie: Thanks. Will u please text me updates as I am in class all day thanks. (BTW, she teaches at TCU)
Me: Yep

10:13 am Me to girls: PRAY! David received a call to come to hospital. Surgeon wants to do surgery ASAP! We have witnessed miracles! Pray! We want all of Jenny! Even her feet!!
Amy S: I will say a prayer. Miracles can happen. I am so sorry that poor Jenny is going through all of this!
Angie M: Will be praying
Kimberly Holmes: Just got sick to my stomach. Praying in the shoe aisle of target

10:15 Carepages

We didn't realize it has almost been 24 hours since an update.
There wasn't much to report yesterday other than what we posted. Today is a big day. A few doctors will be by to check on Jenny. Please continue to pray for her feet.
We woke up to good news this morning. At 3:30am, Dr. Kallipara was at the hospital checking on a patient and he decided to go by to see Jenny. Jenny woke up while he was in there and he immediately had a nurse call Beverly (Jenny's mom) to come up to the hospital so that there would be someone familiar.
They have decided to not do a trach today. They feel that Jenny is ready to get off the vent.

10:16 Me to Jessie: I know ur at hospital. U may know. Surgeon wants to do surgery on Jenny's feet ASAP! Pray!!! We want her feet!

10:44 David: They r going to do amputations just below her knees at 3 pm today.
I copy this and sent to the girls.
I still remember the feeling I got in my stomach when I received that text.
Jami: NO! Still praying for a miracle.
Kelli: Can I call you?

Sabrina: How are you guys with meals for dinner? I'm grocery shopping and would love to make you guys something if you are running low.
Me: Malaya is now at home, or atleast for now. Jenny is having her legs amputated from knee down today at 3. Please pray! I just went to walmart today and bought all my meals for this week. Thank you! You are so sweet and your snowman was the best I saw!

11:15 Julie: Oh Paige. Jenny is on my mind all the time. I will keep praying. How are you? Do you need anything?
11:39 KimQ: Does she know this? Is she conscious today? Are her hand going to make it?

11:26 Carepages


Pray right now for a miracle!

The doctors are discussing with Jenny's family as I type this having to amputate Jenny's feet.

The doctor wants to do it asap.

This is an urgent prayer request! Get the word out!

Do NOT head up to the ICU Waiting Room. No visitors. Just pray!!!11:49 Me: Don't know. I'm heading up there now?

11:48 Carepages
I don't know what to say.
We just received the news that they are going to perform surgery on Jenny at 3:00pm to amputate just below her knees.
They are a little concerned about performing such a procedure with Jenny in the condition she is in, but they are convinced that this is necessary.
Keep praying for a miracle.

Kim: okay
Me: A hand specialist is coming by later. STP said they are NOT out of the question.
12:12 Stacey: Text me when you get here. I will come meet you.
12:24 Me: I'm stuck at train by hospital, about to pull in
Stacey: Okay coming down.

1:05 Sabrina: Yes... I guess Stacey has been texting Grant so he had called me about the amputation. My heart breakd for her, her family and you guys. I can't begin to imagine one of my dear friends having to endure this! We will be praying for Jenny and all of you! My mother and her friends will be as well! Please let me know if you need anything!
(This sweet neighbor actually picked up milk for me one day when it was snowing. I just opened Emaline's window and we did a pass through. So sweet)

1:06 Me to girls: Keep praying! Jenny's other doctors don't necessarily support other dr's decision! Keep praying!!! THey are going to consult! PRAY!
Jami: WILL DO!

1:11 pm David: They have decided to postpone the surgery until tomorrow. This will give time for the doctors to discuss the necessity of the surgery.
I copy and send out.
1:13 Kimberly Holmes: Oh my word!! We are living through a million miracles. Praise Jesus! Praise Jesus! Heal her Lord!
leslie: Hallelujah!
Stephanie: And more time to pray.

2:20 Carepages:

This is my first time to write an update (Rick). The family is in a state of shock and numbness at the news we received this morning. The attending doctors have just decided to do some further testing -- so they have postponed the surgery until tomorrow.

It is incredible what happens in the mind at a moment like this. I keep hearing my precious daughter singing Twila Paris' "How Beautiful" at Jonathan's and Jennifer's wedding (she gives me goosebumps when she sings).

And while we preachers are taught to always preach in context (though we sometimes break that rule when it serves our purposes), I keep thinking about Romans 10: 15. "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news." Although my daughter is not a preacher, she is a vessel in which the gospel is carried -- as has been evidenced on these pages. And no matter what happens, I have confidence that she will continue to be God's ambassador, feet or no feet, perhaps in greater ways than ever.

Satan has delivered a severe blow. No doubt he wants to cripple our family. Gangrene and sepsis are only part of the Fallout from the Garden. But no matter what Satan delivers to us here, there is one thing that cannot and will not change. My daughter will be made whole again -- for all eternity. And all this makes me say with greater passion, "Come, Lord Jesus."

If my attitude is wrong about what I am about to say, I have already asked God to forgive me. But I cannot wait to see Satan cast into the pit forever and ever for all of the pain and suffering he has inflicted on God's children -- and in particular, my baby girl.

So while we are numb today, we do not lose hope. Victory has been secured at the cross. And we WILL rejoice in that.

Jessie 2:59 pm: Have they posted that the surgery has been postponed? People still think it is happening
Me: yes, it is on carepages
Jessie: Thanks. I went in this morning and prayed for her and talked with david and beverly. David is so strong! I'm still believing for healing in those feet!

4:14 Jessie: R u coming up tonight? R they doing the chapel?
Me: I was up earlier. Don't plan on coming back unless something happens. Don't know about chapel
Jessie: K

4:29 pm Kelli: WOW WOW WOW! I just read carepages! I'm beyond excited. I pray this news helps david
4:32 Me: Amazing!

4:33 pm Me to the girls: She does NOT need to have amputations at this time!!! Thank you Lord Jesus!! Check Carepages!!!
Stacey: WOWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I know he isn't a girl, but he is on the list)
Julie: Prayers are answered! Love you paige!
Kimberly Holmes: I have head to toe chills! Mercy lord.
Me to Kimberly: Seriously! kimberly! AMAZING!
Me to Kimberly: Plus, can u believe how close she was to losing her legs! GET OUT SATAN!
Kimberly Holmes: I keep saying I can't believe it because every request prayed for is answered. But I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES because it is happening IN FRONT OF MY FACE. His mercies never come to an end.
4:45 Amy: That is awesome. What was the final call? Did u decide about school? I called Michelle.

5:10 Carepages

Rick again) The doctors have X-rayed Jenny's legs and see no gas, which means that for the time being surgery is not needed. They will go day-by-day. There is still some source of infection that they have been unable to pinpoint.

For now, she is stable, awakening occasionally and responding to our words.

1. Be praying hard for her legs to get better -- taking talk of amputation off the table.
2. Pray that the doctors will be able to locate the source of infection.

Words will never be adequate to express our gratitude to you all. Your support and prayers have truly been evidence of the 2nd incarnation -- Christ in His people. We plead with you to be furious in your prayers for these two requests.

Kimberly Holmes: I am thinking of a fundraiser.... Ready? A fun RUN... and Jenny holding the tape at the finish line. 5000 people wearing tshirts that say- "I'd run a BIZAILLION miles for JENNY"! What do you think?
Me: Perfect

5:52 pm Me to Amy: My plan is to work tomorrow
(Let me just say I work at the most amazing preschool. They allowed me to take off and blessed me the entire time, if you know what I mean. AMAZING! I had such support and am still receiving it. Those women are gifts)

8:19 pm Joel: Ask Stacey what the total is?
8:26 pm me: I'm not at home

I debated telling you where I was, but I think I will share. I was getting my hair done. :) I don't know about you, but I L.O.V.E. getting my hair done! It is like a renewal for me. I made the appointment just a day before and she stayed late to get me in. I always feel better when my hair is fresh, don't you? It was a treat for me, to get away, and not think about anything!!! I don't think I would even let her talk to me. I just read the trashy gossip magazine, not that there is anything wrong with trashy gossip magazines!!! LOL!!!

8:38 pm Sabrina: Hope you enjoyed some time to yourself getting your hair done this evening! You deserve it!

Pep talk for the night:

Girlllllfriend. Why do you do this to me? Now, I know you heard my peptalk from last night about wiggling your toes, so why on earth did you NOT do that for the doctors?? You could have saved us much heart ache! This is what we need: help those doctors find the infection, tell that blood to circulate ALL through your feet and hands, and keep showing off with your breathing! Seriously. That is what we need. I cannot WAIT to tell you some amazing stories from this past week, so please get well. God has been so faithful, he had used that STRONG ARM to answer our prayers Jenny. I even asked the Sonic carhop to pray for you today when she commented on my necklace. You are making me bold about my faith and bold on giving God the glory. You are amazing friend. Keep up that hard work, but also rest! Can you really do both? I bet you will try. LOVE YOU!

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