Saturday, June 24, 2006

Some time

I have some time. Yes, time. I know there is so much that I could be doing. Kids are asleep. Husband is dozing. What should I do? and here I am, blogging. I think I could nap, but what is the point? Sister will wake up in about 20 minutes and need me. I could go shopping for VBS stuff, oh yeah, sister will need me. So, here I am.

My brother turned 32 this week. He is an old guy. I love him bunches. I really need a more recent picture, this is when Emaline was born. We have seen him since, and will go eat with him tonight. Maybe I should take my camera. Happy birthday Rooster!

Emaline is doing great. More herself every day. She sure is sleeping a lot.

After a train birthday party this morning (happy birthday cousin Tanner) during nap time, Parker decided to rearrange his room. Good job son, but next time let's not balance the ceramic items on bed posts. He is still asleep. He knocked for me earlier and when I went to check on him I saw the new decor. Yes, he knocked, he can't get out on his own. It's kiddie jail. Well, I am now thinking of all I should be doing. Must get off this time sucker. Enjoy your weekend.

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