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February 11, 2010 Thursday

Snow Blizzard day! You remember? The weather really did coincide with what was happening in the hospital.

7:46 am Me to Malaya's principal: Angie, it Paige Pearson. Malaya is on her way. My husband is bringing her so I can get to hospital. They are running late today with the weather. I'm so sorry.

8:05 am Malaya's principal: No problem! Be safe: And send our Caprock love to sweet Jenny and her family.

Why was I heading to hospital??? You ask???

Carepages 7:30 am

This is a big day for Jenny and consequently a big day for her Prayer Warriors!

We wanted to remind you of a few things and then share with you a letter from Russ Hamilton who is an elder at the Decatur Church of Christ.

- Please see the last update from yesterday regarding an important announcement from the family and hospital. Bottom-line is that they are requesting NO VISITORS to the hospital for the next 3 days outside of 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

- Many of you have heard the song, "These Are The Words I Would Say" by the Sidewalk Prophets...well, although we can't be there with Jenny and the family physically for the next few days, we can still share our heart with them. Please leave a message below and share with them what you would say if you were there. How cool is it going to be for Jenny to be sitting on her couch at home reading all these messages in the book that will be made from all of our updates and your messages?

- Speaking of...if you have left a comment on Jenny's or someone else's Facebook, please copy and paste it as a message to one of the updates closest to the time you posted it. That way it will be in the book!

- The doctors have told us that today will be a rough day for Jenny and the family. Please, please, please be fervent in prayer! Pray specifically that as Jenny wakes up and is taken off of the vent, that she doesn't fight it too much thus causing an undesirable change in her BP and potentially delaying the transition.

- Continue to pray for the complete restoration and healing of Jenny's internal organs as well as of her hands and feet. If we've learned one thing on this journey, it that specific prayer requests are good...really good.

- Updates will be coming with a little less frequency, but they will be coming. The stories we've heard about people wearing out their 'refresh' buttons and sleeping with their laptop on their nightstands, etc are amazing! We'll keep them coming because we know you will keep the prayers coming!

And finally, please read and prayerfully consider this beautiful request from Russ Hamilton:

The past several days the burden of this hospital bill has been weighing on my heart. David & Jenny have no medical insurance. When they first arrived, the hospital assured David not worry about how they would pay for her stay and that the quality of Jenny’s care would in no way be diminished due to this fact. We have been earnestly praying for a week for God to miraculously heal Jenny. It is obvious that He has heard our leading by the fact that she is alive right now. Wouldn’t it be an incredible witness to this world for the 4,000 plus people who have been praying to each contribute $100? Let’s challenge ourselves, be diligent, and act quickly to ease this burden from the family. We can return this hospital’s generosity to the Bizaillion family by helping take care of this debt. The hospital didn’t hesitate to take care of her, let’s not hesitate in giving sacrificially. Please give something even if its not $100. Our goal is $500,000!

Here’s the simple process: Go to the Gregg Pearson Foundation at, click on “donate”, during the donation process click on “special instructions” and type “Jenny Bizaillion”. 100% of what is donated will be given to David and Jenny. The GPF is a tax deductible 501c3 organization.

From Russ Hamilton, Shepherd at Decatur Church of Christ

9:25 am Me to Stacey: Dr. still not here.
Stacey: Cool
9:26 am Me: Bev just hugged me. Said she will sit in hall outside room.

9:27 am Me to Joel: U coming today?

9:27 am Stacey: you call me if I need to be there
9:28 am Me: How much given now?

9:28 am Joel: Pulling in
(Joel mostly did all the Carepage updates, and did a great job of it. I was ready for him to get there to get it up and ready for the prayer warriors!)

9:31 am Stacey: At least 25 donations. I'll let u know once I get to my office and can sit down to look at all of them.

9:32 am Joel: Walking in. How's it going?
9:32 ME: Dr not here yet.
Joel: All fam there?
Me: I saw Josh and Bev I assume Rick and David in room. Not sure.
Joel: I'll be there soon. I'm just trying on these scarfs down here in the lobby (He was trying to be funny. Tables would be set up down by the gift store full of jewelry, sunglasses, and scarves. He is one funny guy :))
9:39 am Beverly: Dr not here but starting anyway
ME: Okay! Praying
9:41 am Beverly: Had to stop til they can get a mouth guard- biting tube.
ME: Joel is here! Let us know when and what to update. U write whatever u want to me girl. I am praying hard!

9:48 am My Mass text: Okay girls and hubby, I will text updates but I ask that you NOT put them on facebook or twitter. Check carepages for that info.

They had told us that taking her off the vent was going to be ugly. Weren't sure what all to expect, so carepages was going to be very vague, like did you know that Jenny bit the vent to hard that her tooth got stuck in it and broke out. OUT OF HER MOUTH! HER TOOTH! She is one strong girl...

Jami: U got it! Praying!
Me to KIM Q: U r in my group I just sent, so I told Joel I will send messages from bev to u! Okay?

I then sound out Beverly's last text about having to stop because she was biting.
Kimberly Holmes: Gotcha. Has it started?
Stephanie Bailey: Got it, thanks.
Linda: No problem for me since I don't do facebook and twitter.
Me: Yes. W/O dr. Did u get my last text
Kimberly Holmes: Got: no facebook, biting tube and w/o doctor
Kelli Ladewig: R u Home or hospital? Is somebody getting carried away with what they think everybody needs to know?

9:58 Stacey: total at this point 14,505
Me: praise the LORD!

9:59 am Jessie: On my way any news on waking up?
I tell her what I know, same as what Beverly sent.
Jessie: Stinker

10:06 Me to Bev: Is doctor there?
10:06 I send out a mass text: First attempt did not work. She was biting too hard. Will try again in 15.
Kelli L: Ok. Pray for Jenny's body to b calm and not fight
Kim Q: You have angie, Kelli and Steph on your list right? I'm going to delete them off mine.
Me: Yes.

10:31 am Me to my girls: She is still biting too much. Try again at 1.
Jami: This is pretty typical right?
Me: Yes

10:34 am Stacey: How is David?
Me: not sure, he is still back.

10:39 Stephanie: Will pray 4 peace- how r u?
Me: fine

11:17 Kimberly Blake: Did you get the early release?

11:23 Stacey: 18,623

Carepages 11:30 am
Quick update: They are going to wait until 1pm to try taking her off the vent. God is in control. Pray. Family is in good spirits despite the set back.

11:43 to my girls: Dr is here. Still waiting as far as I know. Dav was just out talking w us. He looks good just a bit tired.
Stacey: I bet.

11:43 Kimberly Holmes: Why wasn't doc there to start with?
Me: Another procedure at HEB

Somewhere in this time frame I want to document that Joel asked me to drive him to get a rental car. It was SOO cold and crazy with the cotton ball size snow flakes. HE was a nervous WRECK with me in the drivers seat with the weather conditions. SINCE I am out, I go get lunch for Me and Jessie.

11:55 Me to Malaya's principal: Angie, can you let malaya know that Donny Beebe will be picking her up since the early release. We r waiting.

11:55 Me to stacey: You close?

12:07 pm Malaya's principal: YES! Praying for Jenny :)

12:17 Jessie to me: David's mom ... chick filet sandwhich and fries Me.. grilled chicken sandwhich with swiss cheese only and yogurt parfait, chick filet sauce too. David's mom went back to see and doors closed and docs in there. Maybe we should get a few extra sandwiches?? I'll give extra $$ to help.

12:27 pm Joel: Did you make it back safe?
(See, he was worried about me driving!)
Me: Y

12:29 pm Candace: Preschool is closing at 1. Do you need me to take E and B?
Julie: Bowden has a carseat :)
12:37 Me to Julie: Okay. I think Denise also figured it out in her car as well. Sorry. My mind is all over the place.
Julie: Don't be sorry! You have been on my mind today. Praying.
Amy: We have a car seat! Do you still need it. Sorry about earlier. The kids were getting wild.
Me: Denise should have it handled. Did she not come tell u??!! I am sorry. Should be taken care of. Thank you! PRAY!

1:19 pm Me to the girls: Pray for her, girls. Lungs look like Tuesday . :( White blood count high. Could be infection. Waiting until tomorrow to try again. Pray! SHE CAN DO IT!
Kelli L: Have u for the kids taken care of?
Me: Yes, right now they are at Denise's and Kimberly's

Carepages 2:00

As we enter our 7th day, which feels like 162nd day (no, really), I figured it was time for me (Jonathan) to break into this posting business.

First off, we want to welcome one our newest members to the carepages here. Welcome, Dr. Kollipara!!! This is Jenny's main doctor. He said his staff called him this morning because he had to see something. What did they show him? This page right here. So what did he do? He joined. We continue to pray for him and his staff as they work with Jenny.

Now, on to the newest update. As Dr. Kollipara was talking to us, Jenny began to wake up so they decided to go ahead and start the test trial with her off of the ventilator. She made it about five minutes or so, but they said she was just not ready. They will try again at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning.

Here are our two major prayer requests right now:
1. Her white blood cell count is about 5 times what it needs to be. We need this to come down.
2. Her lungs look a little worse today than yesterday. Pray that the breath of God is breathed into her lungs.

Again, thank for your prayers, thoughts, and friendships. I cannot begin to tell you how much it means! As has become our anthem, "He is mighty to save!"

Carepages 4:19

This "might" be the last update for the night. It has been snowing in Dallas all day and a weather advisory has been issued this afternoon. It is supposed to be 29 degrees by 4:00pm. The hospital administration has strongly advised families to go home this afternoon.
Most everyone has already left the hospital, but good luck trying to get David and Beverly out of here.

I will post throughout the evening as I receive updates from David, Beverly, and/or doctors.

We pray for God to intervene in these areas:
-Breathing. Jenny is struggling to breathe this afternoon. They have called our doctor and friend Dr.Kallapara to see if he wants to come look at it. We are waiting for that call. Keep praying, as we have for days, for God to breathe life into her lungs.
-Keep praying for Jenny's white cell count. They are afraid that it is the result of another infection. If so, the doctors and nurses want to get ahead of it.

Thanks for being so faithful and so involved.

6:05 pm Me to girls: PRAY check with carepages! Send it out!
KQ: I can't we r in bad weather driving Dear God Please we BEG Ur mercy to be on Jenny's body Please heal her and save her life Lord Jesus Please AMEN!

Kelli L: R u doing updates now? Praying big! Need anything? (Since Joel was going out of town, that is why Kelli is asking if I am doing updates, but that answer is NO!)

Me to Kelli: KELLI! Malaya is complaining about her throat and ears! NO FEVER! Help! What should I do! She said she felt dizzy. It was right after she talked to David.

6:47 pm me to girls: DO NOT PASS ALONG! Pray against possible blood clot!! Against it!
Jami: Oh NO! Praying!!!

6:48 pm Carepages

Jenny's oxygen level in her blood is the lowest it has been since she has been in the hospital. This is a concern, because it is half of what it should be. The nurse said this is not a setback, but a bump.
You got to love the relationship we've formed with the doctors and nurses. God has cultivated a beautiful community.
Beverly asked the nurse, "Is this something that we need to have our prayer warriors praying over." She emphatically responded, "YES!!!"
We will keep you posted.

Kelli L: Maybe give her some decongestant and tell her to take a hot bath or shower. She's got to be a ball of stress. Keep checking fever.
Kelli 6:52: NO! Praying for it to miraculously disappear. It's happened before! Keep praying Satan to stay away!

Kim q: Chest is good. No blood clots. Head nurse thinks they're pushing things too fast.
ME: I send that to the girls!

Have no idea what I fixed for dinner. Guess it was good. OR somebody brought it over, which I did have some incredible friends doing incredible things like bringing over dinners.
7:07 Sabrina: Thanks again for dinner! It was yummy.

7:10 Kelli L: Have you seen her again?
ME: Yes, yester and today and her toes!
Kelli: How was that? Toes getting any color back?
Me: yucky. They think she will only lose the tips of her toes.
Kelli: Great news! Will they do anything big tonight? Vent again tomorrow?
Me: I think.
Kelli: Yikes. ru still at hospital? Will u be home with 'all' your kids?
Me: I've been home since around 3 with all my kids. :) Not sure about tomorrow.
Kelli: I've got 4 wheel drive if I need to help out. Just say the word.
Me: Thank you! I've got to find a sitter first. My mom was going to come but now not with weather! I'm hoping linda will watch them.
Kelli: I'm not working so I can watch all or some. SO keep that in mind.

7:34 Kim Q: Oxygen perfect!!!
( I send that out!)
I get back these responses: YEAH!, Praise GOD! Your kidding! I can't believe this!!

8:55 pm Carepages
The blood oxygen level was a concern for the nurse attending to Jenny. In response, they performed another x-ray on her chest and they did an ultrasound to search for blood clots in her legs.
The x-ray came back normal. Her lungs haven’t improved today, but they have declined either. There are no blood clots in the legs. Hallelujah!
Check this out because it’s kind of humorous: there was a new nurse who came on at 7:00. This guy has been with us for 3 consecutive nights and we really like him. He looked at the numbers and immediately said that they didn’t add up. He told the fam that he thought the last nurse had tested the oxygen level in the blood with blood from the veins and not the arteries. So, he did the exact same test with blood from an artery. Results=perfect blood-oxygen-level. More fist bumps from the Biz/Ross fam.
Jenny is in good hands tonight. I have confidence that you will continue to stand in the gap for Jenny, but please pray for Rick, Beverly, and David. They are about to leave the hospital for David-Malaya-time and for a meal. Then, off the hotel for some rest.
David’s parents and siblings are in town and we desperately want them to sleep in peace tonight. All of the Ross’ need this peace too, as do friends and prayers warriors. We are united tonight around the power and glory of God. It is an honor to journey with you.
We trust that Jenny is cradled in the arms of God tonight. We pray for Him to sing over her with his gentle mercy.
We love you all even though we don’t know you all.

9:01 Kim Q: Any news? I am sooo praying for my divided heart!!! I hate hate hate not to be there!!! I know her health isn't dependent on our being there...ha ha ha.
Me: not really. Oxygen is good still. Trying to figure out the white blood cell thing. Won't have culture results back til tomorrow.
Kim Q: Thankful for the dedicated love you have for ur friends! It is a treasure in theirs and our hearts! Ur servant love for Him provides a healing love for them. BUT I just feel some what like we just left in the middle of the storm plus feel sooo disconnected! Praying for a refreshment for ur family tooooo.

Julie B. 9:14 So happy to hear about her oxygen levels. God is great! You try to get some rest tonight. Jenny is in our prayers.

This night, David came to spend time with Malaya, and I woke up to find that Malaya had gone with David to the hotel. Kim and I text back and forth a few times as they were on their way to Boerne. She said a prayer for me.
10:27 pm Me: That was beautiful.
Kim: I heard you guys have 9-10 inches of snow.
Me: We have around 12 inches. in Denton and haslet. I'm going to bed. Love u have a great time.
Kim: None. We did get to go thru a snow blizzard.

The snow was beautiful, but it also represents the war that was going on inside and outside that hospital.

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