Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 20, 2003

3 years ago, Greggory Owen Pearson went to be with his heavenly father. I can't believe it has been that long. It was Easter weekend, Good Friday, I was shopping in Target picking up some Easter gifts for my neice and nephew when I received a phone call that Gregg had gone into a coma. I met Stacey, we packed some bags, and off to Arlington we went. The next few days were as they should be. Gregg had so many visitors. So many family members, so many friends had heard and came to be with him. Stacey and I had come home late Saturday night to rest at our house and go to our church for Easter. Easter morning, FIL called to tell us we needed to get to the house as soon as we could. On our drive from Corinth to Arlington, Stacey and I were talking about Gregg when I looked up and saw the most amazing thing: stairs made out of clouds leading to MIL and FIL's house where Gregg was. The angels were coming, they were probably all ready there. Tears filled our eyes. We arrived in Arlington, minutes before Gregg took his last breath. It was sweet. Jim, Linda, Leslie (SIL), Stacey, and I were all in the room with him. Each breath we witnessed, we cherished as his last. Then it was over. His pain gone. His earthly body that was so different than what it was when I met him was here to stay,but his spirit had gone. His legacy...his love for his God would continue to live on.


Amy C said...

I am so touched by your post. It is fitting that it has been raining. I am definatly raining on the inside and out just reading your remembrance! Fortunaly, with Gregg, the sun will soon break through again. He is such a blessing and inspiration to all who were touched by him. I can't wait to see him again in heaven!

Kelli said...

I love the story about the clouds to heaven. Gregg sounds like he was a blessing to everyone he met. Love you guys and are thinking about you today.

jenny biz said...

What a gift his life was to so many. I didn't know him but his spirit lives on in you guys.