Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 20, 2010 Saturday

6:58 am Stephanie: Rainey has a thing this morning, so maybe after that, how are u?

7:33 am Me to KimQ: David just text STP Jenny had some seizures last night and going for mri and brainwave tests this morning. This is a set back. Just sending to you KQ . Sending generic to girls...

7:34 am Me to girls: JUST 4 U! Pray for Jenny. Some set backs last night! Pray right now!
Jami: Oh no! I was actually just about to check carepages and facebook. Got up this morning with her first on my mind.
Julie: Praying

9:00 Carepages

Well, so much for the calm of yesterday. We received a call in the early morning hours that Jenny had a grand mal seizure. Since then, she has had another one, as well as a minor seizure. They are attempting to discover the cause of these. It could be a number of things, or a combination of things:
1. It could be related to her high bilirubin count.
2. It could be due to the level of her sedation -- so they are cutting back on that.
3. She is running a fever, which could be the cause.

They are going to do an MRI as soon as possible to see if it shows any problems. Dr. Lester is not expecting it to. Also, a hematologist has been called in to see what can be done about her bilirubin. She is also losing blood somewhere or somehow, but it is not showing up anywhere.

So we are calling on Jenny's prayer warriors to arm yourselves and go to battle once again.

On another note, a few days ago we had requested no visitors. We are now past that point if anyone would like to come by. Josh and his family have returned to Memphis, and Jonathan will be leaving today. So Beverly and David and I will be here at the hospital. If you do come by and there is no one in the waiting room, it will probably be because we are back with Jenny or gone for a bite to eat.

9: 07 am KimQ: Hey girlie whirlie.. praying for ur torn stormy heart! That God will give you the supernatural joy and endurance for u to enjoy the full measure of parker's birthday. Also, save me a piece of cake. I love you and am battling the enemy of Jenny and family and u!

9: 25 am Me to girls: Sure you got carepage info, please read.

10:45 am Stephanie: Well crap! Not where I can get 2 a computer. Still at Rainey's DI thing
Me: she had seizures last night. Going to do MRI and other brain tests.
Stephanie: Come on GOD!
Me: I know it!

11:43 Kayci Ross: Love ya.
Me: Oh Kayci, I am so glad I now have your number! I am so glad I have gotten to know you better over this time. If you need anything...

11:57 Kelli L: WHY LORD??? Questions but will continue my prayer!!! Hope parker is enjoying his ranch party. The girls were excited. Have you been able to speak with Jenny?
Me: The last time I went back in her room was Thursday. She was still out. Great day so far at ranch.

3:48 Kim Q: Lord please stop like u did the storm! She has had 4 seizures now.

5:08 pm me to KimQ: We just got word from David. Heading back.
KimQ: what is the word?

5:25 pm Me to 2 girls: Please pray for Jenny.. Bad news about the seizures. Pray for a miracle. Wait for carepages update to spread. Not sure how they are going to say yet.

5:30 Carepages

We have visited with a number of doctors today. Jenny has had an EEG and a MRI of her brain. It appears that some of the sepsis bacteria had clung to her heart valves, and has now released into her brain. The MRI shows a number of lesions, and the neurologist has not given us the rosiest of prognoses.

So we are asking you to pray for the cleansing power of Jesus to mend and heal Jenny's brain. They have removed her from all of her pain meds so that they can find out how cognitive she is. It may take a while for her to wake up, because her body cannot metabolize the medicines very quickly. The doctors are discussing the best anti-seizure meds right now, as some have adverse affects on the liver and others on the kidneys.

In summary: We are up against the wall. We are desperate for the healing power of our Savior to anoint Jenny's body right now.

5:37 Amy: I have been thinking about you all day. Love you
Me: We went to ranch today for Parker's party and I left my phone inside. When I got back to my phone I had 6 texts and 4 missed calls. Not a good feeling.
Amy: I am glad that P got to have his party. Just read CP. R they taking her off meds to see how she responds? I will pray for a miracle.

5:42 Jessie: Hey, do u know what all that means? What does not having the 'rosiest of prognosis' means?
Me: they will know more tonight
Jessie: K, been up there today?
Me: No we had P's birthday today in Stephenville at the ranch we got news and are heading back.
Jessie: We just got back from our get a way too. I'm so tired of this. I want Jesus to just heal her.
Me: Me too.

5:49 Me to girls: Sepsis on brain! Go to Carepages! If u can't let me know! Pray for our sweet jenny right NOW! Dear almighty Jesus, HEAL HER!
Jami: I have no words.
Julie: Oh Paige!!! I called Amy and she read carepages to me. I'm praying for sweet Jenny and her family. I'm here for you friend!
Angela: Lord cover our friend as only you can understand

8:39 Kim Q: They dedicated the production to Jenny Ross Bizaillion here at Sing Song.
Me: Oh MY WORD! Like the WHOLE production? R ya'll just now at performance
Kim: Kojies and siggies said if they win they r giving the money to Jenny
Me: are you on your way home or at a performance
Kim: Performance galaxy just went

I went to the hospital this night and got to see her for a minute. I stood beside the bed of my friend and was talking to her when she turned her head toward me and tried to open her eyes. My heart jumped. I called it 'our moment'! When I came out of the ICU, there were 2 sweet girls there. One I hadn't seen in a long time, and another, her sister, I had never met. Now, we are FB friends and encourage one another. I'm thankful for this night, for these girls gathering us up and praying for us late in the night. If I close my eyes, I can still her their voices.

11:46 Stacey: She opened her eyes

I didn't give a peptalk this night.

Oh how I miss her....

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