Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 16, 2010, Tuesday

9:06 am me TO David: How are BOTH my girls doing?

9:35 Kim Q: from Bev Ross: cat is at 10: keep praying

10:28 am Stacey: What is up with the CAT scan?
10:28 me: Trying to find out
10:32 Me: I did. Keep praying is what Bev said to do.
10:38 Stacey: David said they are just trying to find the other infection
Me : okay
11:46 Me TO stacey: Any news on Cat scan yet?
Stacey: Not yet
Me: ok

12:04 Jami: Any news?!? How are u holding up?
12:05 Me: Waiting on Cat scan report to find infection
12:05 Jami: K. Was just anxious to hear...
Me: Me too
Jami: U still didn't answer my question about how u r holding up???
12:26 me: I'm at school, and I have a headache I'm tired and I'm impatient and I'm worried. I actually have a great story about a girl who offered to work for me for free!!!
Jami: I wondered if u were working this week... girl take her up on the offer! NOW!!!
Me: Amy is going to Disney next week so I kind of need to be here.

12:30 Me to Kim Q: Any news

12:30 Jami: Oh Yuck- that makes sense. Well... I'm praying for u too u know! I know u r so exhausted, physically and emotionally. Love you! Let me know when you hear something

12:40 David: Still waiting for results no news yet
12:40 me: Thank you for letting me know! Been praying!

1:03 pm Stephanie: Any update 2day?
Me: Still waiting on cat scan results. Did u have a good birthday?
Stephanie: Is that 2 find bleeding? I had a good bday dinner and some good finds with my gift card.

1:44 Stacey: No results yet.
4:24 Stacey: what is our plan tonight? Anything special?
Me: No, maybe salmon croquettes
Me: I have dr appoint for 2 kids in the morning
4:29 Stacey: Waiting for 1 more opinion, but it will require surgery whether keep feet or not: either to amputate or multiple surgery to reconstruct. Keep info n house 4 now. (meaning don't send to girls)
5:58 Kim Q: DOc coming at 8-8:30 is stp there with you.
Me: Yes

6:05 pm Jessie: Hey girl have u heard anything new lately?
Me: STP JUST now talking to david. U heard anything?
Jessie: No
8:55 Jessie: Hey girl, I guess nothing new today? I'm gonna go up tomorrow. Its hard to stay way too long.

Some of the texts here I am leaving off... Just too much....

9:44 KimQ: well what the heck is the news??? He hasn't text me anything else. I'm on pins and needles... I didn't even know about the surgery for 9:30 tomorrow but Laura did!! SHE TOLD ME!!!(Laura is in Abilene) Craziness. (Stacey and Joel are at hospital together with family)

Stacey and I are calling each other at this point. Who wants to text this....

9:49 Me to KQ: I think its on carepages now

9:53 Me to girls: Make sure you read carepages
Kimberly Holmes: Was just checking

9:54 Stacey: Were in discussion with the family now. I'll give all the info soon. This is so tough.

9:57 Kimberly Holmes: There is nothing yet. I don't have a good feeling
Me:Not good. Keep checking
9:59 Jami: Have they posted yet because its not pulling up on mine if they have.
Me: Maybe not but people on FB r talking

I need to say here, once Carepages was established I always referred to Carepages on FB. We decided it was best that way to get the info out. People would all get the same message at the same time. So it was puzzling that people on FB were talking about stuff that wasn't public.
10:00 Carepages
We have been with doctors almost all afternoon discussing Jenny's hands and feet. We hate to keep you all waiting, but we'll have a detailed update here within the next 30-45 minutes.

10:02 Julie: Thank you Paige, Jenny is in our prayers
Jami: People with correct info? Or just speculations?
Me: It sounded right on almost insider stuff. B is asleep on me. Let me put him down and go investigate.
Stephanie: Still nothing
Kimberly Holmes: My refresh button is worn out! Is she going to lose legs?

10:26 pm Me to Stacey: This has been forever! Let me know! I am trying to process! I know David is glad u r there. Carepages? People are blowing up my facebook!
Stacey: They are trying to figure out how to word the carepages. They r posting right now!
Me: K, when u gonna let me know!
Stacey: They r posting right now.
Me: So when are you gonna let me KNOW!
I knew what was going to happen, but I didn't know all the details. That is what I was referring to..

10:30 Carepages

Today has been like a punch in the gut. It has been a long day of talking with doctors for extended periods of time. Dr. Kollipara and Dr. Lester are now two of our favorite people in the world. They genuinely care about Jenny.

Before reading any further, we are asking that all of those who know Malaya or have children who know her, please refrain from sharing the following to people who might pass this on to Malaya. We trust you to keep this from those who might pass it on.

After hours of discussion, we are left with only one option—they are going to have to perform an amputation below Jenny’s knees. Basically, the medicine that had to be used to treat the Strep A and sepsis focused primarily on the organs. The doctors didn’t have a choice. They had to protect the essentials—the organs and the brain. Because of this, blood was not able to flow to the fingertips and toes. The tissue in her feet is dead and it will not grow back. There is a probable concern that a secondary infection has developed in the feet, and this could work its way up the leg causes serious consequences; notably, death.

We are begging God to:
-Save Jenny’s hands. They are looking good today and we want it to stay that way.
-Protect Jenny from all of the negative emotions that could come with the realization that life will now be different.
-Bless David with the words to say as he communicates this to Jenny.
-That everything in this surgery will go smoothly. This is a complicated procedure, so please pray for the doctors to be on their “A” game.
-Protect Malaya’s heart.
-Help Jenny to experience healing and grace so that she can be made whole.

There is some good news:
Jenny has been able to communicate some today. The only word she has muttered is, “Help.” Other than that, it has been a lot of head nods. Talking with Jenny made our day. She confirmed that she misses American Idol.
All of her numbers are improving. Her white blood cell count is still very high, which most likely means there is a secondary infection.

Thank God for the incarnation of Jesus. He chose to enter into pain so that he could love it and redeem it. We are experiencing this power today.
We are still praying for a miracle in Jenny’s physical feet. The time of surgery is set for 9:30am. May the same power that was able to lift up Jesus from the grave be upon her.

10:46 pm Me to Kimberly Holmes: yes. It is up now. I wasn't suppose to share until they published. I just thought they had earlier. Sorry.
Kimberly: It's okay. My heart is breaking for her.
Peptalk part 1

I love you!

Me to KimQ: It is ON carepages! 9:30! I know! I can't imagine telling Jenny! That is what broke me! No don't tell her! Don't tell her!

11:04 Me to Amy: As you can imagine, I don't plan on being at school on Thursday. I'm whipped. Going to bed.

11:11 Stacey: On the way home

11:23 Julie: I just read carepages again. Jenny is in my thoughts and in my prayers. Please let me know if you need anything Paige. I am hear to listen if you want to talk.

11:25 Me to Jessie:I tried to call you. I'm sure you have read by now...

Peptalk part 2!

pep talk... for you, my friend. I understand you were communicating with your hubby today. You go girl. I bet tubes in me would be bothering me as well. Don't you worry though. Those will be coming out very soon. I just know it. Can you even count how many times Sonny and Jason have been shot, and they don't even have ...scars!? Just think what kind of hero you would be in Port Charles! You could probably lead your very own mob. BUT I would ask that you not go into that line of work, it is very dangerous! I can't take much more Jenny Bizaillion, you are an amazing woman. AMAZING! I cannot wait to see what is in store for you! I can't wait to walk along side of you and hold your hand. Now, you get some rest, you need it. Not that you have any dark circles under your eyes or anything, just that your body needs to rest. I am sure of it. Even though i didn't see you today, I am sure of it. By the way, do you know how amazing your husband and daughter are? We are so ready to go out to eat with you guys. I'll check your calendar...oh look your free! GREAT! I will pencil you in.

OH What a Banquet it will be!!!

I remembering crying my eyes out this night.... I still completely thought that Jenny was going to make it.... but this surgery would make my friend different. I wanted COMPLETE healing. I wanted a miracle. I didn't want Malaya to have a 'different' mommy. I wanted Jenny to be complete.


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David said...

Delete that previous comment... ugh. SO doesn't belong here. I hate it when that happens.....

Just wanted to say hi. I have read every single word of every single day. I remember how we were all on pins and needles, I remember having to drive in my car so I could pray and pray LOUDLY, kinda even screaming, especially the night of the 16th. Anyways, just HI. And I love you. Praying for strength for you RIGHT NOW.