Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Don't Make me Break up with you!

You are probably thinking I am referring to Blogger and it's need to fix it self while I tried and tried to log on to vent. Maybe it was God's way of telling me to calm down. I am not talking about Blogger, I am talking about Target Pharmacy. Yes, my beloved Target Pharmacy. The one that I have referred many of my friends and have raved and bragged many times about the service I have received. It failed me today.

This morning after giving Emaline her medicine, I realized that I am going to run out in the next week or so, so I jumped on the phone and refilled it. The animated pharmacy told me her meds would be ready at 11:00 am. Great. I have other errands and then I would swing by. Skip ahead to 1:00. I did all of my Target shopping (diapers are on sale girls! 2 packages at 17 each then get a 5 dollar gift card and then I used some coupons!). I ran by and grabbed milk, last on my list and then headed to Pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions. By this time my passengers were NOT enjoying our outing. Emaline is screaming. SCREAMING. Parker also finds the need to tell me that she is crying all the while I am trying to tell the lady why I am there. She can't find the prescription. I tell her I called it in and the computer said it would be ready at 11:00. She gets on the computer and is having an issue. She tells me she is printing a label. Screaming. I rearrange the cart so that Emaline is now up high thinking this will calm her. Not so. Other people are beginning to look at me funny. The pharmacy lady tells me she will need 15 minutes to fill the prescription. WHAT! I didn't say it, but I know she read my face. Okay. Does she know that I have planned my entire shopping experience around this prescription that was suppose to be ready at 11:00. So I went around the corner to add some not needed items into my cart out of frustration when the pharmacy lady comes around the corner and tells me that I am trying to refill the prescription too early and that I can come back tomorrow to pick it up. EXCUSE ME! I have been standing at your counter for...15 minutes with a screaming child, then told to shop for 15 more for you to tell me to come back tomorrow! ONE DAY! TWELVE HOURS! Then, the lady gets sassy with me. She tells me it isn't Target's fault, it is my insurance. The nerve. All I said to her was, tomorrow? and she gets sassy. Does she not know how many customers I have sent there? Has she not heard my child scream me to a sweat? I probably have 4-5 more days of medicine for her left. 4-5 MORE DAYS and they are telling me it is too early! Stacey told me to blog about it so that I would get over it. I really don't feel better. I now have relived the experience again. Not fun. I will show them, Stacey will come pick it up, TOMORROW! Thanks for listening. Maybe I feel a little better!


Phillips' Family said...

Ah, pharmacy issues....I have extreme issues with CVS pharmacy, where my old insurance FORCED me to fill prescriptions. I love Eckerds, put hate it now that they are CVS. Prescriptions are never ready on time, the pharmacist appears to move as if stuck in a thick mud, and they never have my insurance on file althought i go there regularly. I always have about a ten minute rant about CVS upon returning home from their lovely establishment. I feel your pain.

Sorry about the screaming and the restless children. Hope you get your medicine soon!

Kelli said...

Pharmacy= Bad word at our house. Not only do I always have some sort of issue, but they rob me of ALL my extra money. Last week- $140 on 3 prescriptions!!

Kim Q. said...

uggghhh! MAN! I remember those days! I am sooo sorry for such a traumatic experience! I am amazed that some people seem completely emotionless
while you are in the middle of chaos!
What ever happened to at least trying to comfort you by appoligizing? I'm not asking for "I understand" Because chances are they don't. Remember when "Customers" were #1? Ahhh, days gone by...

Kim Q. said...

OOH! I forgot.. we use Costco Pharmacy. Way cheaper, usually 10-15 min fill time and so far in 10 months never an issue! Plus you can do all the samples and one time I just read my book at the outdoor furniture.
Very lovely!

Alison said...

I, too, have had major pharmacy issues lately. It sounds like the CVS pharmacists all attend the same "how mad can we make our customers" training every year (see Lynley's comment). I was thinking of changing to Target, but now I'm having second thoughts! I admire you for visiting the pharmacy with your children. I only allow Morgan to view the drive thru window from her car seat and scream from there!

WadeStrz said...

Hey Paige,

You stopped by my blog so I thought I'd return the favor - love the pics!

I can relate to your pharmaceutical frustrations. American Airlines and I have agreed that we have irreconcilable differences - unfortunately I am unable to completely divorce myself from the "Evil Empire" due to FAA controlled flight plans and a bogus piece of legislature known as the Wright Admendment!

Let's hope that having blogs to sound off on will cut down on violence in retail and transportation places of business!

Have a good one,