Thursday, June 29, 2006

13 Snaps

If I had 13 snaps today, these things would happen.

1. Parker would stop this crying whining thing.

2. We would know what is going on with Emaline.

3. Baby Katlyn would miraculously be healed.

4. VBS would be ready and organized.

5. I would have sweet tea to drink right now.

6. My car would be unpacked.

7. The piles of laundry would be spot stained, washed, dried, hung, folded, and put up.

8. My friends would get a warm feeling of just how much I love them.

9. That icecream bowl from last night that is still on my night stand would just disappear. Who wants to clean it anyway at this point. I think I am only going to use paper products from now on. I know that you probably think I am gross for leaving it there, but I will take it to the kitchen as soon as I finish this, I promise. I won't wash it though, not until tomorrow.

10. All of the shoes in the bottom of my closet would just JUMP up onto the shelf.

11. I could have a massage.

12. My pajamas would put themselves on me.

13. I would go to sleep right n...........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It is 11:50 pm and as I sit and type...I am sipping some SWEET TEA. It happened like this. I climb into bed, chatting with asleep husband. I say, "was that a knock on the door?" he said" huh" I said "I think that was knock" he said "I will go check" (in his boxers!) While on way to door, Doorbell rang. SO, there must be someone at door. I didn't hear any voices. Stacey comes back into bedroom and tells me I need to come to the door. I said, "NO!" He said, "YES" and I said "NO" (this goes on for what seems like forever.) Finally I grabbed my robe and headed to the front of the house, and round a corner and am faced with Preacher and wife and Sonic SWEET TEA! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! WHO READS BLOGS THIS LATE AND WHO DRIVES TO GET SOME CRANKY GIRL SOME SWEET TEA AT 11:45 pm! The neatest, sweetest people in the world! THank you so much Joel and Kim for making my week. I do really think it made my week. Love you guys!

Side note: I will now be awake for some time due to the Route 44 caffeinated Sweet Tea and will be making unexpected bathroom breaks. Next time I will ask for steak. And I should say that Stacey did go clean my icecream bowl as soon as he checked my blog. I love you too babe. Now I must go enjoy my tea.


jenny biz said...

Since you are already asleep you won't read this till tomorrow :)... No big about the ice cream bowl, I just found a Taco Bueno cup from 2 days ago full of Lemonade on Malaya's night stand. ICK!!
Praying for sweet Emaline!!
Love ya'! ;)

jenny biz said...

Oh, and I know it is sad but that pic of Parker makes me laugh. Your words next to that pic should be in a book or something. Like in Alexander's Horrible, Terrible Very Bad Day. :)

Phillips' Family said...

I love how you made your own banner--even with a sad little boy in the background. I have sweet tea in my fridge once you finish that Route 44....

Kelli said...

Wow! The instant iced tea is pretty amazing. What is going on with Emaline? I thought she was back to herself and getting better all the time. I think it sounds fabuloso to sit in your bed and eat ice cream so just leave your bowl there for as long as you want!

Beck Boys said...

How wonderful to have friends that care so much. God blesses us in so many ways. Braxton has been going through the same cry stage I am ready for that to be over. Come and join us for the 4th! We'll be at mom and dads. We start around 4-5 and go until the fireworks are over. We would love to see ya!

Conway Life said...

Awesome! What great preacher and wife. Seriously, next time ask for a steak! :)

I leave TCBY in my car for DAYS until Kevin finally starts complaining about the smell and how he works so hard to keep the car clean and I just mess it up, blah blah...

Paige said...

Lynley, I got the banner idea from Kim Q. It didn't really work as planned, but we will try again next week.
Lyneil,we are not coming to Paris for the 4th and really don't know when the next trip to Paris is planned for. It is almost worth the drive though to come meet my new cousin.

Icecream in bed...yum. I was so glad that Stacey cleaned the bowl! Such a sweetie.

margk said...

That is awesome about the tea. What a blessing our preacher and family are to us all!