Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thirteen Things I love about today:

1. Hearing Emaline spit raspberries at me this morning

2. Having Emaline reach for me and smile

3. Hearing Parker waking up and showing us his animals right away

4. Parker asking for his KAY_YA (chocolate milk)

5. Feeding Emaline this morning (isn't God wonderful?)

6. Having Stacey's help getting the kids ready (not that he doesn't help, he does, a lot, but he usually is gone before we get up. Just wanted to clarify!)

7. Stacey taking the kids to MIL's house so I can tutor

8. Getting ready by myself today, slowly!

9. Going to MIL's house for a cousin swim today

10. Seeing KQ's blog about the MAVS so creative!

11. Game 4 tonight! GO MAVS!

12. Eating Popcorn. I just really want popcorn today.

13. Reading everyone elses 13's today. I look forward to the creativity!

If I could add one thing from yesterday, it would be me asking Parker what he learned at church and him telling me 'love' and then saying 'szeesus.' He even put this great sentence together that sounded like this: szeesus loves Parker! Thank you church family for teaching my kid about love. SZEESUS LOVE YOU!


Krawl and Anra said...

Inspirational! Thank you for such wonderful thoughts!

Kim Q. said...

I love love love our church family too!!! I saw that purse 13 yesterday and almost used it! I know it was hard for you to limit it to 13...You celebrate life, and it is a joy to watch! Emily and I were craving popcorn yesterday and bought the huge bag at Subway in Walmart!
I love you Paige, I hope the Mavs win!!!

jenny biz said...

Go Mavs!! I will be partying the win of Game 4 in Houston!!
So many things to be grateful for. We are a blessed people!
Go Parker!! I love that kid! :)

Beck Boys said...

Good post! I love to read all the wonderful things!

STP, an IronMan said...

You also love the fact that Parker did not want you to leave the house the other day!!! That was precious. I let him cry it out for about 5 minutes so that he could relish the moment. I love the fact that my kids have such a wonderful mommy! That is all my 13s rolled into one!